Syria: Why this war?

Alleged statement by a Syrian doctor, just read on SPON:

"The government Luftwaffe tried from time to time to meet our hospital. I have now been here for two months and have not seen my family that lives on the other side of the front at this time. If the minions of the regime to find out that I work here, it has happened to my family. Therefore, you must not take pictures here, and no one will give you his real name. "

As far as I know, Syria has a fairly large, some very modern air force. True, it is ever more delicate, more often, not what you find on Wikipedia, this is the link but nevertheless stated:äfte

Not to make a hospital, why it creates the Syrian Air Force "from time to time" (or I can not read the words, by not tried it rare?)? What is easier to hit than a large, stationary target?

White reporters Kurt Pelda, from which it is, it reports more than 20 years of war zones, not? Drinking Assad "thugs" (which is the standard term for SPON and other MSM for the Syrian government soldiers) always two bottles of raki before they put in a MIG or a combat helicopter? Or build yourself as a good Muslim not only in the service of non-alcoholic drinks for the purpose of also always fires three grams best Lebanese red one?

The "war reporting" from Syria, as previously in the case of Libya, which, after it had been the richest country in Africa now largely destroyed, severely predominantly one-sided propaganda. This is just a small but bezeichnedes example.

But I still do not understand what you want out of Syria. (In Libya, it was pretty clear.) What it promises to be to plunge the country into chaos, deliver it to Islamist, Sunni extremists?

Yes, an ally of Iran fell. The but could do little to Iran anyway, when Israel and the U.S., the country as hundreds of times threatened attack. Why does Israel, Egypt has a far less stable bottom left, also an unpredictable Syria top right? Israel has or does not have much to say in this matter? Therefore Kissinger's prophecy: "In ten years, ther will be no more Israel." -?

Thus a - with respect - shit, just so that the Russians are losing their Syrian naval base, their only, in fact, on the Mediterranean?

Däs angered the Russians certainly very, but: Would that country, although still has big problems, but said it's better than ever since the October Revolution, therefore, to its knees?

Not what the media sheep is concerned, of course - - I wonder also, why no one makes this absolutely obvious questions.

With great effort, with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the United States, Britain, France (at least of the flap also manufactures Germany), who knows who else, a war of aggression is instigated, and apparently no one knows why, what .

With the evil Assad is (especially his "henchmen") you came a long very well (although Gaddafi was until shortly before his death, a great buddy of Sarkozy and Berlusconi) so that, since this had not changed its fundamental policy (at least that I know of), is completely implausible, how to, made almost overnight, the problem to be eliminated.

There is something else behind it. I do not know what. But I cherish, nor the misery and death in Syria addition, in this regard worst fears.

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6 Responses to "Syria: Why this war?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are probably two things that make Syria strategically interesting:

    A times the Russian naval base, the have to be eliminated from the U.S. perspective and

    Then the opportunity to build one or more pipelines through the country and to control

    And now a new addition, one can not afford to take away the stranglehold and be reinstalling Assad, who would rather work with the devil than with a western nation, the whole thing has already developed its own momentum.

    Why the Turks join because I do not understand, it is not unlikely that in the general hullabaloo a Kurdish state emerges on Syrian soil formerly on the border with Turkey and the Turks have the mess. This state will naturally be led by the PKK orthodox communist-Stalinist, not in the sense of the West against Assad was harmless.

    On the other hand, one can al-Qaida fighters from Mali to be burned hinschicken of course, also a method of disposal.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymous

    Your explanation still not enough for me. And why Turkey - with respect - burn your own ass, I understand as little as why Israel should have a chaos state in its north wanted.

  3. Dude says:

    The Israel question I can answer you ...


  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Your explanation that you link to me is not enough.
    It involved much more misleading than mislead Israelis.

  5. Dude says:

    clear ...

    The declaration is also based only on Israle ...

    helps to have the whole context to erknnen behind

  6. Anonymous says:

    There is another explanation, the American defense industry wants to produce more waste and seeks opportunities for already-produced weapons.

    Thus, the respective Präsidet is always crowded anywhere in the world "play with fire" too. Syria is there an ideal place, a time not abzusehender conflict in which one can pump pure quantities of arms and ammunition without themselves to get their hands dirty. It remains the case, business is business. Like this, many Syrians it all does not matter!

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