Maike expects from Constantine

Constantine called me pretty angry from Hamburg and said that if I anfütterte the reader already with his amorous adventures accidental, this can not therefore in suspense, as I did that at the close of the last chapter, as I announced by the confessional and Wutszene with Maike, the morning after the night of passion, only to report when he was with Hamburg "by".

Constantine rarely speaks to me in my chronicle in, and if he does, he has his reasons, which I refer not to question, unless I saw his request as so serious that I would have to advise him against it as a friend.

So it came to pass, that Maike and Constantine sat at the breakfast table and Konstantin clear was that while he wants to stand as quite a rascal befall a bad thunderstorm over him, however, he could not help but to the effect of telling the truth, he for what purpose come into the Old Watt, namely those of the Hamburg Journaille, especially those of the saliva to put on the fur, so far, in order flatten what was but now done almost inevitably in all those sultry layers sadness in that place, yes, he had soon only interested in them, with each beer more, and vice versa, there have also shone: In short, he had the night not spent with her because they secretary was in saliva, but, as it were, nevertheless, his original intention sacrificing what he but do not regret, only that he had not told her yesterday evening, he was on the way on which mission. But he had feared ...

Full North German Maike his whole sermon sounded calm, only her pretty little Nasenflügelchen trembled a little in the meantime.

When Constantine had finished, she took her calmly lukewarm giant cup of white coffee, stood up, as if in thought so somewhere, and pour very slowly the whole broth Konstantin ran over cap and jacket.

"You do not a reproduction cast? At home I have right now a pitchfork at hand, or at least a horsewhip: I Dengle your Intrigante skull but also happy with it according to ancient custom Dithmarsch, "she said calmly and took a cast-iron skillet from wall hooks.

"Please Maike, please, do not cut my turnip a" whined Constantine, "you do not want to but because of such Tagdiebes and hypocrite and poor vagabonds like me to years in prison. So if you can find me here, and there is not even scratch marks or bruises on your side, you get manslaughter. I might have deserved, but I do not see the Deibel one that you have to spend a chattering selfish ugly toad Rich's sake myself ten years in a hole in the spirit so weak as in the flesh worm and loser so. "

Maike weighed the frying pan a little in their tennisgestählten left, hung it on the hook and suddenly started to giggle. Facilitates Constantine began for the time being at least once notzureinigen the face with a napkin or dry.

"But you have me a nice asshole. You accosted still in harnessing the horse's hooves dimwitted. You can take a shower, and then get out. And if you tell anything in saliva or even come near me, I shall focus on only once to the pan. Are we clear? "

Constantine was glad to have got off so lightly. He washed himself and went with humble countenance to the door, and when he bade farewell to Maike a bye she said as well, and her tone had it yet again something friendly.

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