Plutocratic fascism planetary

Yesterday I wrote a blog article that revolved around the federal election, specifically the issue of "the lesser evil", at the end of my out of me not erfindlichen reasons (so far) unpublished comment:

'This democracy goods offer is not even pathetic: It only acquires different colored packaging, yes, a package insert is still found in them: "Thank you for a very trusted party of plutocratic planetary fascism' have chosen. You are welcome to re-vote. "'

Well, zuwenigst this part of the comment I wanted to get anyway here also, what I also advised a weighted reader last night following a verbal presentation.

Is the concept of planetary plutocratic fascism 'now far too nasty, as applicable, or if next to it, so for which component, or where, then, does not fit to the combination?

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One Response to "plutocratic planetary fascism"

  1. Dude says:

    But fits perfectly!

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