From the stratagems of constant disappointment (the 43rd)

The stratagem of constant disappointment is almost always associated with a considerable expence.

One applies it when an opponent is not easy to defeat, you can not put right the enemy does not want to openly oppose him.

Thus, for example, someone is constantly making prospects for business contracts to women, to his desired breakthrough of some sort, and then again to draw clockwork, always disappointing to exhaustion, frustration, ridicule of others.

In the ideal case of the other projects will be deem useless to give up is even despise himself for having ever been to sun it.

However, even this stratagem, as each, if it is recognized his catch: it detects the enemy, it is all the time he or usually respond to the offers, but the thing having seen through, only give a minimum of effort on it, has to constantly put it far more trouble during the Strategemausübende, so at least energetically relatively loses.

In addition, the "victim" of the stratagem can be always wiser; desbezüglich wiser, so it actually besieged with such expence; smarter with respect to the weak points of the Strategemausübenden; smarter with respect to the thing itself.

The stratagem no. 43 is therefore carried out almost entirely of a sentient be endangered, nor resource moderate clearly superior superiority out. (Of course, even in matters of love, get rid of the seeker or Behufe one thing that he run him even more pointless, weichzuklopfen.)

Is on a large scale organisiertermaßen this stratagem, it's pretty well-researched, half of the expenses rarely used. But even more so when it comes to things of great importance. Since it is not uncommon stratagem of choice.

Cleverly executed, even so, that even the performers do not know that they, this stratagem is so powerful part of the plan, that is can not really tell that even he who recognizes it in the exercise, can not be completely sure that it applied to may speak as much less the fact that he only had this suspicion because he does himself, sat on the sidelines to ridicule the stratagem alsomit perfect were to rise.

If the person concerned, however wise, and he shall direct unknowingly clamped forces to doubt; knowingly clamped to frustration: so that he not only constantly even if only a small gain in knowledge entrains regarding the constitution of the enemy, but also at least parts associated with it weakens or even directed against him.

The arm of the victim grows, that the attacker is shrinking.

Does it run quite stupid for the attacker, his Machenschften be revealed.

He must therefore be avoided at all costs. This can him his whole reputation, cost him his whole position.

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