From forty stratagems

The forty-second stratagem is that of repetition, redundancy. (It could also be called the "Lehrerstrategem" call, but that would be shortened, too easy.)

This stratagem knows practically everyone. They say shows something until it hears or sees someone.

As commonplace but the application of this principle is now Strategemes, but in practice it entails some pitfalls. Obviously, ever, that people may be annoyed, often even more defiant, when she constantly hung with the same thing.

Is it now to things of greater importance (the similarity with the forty stratagems is sometimes great, but it is not identical, they are however not uncommon to chain together), it is not only a sensible frequency of repetition look for, ie, that one who likes to weigh or to Reach ligands times almost in the comforting belief that they had given up, but also on the stylistic and substantive variance of (partial) redundancy.

It always brings additional new arguments, examples, pictures, this is of course very useful in these cases. Presented they are also times scarce, even aphoristic, then satirically, afterwards in a sharp treatise between boot poetic packed, sometimes subliminally fine, sometimes loud and hearty, a case gefühlig, otherwise peppered in very simple German with foreign words, occasionally brittle, something pompous, out with deft rhythm changes, then from time to time to perfect syncopation ...

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3 Responses to "From forty stratagems"

  1. Dude says:

    "Obviously, ever, that people may be annoyed"

    You can bet your life on it (you know of what I speak) ... ;-)

    HP. Who the 41st brings to the championship, the 42 needs not more. :-)
    Pps. Otherwise, I stick to previous recommendation to the admin ;-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    No, forty stratagem to bring the championship, does not mean that you can not BOTH COMMUNITY of forty.
    As demanding the proper use of the former may be true, it is, in all the above already mentioned similarity and partial overlap, but still very different necessary, especially technical requirements of the people.
    Indeed, while the 41 especially requirements brings to the effect with it, transferred to think similarly, the power of association requested requires the 42 - As a rule, comparatively - far more versatility in the individual, especially as the language arts.
    The 42 yes that's why so much is underestimated because of the difficulty of the correct application because it basically known each, from 41 know most people do not even realize above, most intuitive to apply it.
    Sent to combine the two together, so that they almost merge, not easy to notice even the best out Kenner, a difference can of course just when the greatest challenge, be the silver bullet.
    I've definitely considered exactly done this for Behufe this answer again, if the 42 from 41, is inseparable actually makes sense, but I mean, see above explanation that this is present.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude (Addendum)

    '"Obviously, ever, that people may be annoyed"

    You can bet your life on it (you know of what I speak) ... ;-) '

    To support this, I smoke now first to write one, so it'll actually poison.

    Of course I know, except by some Confederates, even of a few other people, which often annoyed by me.

    But to me those are - moreover, since which include my children - in this respect also particularly keen that I do not know, so to speak nerve as a species.

    Broadly speaking, there are those who are here begun to learn nothing more than that you need money in this world and that sublime knowledge nor a person matching each religion.

    The nerve I with pleasure.

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