From the computer hatred

Readers Armin has been restored to its side an article (the predecessor I want, as announced at him, even adequately acknowledge) that contains remarkable, which I now first quote a longer passage:

"No, actually I'm not a fan of computers, not a fan of mobile phones, simply not a fan of digital farts.

No, even worse, I hate them.

That, even worse, since my buns profession has from time to time to deal with them, because I know them intimately since intimately long translucent years, explore, need, use, purchase, dispose of, so to me empathize even in mine, a remarkably effective against intuition have developed them, often almost prophetically knows where it hurts them when they give up their mind, meant to them to be able to talk.

But, I hate them. Where there is hatred here No offense, but rather desperate. Because I hate my dependence on them, the social new standards, they conjure up the global dependence of the masses within the meaning of work, entertainment and communication in the sense of lost friends, the Facebook friends hot and possibly even true were or now would be can.

I hate the domination of the computer. Computer dominate the economy, screens dominate the life to which our eyes are all square ... " /

... In terms of lost friends, the Facebook friends hot and possibly times were real now or might have been. (!!!)

Yes, I wrote what you are reading, even on a computer keyboard, a computer, the computer world network spread it. I use the device and to let me know, and sometimes I look at it even a video (TV, I have been around for over seven years, not more).

Time and again, when my kids too much dilly-dallying on the computer, I try in this context, to call to their senses, they accuse me, but that I also spend hours sitting at the computer.

This, of course, seen purely from the fact, correct.

But essentially my computer is just a modern typewriter. Yes, an electronic newspaper and an electronic library and an electric mailbox Briefaufgebekasten.

Previously, I had just surrounded by more books, inkstand next thing I want to write to say thought to paper by a spring.

I have, except that it arranged by the publisher ago, nothing with Facebook to care, never written a text (or at least once - then I do not remember it), not even "tweeted" (as I'm sure ), only visit a "chat" an outstanding journalist, I also feel as a friend, from time to time, both for fun, and to practice the art of writing repartee. Also playing on the computer is stranger to me even as Upper Volta (uh, yeah, it is now called Burkina Faso), since (ni un pimiento) I do not care a damn.

In short: My computer is for me to well over 90% pure implement, not more than a cooking pot, wooden spoon, salt shaker.

I also very rarely have problems with my computer, because I (almost) deal only with him sensible. Over the years I have learned how should I proceed if the part has quirks times, just keep your nerves if that occurs, so that without professional help, but ultimately does what I want. I therefore have no reason to hate my computer. (Except maybe because of the shitty Ebriefe.)

Nevertheless, I understand exactly what Armin says.

Rather than sit with people to talk, Crouching billion, irrelevant absorbing and secreting, in front of the machine (a mobile phone I have only in actual emergencies there) go gaga on her pain-speaking people, especially the young women invite you five hundred of fifty million apps downloaded , their environment hardly perceiving.

DC biorobots, in fact.

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2 Responses to "From the computer hatred"

  1. Dude says:


    First you prefer you very much for the masterpiece! Since it was late yesterday cursed, as it read, I could not remember the first with a succinct Hetzantwort there, which is why I commented on anything ...


    Thanks to you too!

    You speak of many things I would have said as well, although slightly different, and on top of that supplement.

    Essentially, it runs exactly it out:

    "In short, my computer is for me to well over 90% pure implement, not more than a cooking pot, wooden spoon, salt shaker."

    Minimum 90%! Rather 99%.

    "Nevertheless, I understand exactly what Armin says."

    Ditto! He's absolutely right, because this dependence on technology is - thought through - fatal!
    In addition I have previously just - inspired by a very good guest comment - even published a short article.

    "Right biorobots, in fact."

    Precisely !!

    And another very good reason to hate all these new Technomödeli the following ... &

    The Flimmerkästen, WLANs and mobile networks (cancerous type spreading over the world, rampant) can greet ...


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