Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (V)

So now was in the previous parts a little bit what processed and sorted.

The time now is therefore on the creative part. Professionals please think along exactly.

Who takes pictures, logos, campaigns?

Who, besides me, Sayings?

Who is doing the same project from a book, a major report?

Who has the best idea for the T-shirts and Apps?

Where are the comedians?

The boycott rock bands?

Who makes the best leaflets?

Where are the network videos?

Who makes the documentary?

Guys, I do not want to be insubordinate, but if I everything above that which already is far from everything hip look at me, I have to tell you that you should now swing times the hooves then even if your you understand me, myself do something, and not left to me, what I'm not able to afford alone.

So you are invited allerhöflichst, more experienced and more intelligent and resourceful and courageous especially for the better, to displace you once in an optimal trot.


This text is in the public domain in accordance with the conditions I-IV.

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25 Responses to "call for a boycott of parliamentary elections (V)"

  1. Dude says:

    This part I take probably ... but I still have to wait, because I can not take the final decision now ... until about Monday.

    Ps. However, I need ne clean definition of the term 'insubordinate' to do so. Sure I could do that, but the honor is the word creator (at least I've yet seen anyone use this term except you;-))!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    "Insubordinate": the opposite of "imperio subjectus", ie subject to the kingdom by law, hereby insubordinate, hard to tame, without discipline and obedience; "Insubordination" is set as synonymous with "insubordination".

    The word obedient is a very old legal concept, and insubordinate derived simply from it, is also found in Grimm's dictionary.

    Here, then, is by no means before a word created by me; both words are not very common, but still quite common.

  3. The Schwarzbesaiteten says:


    I find this call right and brave and just great.

    "Who makes images, logos,"

    Because I might have something. 'll Try to beam you over some pictures.


  4. Dude says:


    Thank you very much for the concept definition!

    Ps. Ginge it okay if I stroke federal elections from the title, and instead change in elections?
    Because in Switzerland there's no federal ... and in Austria? I do not degree ... but in Liechtenstein not think ... think it's a shame that it's limited to Germany.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    When you initially or on output or between bargain indicating that you've made this change to the original, the thing is in order.

  6. Thomas says:

    If I did not just hell tear my ass, by the way, to make at the expense of leisure and family, that the party of which I am a member, met the admission requirements to be allowed to be on the ballot, I would you like to yours textalisch wide except for small car dimensions.
    The really annoying thing is not even that you refuse, perhaps herbeizustimmen with your cross change. What it really drives the point embers, is the simple idea that if we are to achieve something-without your Kreuzchen-, we can not exclude you from achievements, but her -heroisch as you are now, I once again Select reference - continue to spread your within-crafty thoughts while you enjoy doing nothing and undankend the fruits of other people's improvement work.

    Who does not choose, nothing will change. Who wants to change anything, even the change request, the other should not be subjected. For once should, indeed! be taken care of. In the status quo bubbling up in all the time. I'd like that. And so my little interlude ends again. This week still collect signatures, from next week election campaign.

    Come thou to me only once after Ufr, Mr. Goeller! I verzähl you what the wine was taken on it: the ear wash you is certain! Even Nietzsche, as an old libertarian would have voted for us.

  7. Thomas says:

    One can legitimize an existing system of coercion by dull ignorance - or you Levers it by the given rules. Even the trial worthwhile! Everything is Other and remains stupid, unconstructive gossip.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    I said in Part VI, that if ever, should you choose.
    While this is when I do it, not much, but on another level, because of the general other announcement, a lot.
    Because of the ass tear open yet: I tear myself to the more than seven years alone, without a wife, as a single party, with two children.
    So I will not stop complaining learn with you.
    Not even the Dude.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    But just because you are.
    There is a historic opportunity: right now the offensive non-election.
    There are probably few people read this and realize that my idea to fruition: so what?
    Just the right thoughts thrown into orbit! Who knows, but who hears him to continue wearing!
    At least it has one, maybe not stupid, expressed!
    Be sporty!
    Should I have probably inhibit of probable failure prospects in my speech for me?
    What are you doing?
    You also give but just not on!
    Now, exactly for this choice, which I Hip in my opinion would be the best.
    Maybe it was a mistake to recommend you indirectly contradict the consistent, aggressive non-election.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    "During her the fruits of other people's work improvement enjoys doing nothing and undankend."

    That is, at least to me, when I should have gotten here in "their", how it looks yes, roughly measured nonsensical. Holding as holding times.
    I'm never quite acidic; is each time through the Gaul; for me I leave but that does not stand. And not at all. Niente, nada, crap end.

  11. Dude says:


    I see you have also ne travel in front of you - I'm sure the wine is well with you patronize. ;-)

    Thomas wahler-campaign-cult-or-gehirnwasche/#comment-61057


  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    It may well be that I'm going to empty the last glass of wine on the planet. There will be a cosmic justice, after all, say some.

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Oh, I drink on other planets, what else should I do after this recent wine away. Let each one do what he learned.

  14. Thomas says:

    Magnus, I simply suggests the following of your (but instrumental in the other) Recommendation on: Even if 99% of the population would not choose - the one percent would still determine the fate of our country. Or do you think the gentlemen up there would really mind if they barely one chooses? The seats are still distributed according to the election result.
    Above all: It is much more utopian than our own party-endeavors to believe that one could deter good people from voting. Since it is much easier to influence people positively in their voting behavior.

    Your call (similar to that of the Reinstlehren fanatics of FWF) harm above all the small parties involved get stuck in to the matter and seek real change - and NOT just the big parties or even to the system ansich. Or do you think the supporters of the major parties read independent and critical blogs and news sites? Then would not choose the big ones!

    Forgive me the slip. I'll let you also express your opinion, even if I can not share. However, I resent that. For me, it's undercooked or designate, at best, as theoretically.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    I do not pity the small parties. On the contrary. Anyone who takes seriously what I say, and yet wants to choose, it will be preferable to the recorders. (As I said, because your little violence there with me no problem.)
    I tried here on a wake-up call. I saw and see the possibility now to be favorable. It's completely clear to me, you know I'm a bit peculiar, but not a complete dreamer, although, as few people as seen on whole, read here how low the probability is that my items visible size make a difference now. But some may diffuse.
    And, I want to emphasize it again: I said klariter that I most likely the voices of the people grudged the party of reason who want to choose partout.
    I am talking about the openly put forward delegitimization of those who rule against the people. As I stand out even alone.
    I have only again - about the Dude - discovered a new side - - where a Libertarian writes well there, also praised what I recently read on ef.
    Last night I sat up pub circuit with a green together (You know what I think of this party) openly said some, well, not all equal, we drank a few beers together.
    The (rather Dude, do not be angry) International Socialist Dude, knowing that woman Kablitz a "Ösi" (within the meaning of libertarians), that is, from your stall, ran an article of her on his side, simply because he is good it found, which in turn only then brought me to perceive this blog.
    We see different ways than just the most effective. I think that this is rather a strength.
    You have in your work my highest respect. I'm from the bottom of her, except that I will not let my patriotism (if that's a "but"), a libertarian; I just do not see the time that people were already able to organize itself.
    If you are Chairman of Federal PdV in September, then I might choose it.

  16. Thomas says:

    Presented also MdBVst? I've done recently. ;)

    That the time has not come yet, I see it. Man must still try everything and eventually just start.

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas (Supplement)

    From traditional left to right are traditionally is currently being formed something; much encouraging news; I see within my means, my role is to contribute Hiezu ideas, suggestions, perhaps some clarification further encouragement.
    I own most probably to the education minister; otherwise I would have loved nothing to do with politics, used me instead of what I enjoy the creative applied linguistics, art, literature, on Edifying and Beautiful.
    I ask myself often why I, at all abgebe with this Seich, since the policy is called; but then I know again that I am in the duty to go and take my word. My children understand (yet), it brings me personally so far much more harm than good.
    You are so much younger than I, that I could be your father by biology ago, and you show clear contour and face. You could also "just" check on your progress and your family.
    You have to decide. Above all, it is true, when it was decided according to whine as little as possible. Whining discouraged.
    I just read Montaigne. (Zweitausendeins sold at ten Euros a wonderful edition.) I think now that the really the main teacher Nietzsche was, of whom you say, with some justification, that he had not chosen the PdV most likely (or as long as the Thomas not party chairman, even not).
    I close now - temporarily - with this reading recommendation. Much deep and enlightening thoughts sections to read in "Essais", also determines what for you.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Comments precisely overlapped.

    I'll think about it.

    It is not supposed to be about stubborn.

  19. Dude says:


    You Epost.

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    The publication is sonnene of you is okay. I am pleased.

  21. Dude says:

    Thank you!

  22. Calling for a boycott of elections | Be welcome the Dude says:

    [...] Quelle: [...]

  23. lisa says:

    "During her the fruits of other people's work improvement enjoys doing nothing and undankend."

    This is the hubris of all politicians that they think they have done something to "improvement". Politicians usually do nothing constructive. At best, they manage a country in a pleasant way. But I can not still find in the past.

    There will always remember that it is the people of a country, which generate ALL, then the politicians live off the fat of the land and attach the yield of the breast. But these people really have no "lobby", or rather, the parties should be their "lobby", but of this they are sold out.

    As the system is now, can not change that "small parties". You obviously believe also in the existing system and therefore have no chance to effect change, because the masterminds are powerful within the system.

    There's only a dramatic evolution and that means that you can complete the current structures behind. I therefore write the non-election - as a signal that you no longer accomplice ...

  24. Dude says:




    Could be that you ready to answer the following ne hast…

  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    When Dude has taken over this part easily edited on his side, currently found a few interesting comments; I introduced myself just there in addition.

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