Magnus' children side (II)

Hugindor sings and paints

Hugindor was a real tomboy. He jumped and sang.

I did not like all of them.

For jumping and singing were no school subject. So it sometimes even blamed his dad that he should do but what the teacher wanted from him.

Finally Hugindor, started getting serious, paint. He was not the true Alleweil. During class at his school as his late mom had done, when there were good schools, but at least Mr. Krumm nail, his history teacher

Mr. Krumm nail was anyway a remarkable teacher. He said that is always that you simply should not say a word to him think so, but always check yourself, read and think.

And one should especially not simply believe what stand in books and on the world web.

One day Hugindor painted a strange picture of curved nail.

The teacher had a bright red face it, the hair was purple, lemon yellow shirt, and it poured down a balloon out of his mouth: "You will not believe"

Crooked nail discovered the concoction. He stood silent. He did not know what to do.

After class he took Hugindor aside and said to him, gently, "Hugindor such images You can with me in the hour but not paint!"

"Why not?" Hugindor said wonderingly. "It will anyway not see my pictures."

Crooked nail sighed. "You're right, Hugindor!"

"But you say but I will not be believed!" Replied Hugindor. "And I've only roughly painted."

"I say it just Hugindor" replied curved nail, "but did not write even where to go."

"What is to be so bad if you also writing down what is said something?" Asked Hugindor.

"From there, it is proved that you said it. And besides, you've been so publicly doubted as a child. It is good if you doubt, but it is dangerous if you hinschreibst it. It could read one. "

"Can I go to jail for that?" Asked Hugindor.

"No, of course not, but when you grow up, you have to be really careful."

Hugindor went home, and his dad praised him for the beautiful picture, but he also said that the teacher crooked nail'm right.

"But why Papa?"

"I can tell you how the Lord crooked nail also not explain in detail. Believe me, please, Hugindor that many adults even before the issues of children are so afraid that it might not get good kids, they ask. Unfortunately, we live in a country where there are even forbidden questions. I'll say this now. "

Hugindor was not satisfied with this answer his dad. He was even pissed off. Again, the adults said only wise and all-knowing. He could endure last.

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