Aphorism for connoisseurs

We are where it goes.

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2 Responses to "aphorism for connoisseurs"

  1. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    With only two words said:

    Temporarily be there right.

    By the way, I found something on the subject circumcision. It's all in the Abrahamites therefore, make a covenant with their God. On the "Close" in itself it comes to this, because close is called in Hebrew cut.
    Moreover, the Abrahamites have it anyway like bloody, so that they used to be cut a calf in the middle and all the people then (also reminds us of the episode with the parting of the Red Sea) by two separate bloody calf halves passed is ( see Jeremiah 34:18 and cf. comp. 1 with Genesis 15:17). That with the parting of the Red Sea is somewhat reminiscent of megalomania. The calf is symbolic of life and death at the same time; new life comes again through the sex organs, the male is circumcised as a sign of the covenant, and so the circle closes again. Basically, is this religion is nothing more than a fertility rite. And for the same reason is revered by Christians the coiled around a pole snake, the snake in turn is the symbol of the god of fertility and the stake and the cross stands for life emblematic of the door (female sex organ).
    And to speak briefly on the ark of the Israelites to come, which also represents the point of origin (uterus) of the new human life, which is why the Israelites therein (see 2.Mose 16:33) and the budding rod (a symbol of serpent / male Genital) by Aaron preserved, as well as the bread from heaven (manna), as a symbol of the seed, and the tables of the covenant, the Ten Commandments on it. It is interesting that this manna suddenly so long for storage was good for, although it was usually on the second day always fully worms (see 2.Mose 16:20). But the Bible is just full of Hebrew symbols and their logic.
    Anyway, all in all, these religions are (Yahweh cult, Christianity and Islam) all fertility religions, and it is about the birth, life, death and rebirth. But where the dead go and the spirit of the dead, the remains but ultimately only speculation. So they came up with the idea that the dead a nice place in the truest sense of the word supplied thought, wherever they are - the paradise.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    While I understand the context Israelite history with the above aphorism not quite ...

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