Crisis in Südschwitz

Since Zenzi manages the school and we share bed and board and no one has anything about it, except maybe one, although it would like to lead a school, but perhaps share with other Zenzi, the world is so beautiful and edifying for me as a long time no longer , so that I on this heaven on earth does not want to lose more unnecessary words.

Sorry, but accumulate externally, throughout Südschwitz, even here in Buschhausen the problems.

Switzerland has negotiated with the government as always strapped in North Goofy a special agreement to make Swiss can undertake all sorts of shops at special rates here, also colonize open up all sorts of shell companies and set up Abschakalskapitalgeschellschaften. The riff-raff, the falls there will Dopey Just as it is not only ethics and morality spoils noticeably in Südschwitz, but also the prices in Freiberg already bad, even in the bush living, so that it at my Hintlingen, to put it very carefully not just too popular. Allzumal yes it is not only the most corrupt of all Swiss, the pitch here, but also all the special Swiss, so those bandits money from around the world who work with special permission for a Swiss special letter box. A übleres rabble (they certainly do 70% of those parasites from) the world, if ever, have not often seen.

It threatens a veritable popular uprising in Südschwitz. Hard Holtz, the site commander of the Bundeswehr, the Olli tells me, is pretty nervous. He knows that even a fourteen year old Hintling knew prostrate three to five of those enddekadenten linnets with bare hands within seconds, their guns, which they have, wegbeißend.

There are just times estimated three thousand, but they are in a population of somewhere over one hundred thousand (no one knows exactly how many Hintlinge there really is) still unbearable. Olli said to me, and something more devastating can be of such a gewetterten host hardly hear, they were the worst fucking stupid drunkard, he had ever experienced. You know not even how to fall halfway decent off the bar stool. Your chatter is so unbearable stupid, like not even in the most run-down Rhenish drinking hall in Puffviertel would ever have to listen, because there myself Paule Penner aufbrächte more verbal originality, and if he just been cut themselves the Rüsel again at the bar. I never thought that Olli could so ablästern on his own, still very graduates guests. Some of what he said, I can not write down here because this page is not get a majority Lock purely wound, the vocabulary of a Altprofis his profession includes some curse and insult, so exercised was, as I now just have to leave your inclined fancy it.

Who knows the story of Südschwitz a little closer, now is not hard to guess what Olli, as he energized again, said we should take on all this shit now only an old vintage port, then wanted to say to me, but what I first said to hit him because sometimes a trick that I knew what he was going to say the same: "Oh dear. Olli. I should therefore belatschern the Chief Commissioner and the hard Holtz somehow, explain the Hintlingen, I had everything under control, alongside well-behaved further addressed, as though nothing would ever knock a little on the bush at the Swiss Upper Attaché, so to speak, again alongside the corresponding letter to media and politics in Northern Goofy so cunning as skillful written, as the addressees selected, quite quickly and eagerly to send. Right, or am I right? "

"It is true, of course, and you're right, but that's not enough," replied Olli, after a short, slightly astonished pause, very dry. "You must also rub shoulders with the worst of these bandits record itself. What else. "

"Oh no, Olli. Since I let a point, and you have it right away. "

"That's why we are such good friends." We drank a port and advised us in peace.

(That was a week ago. Rigid Holtz is carefully cooperative, but has of course difficult craps himself. Switzerland's Grand Mufti has welcomed me briefly, my little verschwurbelt presented concerns listened, but without much to say. And one evening I had with some of drink the fattest of these morons. doing so, a mixed picture emerged. Some of them just laugh at the resistance to their presence, other but is a little uneasy. these are the with the better instincts. One or the other of which I will probably again must meet. The letters to North Goofy are in work. I need at least three good deeds, really good. A fucking shit work. I must make no mistake. Not even think that I could make a. everything must happen as if by magic .)

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