From the stratagems of silence (no. 49)

First, we know the poison variant of the stratagem: secret societies, occult societies, Mafia, Blutgeldler.

The stratagem of silence can also be used as a salutary cheating. And Sichwichtigmachen.

It can, as is known, not only directly in a speech, but also used a bit longer the other more than make them think more speech.

There is also a stratagem to self-terminate list of self-transformation.

Much more precise and focused and in exactly the right length silence.

Even each Tone pause is a small silence. Silence is a fundamental part of the rhetoric used in this regularly yourself strategist mixed.

Silence can strengthen the previous implication enormous. Likewise, an emotion. It can therefore probably humbly taken as grand act confident.

Silence is of course particularly well used as a stratagem, if a defendant so long silent in the right places, until he finally out what others already know, when far beyond what they already told him.

This Schweiger is not just silent, but even if he continues to talk to the right places in silence.

Silenced as stratagem in matters of love is not much to say that everyone knows.

Who really understands the stratagem, know that this is a stratagem of the right set breaks and thus harmony in the deep sense. Silence is the appropriate middle ground.

A stratagem that one brings upon closer inspection, shadow worlds into the game, but also the experienced Barker with the freshest sausages, which knows exactly when he luftzuholen and short to Sell has towards silence.

In another sense, therefore, silence, even on non-verbal levels, which here and there executed measured time of each type of restraint, a rhythmic element, as are timing contractions within a lecture.

If a silent, white the other is not, what now is thinking, what the likes just wanted to say, probably not, whether the still could at all.

Silence holds so very easy a death suspected component. This violin has been played millions of times.

Back to harmonizing silence, in the sense of a strategist mix approach: It is increasingly clear when to what is silent. People wonder whether you no longer speak for them about certain things. No, it makes no sense to talk about certain things, here I am silent so.

No, Mr. Kramer, I will give you, because we just met us, certainly not like to say what I think of you, even if you should have heard of it, probably more vague things, study times Proverbs Churchill's World War II, we might see again.

But first enough to silence.

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3 Responses to "From the stratagems of silence (no. 49)"

  1. Dude says:

    "It can, as is known, not only directly in a speech, but also used a bit longer the other more than make them think more speech."

    Exactly! ;-)

    "It is increasingly clear when to what is silent."

    Bingo! :-D

    Best regards to you and the boys

    Ps Enjoy the terrific summer and I -. Just a little further north (I read something of Ostsee¿). :-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I see you know my cape.

    Now much of the jaw, which I will mention, as of Saturday one week camping with three teenagers in the country Havel, then a free passage, the lake should not be silent, but please no winds blow into the ear 4-6-8, with continuous rain and emotion term ate less than 17 degrees.

    Then I am silent because I did not even equal or creeping silence me away quickly. Or I remain as the only out of spite and the only.

    After all, you've now probably not, provisionally, to fight with the damn Bise, I did not know in their nastiness, because there are so not, at least not in the form of a week-long semi-moist anblastrübichtes Durchfrösteln.

    Dohanda en Schduegerd we have just tropical nights, the bottom of the boiler every year there are some which, but now it's weeks, T-shirt morning unzukühle yet to fours in the street.

    My injured right upper half of the body makes, meanwhile, by means of a direct therapy, self-invented and doctor-sided unasked applied, the treatment per day about 20 euro cents in material costs, a lot of progress, but I will say nothing about how that looks, not only because I empföhle not every application by this so probably no wider testing, no, for more delicate natures is an application in the hausmännisch rustic carried out by myself kind probably nothing anyway.

    I have since in any case once again the impression that not only the ax in the house could replace the carpenter, but mind coupled with intuition, or vice versa, senseless torment and doctors.

    I moan, as though I were an old man. And I'm the young women of which barely.

    Gruezi i'd 'Schwyz!

  3. Dude says:

    Yes, the oven bisenfreie weather makes them pretty sharp ...;-)

    Highest pleasures of the primeval life-course experience in Havel country you Threes! Enjoy it to the fullest with all the trimmings.

    Prosit! :-)

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