Obama in self-imposed pressure to act

The Obama administration's war on Syria logic:

"Gaaanz sure it was the regime. For sure. Virtually certain. Virtually certain. In any case, by the logic. So, we have come to the conclusion. And if it was so, then we have to react. "

Apart from the fact that the UN initially an earlier use of poison gas on the part of the "rebels" noted alswelches judgment then quickly moved into the sinking: With that declaration of a "red line" in the case of such use by President Obama this, regardless of whether its ally (perhaps with the help of Western and Arab gulf forces) have committed war crimes or the regular Syrian army is exposed to the pressure to act ( see also here: http://de.ria.ru/politics/20130828/266754885.html ), in where he is now. And he will, now at least, well actually not purely with US ground forces so that the Islamist terrorists and murderers of their own pack, which is used by being shot himself in the back.

Meanwhile only is still talk of a "shot across the bow". But this would mean that you do not touch them, but only specifically verge. No missiles against Syria or Syrian warships will naturally swing into the sea, so anything then its limited punitive action must be taken with - to be able to boast surgical precision - as usual.

It is approving a war of aggression itself to a limited extent (who knows how such an extent can safely limit?) Even in nations of their system media outlets using all tricks on the line of the West, which it was also just be sworn, extremely low in the populations. Too much has now been leaked about the fact that the West in Syria, as in Libya, just the worst varieties sent terrorists to the piste. It informed the world network.

When comparing media as the mirror with, for example, Russia Today or PressTV (the international English language stations of Iran), so it goes for the body which referred to by its founder Rudolf Augstein still as the "assault gun of democracy", in the sense of open reporting , amazing bleak. But other large sheep media are more cautious than the mirror, rambunctious dares to my knowledge, but none. So you win determined subscribers, the newspaper market is booming known, the better, the more it rumst and fucking and the reader can feel completely safe cheated.

And this is also the Achilles heel of the Western warmongers: While you control virtually all major media in their countries, some far beyond that, but they are capable of thinking people not to manipulate as before. What good is it if at least four out of five journalists and politicians more or less open them, by German side (Patriot batteries, intelligence cooperation, who knows what else) war of aggression already started or supported advocate, the ratio in the population but vice versa?

If you can breathe a people no enthusiasm for war, you will at least have to convince duration of the necessity of warfare. This is inherently difficult, even if one was not attacked, the enemy has hardly a serious hazard, do not even institutions to attack.

Since then you have the humanitarian card, those of the parent - pull principle, there must be a villain who massakriere his own people, be sure to stop - of course considerably altruistic. Only stupid if by now, most subjects (here) know that a large majority of Syrians (now at least) keeps Assad, for the good reason that they do not remained hidden, which hired assassin bands the USA et al. have since sent forward, the first country to destroy, then to take over large massacre of Christians, Alawites, Kurds, Sunnis and so temperate included.

Once is so much come in spite of all efforts to prevent this undoubtedly brought to light, not just the most Syrians clear that war lies business is becoming trickier. Obama gets to feel that now. He's just not the title of lies Nobel Prize winner, but only those of peace.

Overall, the whole edifice eroded. We know that in the relevant thinking tanks certainly, you know it in the big newsrooms, where to now en masse in getting the appropriate reader comments and most willy must enable nilly, because it would be too obvious to censor most of whom (what is had previously censored easy, is now so "mainstream" that since many are the tears come).

My sympathy lies there at below zero.

To see this, at least is a kind of satisfaction; how much is caused thereby, can hardly be accurately determined.

Constant dripping but undermined known to the stone.


Link addendum to the topic, with an excellent analysis of the terrorist systematically approach the United States:


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11 Responses to "Obama in self-imposed pressure to act"

  1. Anonymous says:

    The use of chemical weapons by Assad might have been more useful than had Homs included with the terrorists in it and the civilian population had long since fled. It would have been distributed gas masks, gassed the city center and not have to fight house by house, block and then collect and bury only the terrorists corpses. Assad has not made him accused no one.

    But now, in a suburb of Damascus, where there are virtually only civilian casualties and particularly women and children This now makes no sense, except a propagandist. In British newspapers were pictures with only children's bodies do you mean, the epicenter was a nursery or has it all children's bodies, which could be found gathered to make propaganda recordings? Actually, you would probably put together the victim rather family way no other man could say more that child's body goes where. Why should Assad lose his support among the population of pure bloodlust, if not even a military benefit heraukommt this?

    Anyway, now what is the internet of guns with 33 cm pipe diameter, which were allegedly / actually used for something. If I ever so imagine it, because there is a "garbage can" fully with a deadly gas flown from the few mg are lethal in a densely populated residential area and then there are "only" 650 dead? If anything they know, what do you mean in general only a poison gas bomb? As yet there's something wrong! That looks more as if it has been tried three times with a dozen dead, what the US but not brought to intervene and now you have tried it this time with a few hundred dead and released somewhere in a suitable place the gas.

    To top it all yet farce is the crown of the UN convoy will also fired as soon as he is in the "rebel territory" because exactly these "rebels" want to prevent a "clarification" of the facts. Or was it not the rebels but the US trainers or CIA people who have since shot at the UN?

    Where the poison gas is coming also clarified after the Turks have accidentally seized a shipment. This rules out the Arab states, and the US and the UK are the main suspects.

  2. Anonymous says:

    2 interesting newspaper article what the US and the use of poison gas is concerned:



    Why is our press in Germany only as Gleichschaltung that no other than what brings Requested from the US?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Anonymous

    Our press is since 1945 the occupiers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    But this is a kind of "Selbstfinnlandisierung"!

    How can you get upset with us about the restriction of press freedom in other countries when in our Goebbels meaning "brought" is?

    Certainly Mr. Putin is not a "Flawless Democrat", but where should Americans make your little cross on the ballot even if these wars of aggression (no longer) want? The possibility there is not even, as democratic Mr. Putin is. We could at least choose out of the block parties nor the Left or AfD that, at least as long as you are out of power far enough away, what else want. Only THE Germans do not want something like that and 90% re-elected in three weeks, the block parties.

    Seems to me as if you put chickens from battery hens outside, the beeline want to return to your place in the laying battery ...... ..

  5. Anonymous says:

    This video is supposed to show the launching of poison gas grenade:


  6. Anonymous says:

    From 30 May 2013:


  7. Anonymous says:

    There is something new, Mrs Merkel has the signature denied under Obama's Lügereien.

    All I can tell a story. In Germany, where everything is forbidden that is not mandatory, you can not leave any drugs from abroad send, no, I do not mean something Rezeptpflichtiges like Viagra and Co, not even a few cough drops from Switzerland (explained in any event times literally a German customs official receiver of a packet, which it is not handed, but government stole (confiscated), who was Lord before me off before I got my maps).

    So, now I do not live in all-forbidden land, but in Switzerland and have for several years based melatonin from the US. In Germany melatonin was criminally equated with LSD, now on sale in Germany is allowed (in pharmacies) and I refer my melatonin from supermarkets in Italy, where that is found between vitamin pills etc.

    Now it comes: suddenly wanted me no more supply from USA address in Switzerland and account in Switzerland were not enough, I should billing of telephone or electricity to scan and send you a proof that I actually live in Switzerland, because the shipping is forbidden in German! After Gerhard Schröder, President Bush had refused to follow the oil claws in Iraq and the political relationship had cooled, I could suddenly everything easily be ordering again in the USA! This means that the US government did not care who does what sent to Germany. Most Germans have even noticed how you are incapacitated, what we get is of agreements and political cooperation told in newspapers, radio and television only the outermost tip of the iceberg.

  8. Dude says:

    "Mrs Merkel has the signature denied under Obama's Lügereien."

    It's election campaign ...

  9. Dude says:

    Ps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRsvPJvg5to

  10. Jochen says:

    @ Dude

    "It's election campaign ..."

    No dude, it's election spasm.
    Sorry, but you know in advance how it will end. It is not just the politicians are predictable, but unfortunately the people. The main thing is not only beautiful colorful advertising, but also the government. What you do not do anything for the kids. And most adults are still children. - What, you have a new phone? - One thing I must have! Klingeling, Klingeling, Klingeling, Klingeling ... The call to boycott the election. ... But as always - no connection under this number.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Intelligence Community's Revolt Against Obama on Syria:


    If nothing helps, the national epic THE GERMAN hot Nibelungentreue!

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