NSU Process: The mixture

The NSU-process, in which Beate Zschäpe to come to court, has developed into a media circus completely absurd, because now some are offended by the Dick ship media nor that they went no discount lot in the recent accreditation.

Worse still is to be feared.

Maybe it's a good thing that you can henceforth be read in regional cheese leaves and local radio stations and listen to what they have to announce it, if they do not simply make their places to money. A rather unfavorable image of the award I saw before in any case quite by accident several times by the Reuters news agency that, as usual AP and AFP pitch, in contrast to dpa. The taz is stinky offended, because they have invested in recent years so much time and money in the topic and has now also drawn the short straw. Almost the irony of this sad farce is, in fact, that Brigitte, after all, of national importance, though not to have always pulled in politics, the last valid item.

At first it all seemed to find is right, as far as I pursued this nonsense that some Turkish media a special place must be given to what, as I read, the SNB declared admissible, simply to identify a couple of chairs for Turkish media representatives (or from the quota of the Free public subtract), but which comparatively well unproblematischerer solution, the OLG did not follow the whole thing so new unrolled.

Considering, furthermore, how much of the years of abductions, breakdown, breakdown series, cover-ups, and even that, then a V-man, said to have been in the scene close again, but now somehow no longer relevant or discoverable or auzufinden wanted becoming, this whole strange camarilla what I say, these various Kamarillas to eigenwürdigst acting Constitution protectors with long-standing contacts and links with the illegal national scene that Ms. Zschäpe just yet competent criminal defense lawyer could have won the attention in terms of their direct or indirect discharge (a horse-trading maybe? want it just cause), with the pounds that they, in terms of its client, to proliferate in the sack have it, also use.

Clever lawyers have gained through this development, even though it currently does not appear so obvious a potentially weighty strategic asset. You can now Namely, if well coordinated with her client and them.'s Ass for it in the pants, sometimes there wohinplaudern times there, here or there can make public comments For now, this is virtually guaranteed a large public show trial, and although not necessarily in the sense that the sauce would be gone.

The poor boys and girls of the FAZ, the world and the taz (as are it Jädels and stoves, tiled), yes, which are now, by letting them know of course that they do not play long offended, want to grind out the notch, so that perhaps even special research requests are issued, the newspaper by a decent further, even unearthed the scandal, even when extremely disadvantaged seeks, almost discriminated against to prove the incompetence of other accredited Rumlümmel who own over competence.

Quite possible but also that no one wants to burn their fingers at the end. After all, puts the state behind the process, and who wants to keep his secret service probably. Mostly - yet - one is even better prepared to keep the NPD, because that would make half the Protection of the Constitution nor unemployed if the pleasure of a successful ban on the party, as he, when the fellowship meetings, wherever the or Komamitsaufen who by the intelligence bring the beer money, not considered überhartzige work, which is a liberal conservative sense, yes.

Of course, circulate, except the obvious and acquaintances, now also all kinds of conspiracy theories to the effect that the entanglement, which must be always available yes, especially further up could suffice in this case.

If everything goes so on, as it first looks after it, so the Turkish media representatives will be in high demand. Let's see how that will hold it with conspiracy theories or even hints regarding existing such.

It has certainly created a mixture that it presents itself to me as too unpredictable than that the thing would be so easy again in a desired alswie erwunschen treated, especially by the procedure ago revert safe to handle thing to hedge by any new Volte that I do not have to hope for happiness, I never touched it.

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5 Responses to "NSU Process: The mixture"

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I use the word only already read: Protection of the Constitution! I'm not a lawyer, who or what should there be protected from or against whom? The politicians before the Constitution or the Constitution against the politicians. Or the judiciary before compliance with the Constitution or what?

    Well, but then start to love the Constitution guards immediately! Since there is in Germany a "Richtertag", why not, why should not German judges have a professional association and hold once a year an Assembly? Only this Richtertag is no constitutional contemporary organ and any legislative powers or regulation powers, the sometimes not. Nevertheless, presented the German Richtertag years ago once established:

    If a marriage contract has the consequence that the woman in case of divorce is entitled to the social security office, the marriage contract is void regularly!

    That sounds like a law or ordinance, but contrary to the Constitution, all power emanates from the people and their democratically elected bodies. Here the Protection of the Constitution would have a wide field to protect the Constitution and the same fresh arrest the chairman of the German Judiciary day for a process and to identify a list of names of participants for this course can not possibly continue to officials as judges. Should particularly aggravating for this criminal association with this call for treason and violation of the Constitution is that these are all lawyers who know the Constitution and have even sworn an oath to it!

    But everything happens not obvious is it of the tasks assigned to them but more to something like the RSHA and the State Security Service of the GDR, whose job it was to maintain the retaining power of the people looking in power and that just means that are just not compatible with the Constitution. The so-called "constitutional protection" is so obviously a protected before the Constitutional Service! The word was probably too complicated and so instead they called Him constitutional protection.

    So what is so often before that Switzerland also has a traffic Club Switzerland is its self-imposed task, (auto) just to obstruct traffic straight and prevent the appeals and complaints where and how it gets. The German Democratic Republic was not even German, but Russian and not a democracy but a dictatorship and a republic, but a satrapy!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    It should again be noted that the FRG has no active valid constitution, but where this is not broken, a transitional law, the fundamental law, it follows that the more remarkable, then, that we have a constitutional protection and a constitutional court. The one and the other can not protect what is not there.
    There can be no constitution without real enemies of the constitution, nor parties to the so-called "constitutional arch".
    Of course, this German state before the enemy states clause repealed not unequivocally a peace agreement and when the German people decided in a free and secret ballot, what real constitution it wants to give themselves a Satrapenstaat. Maastricht, euro, Lisbon, the fraction of Lisbon, the ESM Treaty translated younger cream blobs on this condition.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymous & All

    I want to add that it is not funny, after all procedures, a woman who may have committed a murder himself should accuse for ten counts of murder. As far as I could read up in the short time available to me, which is of an unprecedented nature.
    I do not know where those disk remains of tungsten, from the speech, a USB from similar materials, is of those rants everywhere, crucial pieces of evidence, whether it be the ever existed now, never were, do not exist, or never will have been , or even yet.
    Now, of course, learns even the Pimpf heutztage that this kind utensils - it should have been - not even have to put in heat too long by a hair, and certainly not even erwärmelein five minutes using a Feuerzeugleins, and afterwards you will find them functional at places a Vollausbrandes. From a special box in the basement (it was up, so no basement) of a special box or device that would hold the necessary Mindesttemparaturen even more so in such a long Brande fortune, I have not heard anything yet. (So ​​you can already build a machine., But it is effort. Matter how it is done, not so easy.)
    As the well is now, as far guilty woman Zschäpe is now, they should, so it looks like a few say it openly, some slips it out even thoughtlessly, are now made as guilty as possible, as atonement and example before world. This is partly filmed quite nicely. This is perverse.
    What instigated the whole rabble and other support, possibly launched, alive, covered and promoted to supervisor and then lied to the population, destroyed files and disappearances, of course, is no longer interested, and that gentleman, whose Clear name I read today, but here does not want to play because it does not sufficiently secured, said to have been seen six or seven times in a timely manner at each crime scene, a random V-man, interested in anything from not at all, as though there are no small ant would not verkrabbelt a small Sandhäuflein.
    That was probably a glitch that brought the fate of this man that he so often was purely by chance in the area, that he blessed with an inverted talents, namely to exclude Fortuna, loose for six gutwäre jackpots in a row. (Protection of the Constitution are often the type BPD, which sucks extreme improbabilities from the cosmos, simply because it does nothing more fun and he was very carefully trained.)
    However, if one wants to lead a murder trial, at least one accessory to murder, so it is pretty tight with the protection of witnesses, the mouth guard and off-guard itself from the Constitution protectors. Every leading in the direction of inquiry requested simply to refer, by means of which appears opportune excuse whatsoever could be no small task.
    The thing is, so to speak, what those known unknowns concerned, alswie in a bad thriller. Why are only interested in a few spinners for? Why because no one does what?
    Or is it a real political thriller, with a whole lot behind your back übelst networked rogue circuits to maintain the cinematic image times that cover the shade man for any reason with great expence, for which there is much more.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have not pursued the matter in the details, whether Zschäpe woman has done something that you would not have been allowed, and I do not know whether we ever know because the truth is more than questionable, what we will learn about what they at the end of all the trials and tribulations to condemn anything is "legally".

    That the German government because a lot has done things that he had not been allowed, we know already and that there never charge is made to pull the persons accountable and is already fixed. Raison d'état called the Machiavelli.

    I see parallels to the Boston Bombers in USA. Whether the two brothers were the culprit or not, I do not know, only that there are a lot of inconsistencies and the American state since a lot has made things represented by the FBI, CIA and police he had not been allowed is also established. In addition to the disinformation, lies and photo-fakes that have produced the above institutions for the public to come apparently still a bunch of Photoshop artists who have made a lot of private fakes and also posted on the Internet. The whole iact become an inextricable Gordian knot.

    The Americans seem to want to go the opposite way as in Germany, held a show trial a secret military trial in Guantanamo, outside any normal jurisdiction under abrogation reduction of the law, which applies to the United States.

    Is the true background in both cases nothing Ideological, but as here before in another place in another context conjectured, but simple vanity of people who want to show yourself that you can leave everything hinlügen as you want, depending hair bucking, the better?

    Or is there in both cases, a tacit contract between the state and its police their people basic impunity (see Benno Ohnsorg) is assured for all crimes, so long are willing unconditionally execute every criminal order. Now know that the police and "rage" on such occasions times and now the state must fulfill its part of the contract?

    I do not know, I just hope that I myself will never the victim of such practices!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Interesting what here to read about the whole absurdity of the press accreditation process yet (Martin Lejeune has constitutional complaint filed):



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