No Dulcinea please!

Grade I saw myself (just to see if I could then leave the house, or I'm doing this for good reasons, except when shaving, only very rarely) in the mirror and thought spontaneously: 'My God, look at you the, at least a shave and a little more Contenance could not hurt. '

How it brings a, but the night before drunk two bottles of no absinthe, finished, yet in the afternoon to look like that? (I really would not - I am a woman - to see in this stupid mirror.)

First I had the idea that thinking the beauty (even the very relative) not befördere, these rejected but then, zuwenigst of defiance.

To make the mirror responsible, I rejected even faster.

Then I had the idea that it lacked me pleasure.

That did not explain the matter but. It likes me not infrequently lacking the desire to wash, clean and tidy, but in principle I do not suffer from false desire.

I may be older now from yesterday to today hardly toes years, me no fouler than the usual hardships was in this period given, it can almost only be because I (apart from the to be trimmed beard hair) too bad, too pessimistic looking.

No too bad dreams, Mephistopheles, which I precisely, the fist-explanatory, again more am working as well with him dear, did not dare let alone approached me to become even more of my ridicule einzuhandeln, which normally would only be another reasonable explanation , namely those that I was unhappy (or at all) in love.

But this I know nothing.

Am I in love already in one, without that I would have noticed that?

On closer inspection, you will probably have to admit that this kind idiotic-tragic cases were probably already own.

Aid me now to find out what her name?

Usually it harms the recovery, at least the doctor, who also wants to live on something, not knowing what the patient is suffering. Should I be but actually in love, so I would me not so sure.

Would it namely so, it would most likely better, I would forget just what much heavier would fall, I knew in what particular Dulcinea.

Well, I do not know and will also prefer not to know.

Everything was only a momentary mental stress disorder, I go to Lidl later, shaved, like as if nothing had ever been.

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2 Responses to "Dulcinea No, please!"

  1. Zwergelstern7 says:

    Greetings to you Mr. Magnus Goeller.
    Ever thought your stories / lines of dubbing?
    Your written thrilled me really.


    Friedhelm / Friedberg

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Zwergelstern7

    Yes, to setting I certainly have thought. Wherein the above example would be miniature, of course, to pack in verses (or sing only as a very oblique Blues).

    Alone, I'm not a composer, although sufficiently musical to write a proper text to a melody, so that I could work on that with existing pieces.

    Much better but I worked with a composer, so that new would also tonal in a new guise.

    If you know me someone, you can make it myself, I was very happy about a contact.

    Thanks for the praise.



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