But resistance to therapy too!

It may be quite healthy and useful when one is largely resistant to therapy. It does not make so many therapies, especially since no expensive and complicated, but rather creates what.

But I admit that I just again try one an Indo-Swabian so to speak. I rub my upper right side of the body, which makes me year after a serious fall still to create, with mustard oil.

The quarter-liter bottles cost affordable two-thirty, and after a few days of use, it is still almost full. I have a feeling that might do me without doctor something good, at least probably nothing too bad, and the fun costing almost nothing. From the psychological aspect of her at least that's ever very beneficial.

Maybe I'm sometimes nettles on it, which is at the very vain. Or consider the whole convulsion times naked into the full moon light.

For I am again become quite superstitious respect to the matter; what is called superstitious, it was strange.

I had all that crap trained quite intensely, to that I have a neck muscle, which I had not even known until then that the because of the clavicle centered laterally pulls up, so painful provided, suited me just to come that seemed at once , a free half-hour massage (I had never been to a professional massage) good to have.

Very brave since kneaded the expert initially my back, then the incriminating area. It rumbled and finally cracked and powerful, and immediately after the treatment, I had the feeling that I helped, even considered to come back, even paid.


It did the next two weeks so mean to hurt no more alswie long time. An improvement effect? Niente. DAS were no cures pain. It was just shit.

Perhaps the mustard oil makes everything again only worse. Then I was there but at least even, as a layman, on top of that, and, as I said, it kost 'as good as nothing. (I have of course already Melissengeist, rubbing alcohol and Arnikaschlunze purely rubbed or smeared on it, which, although noticeably did not bring much, but me not so to the end as professional woman.)

On days when I think no classes, I will probably also create times Zwiebelkompressen; or pigskin; Hot Trollinger winding (a little more expensive application, especially a sad, if the wine is any good, but what does not do anything for his health.)

From the Balkans, I have heard that you can treat as everything possible with dried donkey shit; I could also, sometimes tickle the Gewebsteufel properly, a handful Schlehdörner einpieksen, then over it blow the infrared lamp; I was already thinking to throw myself sideways in a good old German anthill.

May be, however, that these are all to allopathic methods; too little holistic; what, I rubbed my little toe of the left foot with a little malt whiskey? Or maybe Nilpferdtran I sniffed, C 30?

The healing arts are finally no limits. One has to see sporty: try everything until one thinks that one is healthy again, or conveniently dead.

That reminds me that I still have too Jolokiaöl. Until recently, there were discovered the Trinidad Hyper Viper, was held for the hottest chillies. A habanero is against such a Miniature Pinscher against a Rottweiler.

Yes, I try. But not any more. Who knows whether I would find sleep after application.

Report follows.

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3 Responses to "treatment resistance as well!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    First question: Does Heat Heat is good or harmful?

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    That's what I was wondering in the event. It was far times and then another.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    The other thing you anführtest still respect very special diseases and disease processes, we can gladly discuss times under four eyes; but it did not fit here, because I want to keep the family safe side.

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