Crisis in Südschwitz (II)

In Südschwitz the situation is somewhat escalated, on the one hand, by the OFH to personally know ("organization Free Hintlinge"), most of whose ringleader I have the dubious privilege of a flatbed truck full already burning Hanfstrünke have dumped at night at the foot of Freiberg, each saw the flames, drumrum dancing Hintlinge, naked torso, short pants, but all firmly booted, so that the city administration unenthusiastic about this unannounced demonstration, hard Holtz plenty worried, some stoners in the capital feared the worst, namely smoke material scarcity, on the other hand I have done it , in North Goofy, in the highest circles in Berlin, after all, in advance to ensure labored think, if the things in Südschwitz are just but the only way to solve that one discreet of Switzerland paid a distance, prohibits the letterbox companies again, whereupon the money bandit's business foundation would remove these if unemployment then without any further necessary action would prefer a free will celled emigration, so that social peace could be restored in Südschwitz, averted a development that threaten to damage the reputation of the Federal Republic of Germany as a whole world can not be excluded, in short, one are cooperatively in Berlin.

With some nasty trick is of course to be expected even at any time. It says here: "Who dares North Goofy, is eaten by the Wüstenratz."

An unofficial delegation has declared itself. Clearly the types first with the hard-Holtz, the Swiss distributor (I call him now that way) and the Chief Commissioner rubbing shoulders will start; but because they also value it, also get in touch with people you should expect to moderate opposition, but also have far-reaching connections to the camp radical forces a meeting with Olli and me (is, of course, I insisted that those also only two) scheduled. They want the planet yes, even if he has to be rebuilt again, using those fitly develop who know him best.

Olli has laughed half dead yesterday. One of his retired buddies has put it, that the BND - the guys usually try to behave discreetly in Südschwitz - tried to recruit his ex, she should amourös times distract him something of pending transactions, probably sound out a bit.

Now Olli is the one that when the stores are really important, can be deter not even by a bunch of satyrs, a sibiriakischen Tiger or some other monsters, not even a zuwenigst non-pregnant woman, also something not eavesdrop, as it were the Unaushorchbartum personally. Olli is one of the few people who just say what they want to say.

"Do you really a fun of it, maybe running again so what! She pulls them from the coal, and you have a good eingerittene Bettwärmerin "I said something humorous to half a grin on the face.

"That would be to think even once. I take my time going through your head. I could even imagine that the Maimonida (he calls them, of course, a fad, just so she called Mona) with the thing drags. Sometimes, Magnus, you have sometimes a good idea. "

If it's the BND had actually managed two so fundamentally decent and grundvernünftige people like Mona and Olli rückzuverkuppeln that already would bring almost a donation to a charitable organization such in the area of ​​strollers value awareness. How much Mona will probably be able to get out of them?

Everyone in Südschwitz know that Olli here the beer Pope (there is a higher title in Südschwitz not, the unofficial head of state), the good mood maker of the Republic, the absolute Realwirtschaftler, not even card payments in its pubs conniving, and run all, that he is the uncrowned King of Südschwitz. Since it will be them in this tricky situation before 50 or 100 Mille worth; when Mona gambles good (and they can! so help me God!), perhaps even more.

And since Mona is a true-südschwitzer patriot from the bottom of her heart her, she can the BND also still feeding as the just useful.

You see, we are currently in, although it far and wide is no jungle here, a little bit in the jungle.

Well because look here: Olli Mona already on Mobi. That looks good. "Yes, fine, see you later."

"Olli, it could be that you benefit of the crisis in Südschwitz a degree beyond that is not considered the decent Hanseatic merchant detrimental even as the family honor?"

"You know, Magnus, that I almost never eat hamburgers, so spare me your boots chatter. It would be more appropriate that you beitrügest further constructive. Yes, because you staring. Derlei stilted phrases I learned not only with you Fant. The BND may be an enjoyable sideshow, serve our cause unintentionally also; crucial but are the idiots from Northern Goofy. We need to turn things around at this meeting, crucial throughout. Well, maybe not quite, but ultimately at least preliminary decision. What do you mean? "

"I think you're right. We will have no choice but to have the zusammenzurichten two types rotten. But we should first little einwerfend leave, talk, then, steadily-increasing, our thoughts and speech attach power. "

"Talkers. Do we still need a stratagem? Several? Say what! "

(Olli may already pretty demanding one.)

"I think spontaneously, yes, nice that you can think of me as long as we could on the one hand use Zenzi as a surprise guest to fully press the female gland, we should talk about human rights on the other something, so that they do not understand it exactly , but at least it acts as if it were well prepared. And we are in front of pity which only oozing, which, unfortunately, unfortunately, we are not to blame, the country will probably quite voluntarily dismiss their presence again. "

"Not a bad basic plan."

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