From the stratagems of honesty (no. 45)

The stratagem of honesty is the most elegant of all stratagems.

You turn it on, to a certain extent by applying no stratagem: in the sense that one is mistaken by non-delusion.

The enemy will present each predicted word, everything honestly, to weigh, thereby confused that you are constantly revealed. He can not believe that you do not use a stratagem so stupid the other could not well be spinning all sorts of conspiracy theories desbezüglich what the other person applying for stratagems is quite mad about it.

He studied all the time after a arrest to be made falsehood, deception, and he can not find. Even his advisers begin to doubt their captain, as it sees ghosts behind every bush, devises, simply do not believe that there is such an intelligent man who leads just honest speech.

The other men are getting into more and more errors. He accuses his opponent of the lie, where it comes out clean without any doubt. Thus weakens itself.

The speeches of the truth is a truly royal stratagem.

However, it is also to be taken here, how much truth is, when and where talking about.

A mere lowbrow, at any time unwisely open mouth is not good even here.

Course can be, where this last might still does not, another stratagem, a real illusion, then best to hide among the mountains of truth set.

45. In this respect, the stratagem can also serve as a Vorbereitungsstrategem.

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