Dead do not have to shave pointless (the whole bald Holden)

Slandering all that is natural. It is now seen as unattractive, repulsive, disgusting even if a, a, except on the head, somewhere has hair. Soon you will no longer want there. Nothing on the head, only Shorn, Full skinheads under the Bald and nothing in it. Simply die, your hirnzerstäubten idiot, then have your rest.

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One Response to "The dead do not have to shave pointless (the whole bald Holden)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do the gays tried everything to find themselves, in the 50s, it was the jeans, sometime the sneakers at all (inappropriate) opportunity to the ring in your ears, bald head shave (at first, then down only on the head from the neck) it was no use, the normals adapted any new mark immediately. Homosexuals were and are the (involuntary) Tredsetter against his will.
    I read somewhere a woman who testified, now it was getting to the point where only your gay male friends would shave "down"!

    Somewhere there's Sites on which parents are reassured when your Filius shaved from the neck down, which had nothing to do with gay. I guess at the Youngsters which has mainly to do with do not want to grow up and anything with aesthetics and / or sex.

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