Konstantin in Stuttgart (II)

Magnus awoke a little earlier and had breakfast concerned, bread, butter and Käs together with a roughly sliced ​​ham, Flädlessupp and corn salad with onion and tidy breakfast radish, this one probably reasonable pancakes placed.

That might also Konstantin like, a glass of white Burgundy should not be missed, because it was decided also to make breakfast equal to the midday meal, alswelches when such great deeds funny, alswie the core of Swabia Stan, commonly called Stuttgart, from his eingesumpften inertia Dionysian joy recognizing to throw.

It was clear that Magnus was very biased as Schwabe, Konstantin as non Schwabe of the other terrain but not necessarily safer than the former, so that you really almost inevitable tricks, all still one walking in the afternoon in the castle garden and rear at the babbling chess players spent, finally, as it were, to enter the safest part of the uncertain parts of Stuttgart introductory and inspirational, to "pre-heating" as the estimated M. The name them, the natives Stammbeiz entered.

So far just sat the narrow romantic poet, as always musing, schorle drinking and smoking at their place, a few Usual and Unusual lounged right around bored. Counter, two glasses of beer.

"Well, here you have at least his rest!" Konstantin quipped after eight or ten minutes, the whole seeming tragedy considering.

But, lo and behold, scarcely Constantine the better had not expected, but it came through K., so a allerhärtestgesottenste old town acquaintances in front of herself quite a few Urrecken secretly fear a bit, also those T., alswelcher its sometimes difficult but advise nevertheless lying mostly in the formal framework of its non unbachtlichen rhetorical possibilities malice probably resist those very woman secretes with Fürliebe for 25 years, keckauf, every other guest even if required, or simply insulted, while it pays weiterkerft, he also without mercy, only incomparably arrogant and cynical, with the former to a change of heart.

"Hey, friend! Finally, Constantine cried, "we want to roll the dice the minds of art?"

"You have no game pieces!" Replied T.

"This is a game without stones."

"What do you know from the mind in art?"

"Understanding of art."

"Oh, the guy wants genitivieren me well?"

"Genital viruses?"

"Look," T. said to his K., "this vain coxcomb in his moldy worn Joppa there who apparently means that he understood himself to wearing half-educated Sottisen in this temple of Trantüten, Trullas and endemic gloom."

Before K. knew to counter some of the Trullas, Constantine replied, laughing: "So Your Honour come here to feel artificially raised, but may not roll over the edge of art. Magnus, where his Highness has since left her half Sandals servant? "

"I guess the umbrummkreiselt just the Bordsteinschwalben back in Leonhard quarter, but comes with the three cruisers, he uses her weekly in the hack to steal from the rock, as always, not for the course."

"All right: we diced to the mind of the art," T. said suddenly, our wickedness simply temporarily.

The dice cup was taught, and now it was to use.

"Those who have less eyes must declare the sense of art and spend one." Said T.

"So be it."

T. it did actually manage to achieve only four eyes with three dice and was not pleased thereat.

Konstantin shook extensively, and, behold, three ones were on the table.

T. grinned from ear to ear: "Now, therefore, explain, and give one out!"

"Why?" Said Constantine. "How many eyes do you have?"

"Four! This has probably every seen! "

"No, you have exactly two. Just as I also. But now you know at least how not to roll over the edge of art. "

T. was pretty upset, still waving a little, but did not soften Constantine.

He told the others still with a generous gesture that the three dice per twenty-one eyes were, the dice result would be considered a draw in any case, unless the question would have read, cube whose after throwing show more or less eyes upwards would .

T. finally had enough of his K. turned to, on the one issuing him.

Constantine and I went on a little later, as the evening had just begun only.

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