From the stratagems of the Eidolon (God stratagem) (no. 50)

The stratagem of overpowering or God stratagem is the stratagem that has probably brought in its application more harm to mankind than any other.

Man is subject not only a prince or richer, no, there's an inexplicable superiority. He is on a physical and mental level a dominated.

It is the stratagem of the priests and big bag cutter and warmongers.

The stratagem but is also applied against those. Often of their would-be successors or agents, then apparently. Some cosmic law, that at least one of the priests, and the great cutpurses not geheuere, declared against superior forces, as adversaries, they will let you feel their villainy soon enough.

Especially effective you can see it at work again just by being used with the stratagem of the Offended awareness and that of the foreign debt anger in the sense of transportation of Islam.

The overpowering subjected not only to the intellectual and spiritual level, but also due to those who believe in it, a Unantastbarkeitsanspruch, which is finally such on the so caught people group to be transferred to the fact finds its identity by the group members more and more lose individual identity, the group, especially whipped up accordingly, you may go to extremes, their distinctiveness in any case represent more aggressive.

The Gottstrategem can be more than comfortably on the belief in the inexplicable healing effect of certain agents, aliens, any inexplicably powerful, not only for groups, but also used quite separately, refer.

The Gottstrategem is the stratagem of silence (no. 49) combined in a way the zweieige Zwillingsstrategem churches and most secret societies that organize over ordinary crime beyond yourself.

It is usually due simply to the fact that one is actually a bit more white, or that it creates a bugbear professional, or that any remarkable phenomenon is exploited sent or generated and utilized or an existing Christmas Story reinterpreted sent.

Since people are not able so easy to find something higher in itself, as only her little developed self, giving them an apparent access to a selves as gatekeepers but to pay the, send by so their selves to penetrate vermeinen, anywhere from here to there, from war to sense and economic crisis.

The Gottstrategem, even if long recognized as such, on the part of that, does not want to subject him often very difficult to meet. Here is a stratagem comes into effect, that his strong effect often darausher relates that it has such a large area and over again, over thousands of years worked.

So what makes the opponent?

It can firstly its part to counter with the Gottstrategem. He can make the second, God ridiculous. He can ignore it. He can try with the scientific, historical, psychological, otherwise, to thwart the stratagem. He can finally, this is the silver bullet against the Gottstrategem if it has worked for millions or billions, indirect, but more sustainable, finally discovered by superior thinking and the sublime art the falsity of the strategist mouse leaders.

Likewise, as a man of action, making it clear and level-headed, not open from Gottstrategeme, takes the lead in critical moments, knows how to remain as calm as he releases a pitch scream, loud and clear.

A Gegenstrategem, which can also be purposeful, is that of the sophistic involvement; so that the Gottstrategemausübende out in a convenient location in its own random games, he does not notice it too long, can be entangled therein and, perhaps 49 associated with the stratagem no. of silence, at least weakened, meanwhile inhibited.

And fine speech, free laugh.

Now not in the sense of ridicule of when an inordinate personal attack carried out by the Gottstrategemausübenden be overpowering Claimed but then; simply for the purposes of demonstration the least-art self defense, serenity, spiritual superiority.

Against it, of course, was invented not long that the opponents of the devil lead the tongue. Caution is therefore called for.

For Gottstrategeme would have been much to write. I have now but still do-divine. I'm doing this as a commissioned work.

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