German stratagems?

When scribing of stratagems, which the traditional 36 Chinese Stratagems (possibly) go (appreciated wonderfully by Harro von Senger), not in the sense that it would lower aspects already described stratagems, but evenly matched own stratagems is, I noticed that the former as be viewed as a closed canon, it seems to be hardly happened that they therefore probably represent from her basic ideas into three or four Chinese characters, would be extended.

I have now, to be honest I have not yet bothered to match exactly to what extent my stratagems no. 37 to no. 50 as at least half plagiarism, as can not be viewed by non-comparable fundamental nature or are criticized.

The topic has me interested so simple that the question of additional stratagems revealed. And I wanted to. Suggestions by posing 36 stratagems as such, as well as the reflection on the question of further stratagems of comparable magnitude, for as many

I do not see why we should not even learn from the Chinese and build on it.

I will not hesitate therefore to provide further stratagems in their tradition, they may now be over here or over there as arrived or found interesting in themselves, or not.

All right, when it then, except by reason of its plant here, namely, that three or four basic terms must fulfill, no Chinese stratagems, but rather German. And they are, of respect for the existing 36 Chinese sake, they all also inspired, initially from no. 37 stated.

One only has to keep in mind that the 36 Chinese stratagems total of slightly less (there are a couple of three characters, now I do not count after) than 4 times 36, so there are less than 144 characters, the over all epochs entwines Chinese intellectual history.

Unfortunately, I can not speak Chinese, so that I could dub my stratagems as a rule by means of four characters; but makes a Chinese German literature student who not only come here for nitpicking, with me in mind, it may well be achieved easily. If you load me with free flight to Beijing, I'm sure.

Brought so much wisdom in less than 144 characters to 36 characters mind! Oh man!

Because people write books, others learn by heart mass religious garbage, and here, here, just a few sentences, life reality!

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