Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel on the Prism: Are the 32 signatories so stupid?

32 writers are asking the Chancellor reconnaissance in the "Prism" affair.

I have "Prism Affair" deliberately in quotes because the term actually deviated here twice. Because it rotates in the core is neither a computer program nor an affair.

These heroes German language neither throw the question about real German sovereignty, nor that after 9/11, no statement is made desbezüglich that the whole rigmarole terror is a pure pretext.

Lately some practice in the art to represent our leaders than just about shooting people, in their minds the illusion of counter-terrorism have something very ensconced on. Nothing further is the truth.

Who still does not dare to call a spade a spade - writers should to be with such a simple and clear facts, at least linguistically able - I can not pay attention, I may have to, at least in broad terms, as part of the Cabal consider.

It would have had to have gotten around to at least one of the signatories usually that the constitutional question was raised, not only those. According to the repeal of the Basic Law, our alleged sham constitution, but the actual constitutional question

At the surf but this so-called intelligence simply convenient times over. Why? Are so stupid?

Now, in dubio pro reo, maybe they are so stupid.

But I think rather that they are even more stupid than some hypocritical sometimes cowardly, or two or three things of it at a time.

It now does so, as though the Chancellor was the only one Erzschakalin, the whole Grünen- and Sozenfricken the bare innocence from Shepherd Idyllic country.

Probably this "writer" but mostly too stupid to ask properly. This is then of the comprehensive schools. You get what you call for.

But at least there are 32, and as I scanned the list, I had heard a few names. Maybe they mean it so well. People who advocate early nationalization of children from the first year of life and believe that penis mutilation could belong to the educational mission, it might be also good this time my.

Lecko O mio!

After all: There is something going on.

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