From stratagems of repetition (Redundanzstrategem, no. 54)

Repetition and redundancy are such everyday phenomena that one may first ask where should because there, in their rule-like obviousness, the strategist Mische, the ruse start.

Teachers repeat the material and mnemonics, parents say a hundred times, and that the order had been keeping, advertising messages are repeated continuously, political phrases and slogans, beliefs of all kinds, unprovable assertions, ultimately lies.

But above all, where no obvious pedagogical intention, executed well or poorly managed, slander, repeated constantly, grasping, even if their contents long since been disproved. A logically unjustifiable assertion, one at least doubtful, can be lifted by targeted REPEAT in the halo of the inviolable truth, the put down rear questioner as inept or malicious.

Sham grounds can receive the accolade of self-evident, completely illogical conjectures, inappropriate generalizations of special cases, distracting associations and circular arguments are implemented.

If it is told often enough, the average person believes almost everything. Because he is too lazy to think and wants above all to have his peace.

In the mass psychology in the propaganda, this stratagem is preferably used so that the assertion or requirement would be an argument of itself, its own reasons, so that they will wisely as little as possible reasons, the recipient to avoid any testing and weighing allerfreundlichst .

Laws! Laws! Laws! - So as a battle cry is that which compete for targeted indoctrination about the Redundanzstrategem. Things are simply lined up side by side, regain their inner connection simply by the type of ranking: subordinate clauses interfered with only the river, bärgen the risk to put question mark, given opponents the opportunity to start with the line of argument.

In political re-education camps (s) you practice a variant of the stratagem in the form that dissidents or political Rebellious Write remorse and self-accusation essays every day, until they believe themselves to their former Sündertum. This usually seems to work very well. Otherwise plants to the effort hardly. The to Indoktinierende indoctrinated himself eagerly practicing, is always getting better so that he finally has it even a sense of achievement, because you will in time already praise him improve his food rations: he leads himself after Wiederholungsstrategem to his (alleged) good.

But this stratagem can also be used for defense, preparatory to an attack in a difficult position. One says, for example, always the same, so pretend Flachköpfigkeit to bring the other meaning that he loses interest in him, is heedless, after all, to think even about the content of the Eternal peers about why the others are so behave, eventually therein culminating that he "forces" the redundant, finally something new, provide a justification, on which he then very different, possibly reacts much more serious, because if this preparation had not taken place.

Particularly strong effect of course in this direction when the applica Dende not all the time about all things departs the same phrases, as almost cretinism close, is expressed otherwise reasonable and differentiated, possibly something laconic or mysterious, because this raises the core, with the he works, the more clearly apparent.

Thus, the stratagem as a very effective especially effective against a cipher, which was sunk by repeating in an individual psyche or a whole mass. To one inserts, for the not necessarily recognized the term "magic mirror" to pompously.

Even prison inmates turn to it. Under interrogation, they say all the time the same until the end of the examination board can not hear, believe that they are no longer in his right mind. At the same time they practice in the cell their spirit that threatens to actually take by food deprivation, torture, hard labor, etc. damage by regular way call is to mind what was beautiful in her life, how things are really run, Facts and Figures, faces, key phrases and conclusions do so.

The repetition as list can therefore convert to various paths. Some outwitted by redundancy even himself.

Of course, finds the repetition as list also has always been in the literature application; hidden messages and notes can then smuggled it past the censors, a text can be organized on a visual for any meta-level. Here it may be by the fact that the redundancy is spread over an entire word field to make encryption even more demanding.

Anyway, it between repetitions by the number and sequence of repetitions, much easier hiding an element and are thereby identified, whether or not repeated itself; a redundant linguistic code is not only stable, it also provides more space for deceptive as not for everyone to decipher elements.

Also stratagem may be employed in such a way that you do one thing by constant repetition impossible. Apparently a zealous advocate of a certain thing, which you will hurt in reality, it is the people so so on the nerves, possibly getting worse, also coarsened content until they believe, perhaps spurred on by accomplices, by far, perhaps neutral, that probably a'm the nut out of anger and the conclusion, so that his whole position must be false, so that they swing in exactly the desired, without noticing anything.

Thus we see the whole troll and cyber war on the textual level, the daily variation that a position should be fought in reality, is constantly repeated, with such hearty additions and verschwurbelten assumptions and accusations and confused conjectures that it also a slight is to bring the heart of the matter, which may be true discredit those who say the same (which is then readily embraced voluntarily maliciously parts of the Internet community, while from the other side, also can help out, malice and mockery pour over all the idiots Pack, which is not so rare worried by the same who started the mischief, or even from colleagues).

Here must usually provide both the mischief set repeatedly be applied as well as the anti-nonsense, unless this is done by appropriately willing helpers of itself. Which is not often the case. Or meet a few hints here and there to set the desired mechanism in motion.

And closes the stratagem of redundancy also that of the non-redundant or non-redundant More.

If we set amidst repetitions specifically things only once or twice, this can increase their impact, they make more conspicuous; even the total elision of obtrusive element nevertheless, redundanterweise, can point to this or preparedness that it is eagerly awaited, with a special report effect may eventually be presented.

In the Out of redundancy effect is utilized that constantly repeated element that already as though the thing not to take this itself, suddenly no longer repeated, so that the question of completely merkwürdsam is, a propaganda realignment, Neuakzentsetzung, a new Volte can be prepared.

So also a redundantly transmitted element for pure distraction may at last be implemented also in preparation of what the medium is supposed to be enforced, as a concatenated stratagem.


The theme of redundancy has made me so obviously senile or repeatedly attacked, that I wrote today (September 3) nor this stratagem no. 54, having completely forgotten that already turned the 42nd it ...

Embarrassing that, but happens.

We are both one then merge somehow.

Anyway, I've still not eighteen, but also Potzblitz.

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