Of the childless bullies

For once, I imagine, as important to me the thing that this part a commentary on " by the state as a unifying regulative Dudes "on page reader here again a:

"It passes in fact, no way around that every individual fights on site, as well as he can.
However, the - as I single father to be, does not make it easier - in the context of public school systems, a very tricky thing, because it brings in a jiffy their own children into trouble, then it were not to blame that they, wofern not soon the youth welfare office is around the corner, yet all the more takes in a headlock. So are usually childless, the to know exactly what they were doing because they do not have to.
Some of them laugh a downright still out on that one was stupid enough blame to devour this system, children, even go so far that you have thus sinned against his Nachwuchse. So far, some of those heroes who bask in wearing no responsibility for, except for himself. With that I will no longer respond so mild as before.
Anonymous tolerances around the web, make other receivables due from consistent resistance, plump, fat, ignorant, cowardly. "Jockele go 'you ahead!" (I believe you, dude, not a representative of that.)
Nameless bullies. Still their foresight and intelligence brüstend that they are not made vulnerable about children. I have to restrain myself not to engage in the bottom drawer of my Schimpfwörterprachschatzes.
Just a single person would have to have the courage to attack, with the lowered visor. Of this I see but not much.
Bräsig, better off sitting around and modest knowingly. Having more time, much less risk as possible, looking down upon others. "


Who wants to start a harsh verbal quarrel with me is anhiero cordially invited. Commentators below deck name an answer from me are obtained, however, at best. I will then their posts as long as they remain in the adjacent frame here, still unlock, but nothing more to say. In this Strange, should one arise, it is now time discrimination clearly and consistently positive. Full anti-social.

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5 Responses to "From the childless bullies"

  1. Armin says:

    "Some of them laugh a downright still out on that one was stupid enough blame to devour this system, children, even go so far that you have thus sinned against his Nachwuchse."
    Dear Magnus,
    To me in tears. I know the situations you describe the dangers to which they expose themselves with child (ren) as critical thinking, politically published; man. The foregoing that there are quite well enough on offer in cynicism with such utterances. The dispute between compatible family man, father alone, man, I've just had quite critical citizens repeatedly confused - and thus not to be underestimated difficulties.

    Childless bullies - I now and then comments that go below the belt and, moreover, are surprisingly insubstantial read. Whether all of childless, I can not judge, but it is definitely mediocre. And also groundless hurtful, I think. Your criticism is sometimes quite vehemently, but still wrote my feeling with respect, ultimately intended to be a thorough personal opinion.

    "Consistent resistance": If I only ever hear that, I pester me. First, it's about what everyone does what he can, depending on the situation. It is also not all that damn black and white that you always know what to consistently resist and how and against whom. Second, the one the freedom to a certain way of life, the other not. I have to slave away for example, where I do not really want to pay where it really does not fit me as being locked in my cage where it hurts. Does this mean that now that I am a system asshole? Are things so easy?

    I am glad for people who think, not parrot. People who express themselves, not superficial and striking, but the long term, complex and profound. People to whom it is not just about the exterior, the dazzling monotony of endless consumption, the beauty of Interchangeable, the assigned paths of simple thinking positions. But the interior, the questions of freedom, self-determination, the future without pre-plugged "System" - only very question, what exactly is that "humanity", the basic questions given.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    Now I have to start right with one exception; I'll tell you - answer, of course, where appropriate, again, because I know you and your situation - even without full real name.

    It has been my children, often pretty bad shot in the last over seven years since I stood overnight as a widower by the wolf, but not what I want to discuss in detail here.

    Yes, my criticism of those who do one like me, in spite of his children and his position publicly verwagt not least, this shit yet sassy, ​​precocious, besserwisserisch, arrogant, spiteful laughing on the head vehemently.

    I do not remember how many times I - I usually secretly cried - not because of the cowardly machinations of such people.

    If I were wise according to the usual standards, so I wrote this of course does not go there.

    First, however, it no longer interests me particularly, who keeps me on account of such confession for weak to take care of easily. Secondly, I'm not ashamed. And thirdly may recognize other, that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Yes, sometimes snot and water.

    Like me, who have the luxury treat yourself to despise me for it. Who but people like you or me or other public will stamp in a similar situation as incompetent, effeminate weaklings because they always a laughing James Bond (which may indeed only shoot well and massacre, on behalf of those murderous Majesty, nothing else) not: the Eckensteher I shine unto his Heuchelloch, in his black bilious, loathsome toad slime puddle.

    I'm sick and tired of this kind of purchase. They can get to know me. Namely, I can also something else than just whine.

    In the Swabian one says: "The kommd mer degree gschliffa!"

    This kind of people, are also examples so that everyone knows where Barthel brings the must verbally cleaned from the plate.

    It is my further care if one takes out the stupid trick, I was so bitter. Full of aggression, the whole damn psycho shit. Yes, I can only say, no, I'm not bitter, but I suggest now back! Sneak! Shut up! Or it is something!

    Their daring, especially when left to their own, just enough times from before the Frankfurter Kreuz to pre Frankfurter Kreuz. It dares possibly in large rotting over a pounce just lying on the ground.

    Such hypocrites who not infrequently also raised esoteric gloss over - these are almost always men, or what is so accustomed to hot - heard unmistakable, toughest, clearest word done.

  3. Dude says:

    "It does indeed no way around it that every individual fights on site, as well as he can."

    Exciting! That's what I - with my latest publication, also once again underlined twice without knowing this article at the time - in other forms.

    Always these Scheisssynchronizitäten - you just have to love! :-)


    In my perception Armin has addressed here in a masterly manner, something very deep and emientes, and there obviously are you here for a detailed aspect thereof, this comment from him would be worth a guest post, or actually?

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    If Armin wants to hire his above comment as a guest contribution (some revision would be necessary, for example, took care not into "Dear Magnus"; two or three small oversights would take out, and the supply should be shown comprehensible new to readers, but what all not much effort ): with pleasure.

  5. Armin says:

    Instead commentary (Thanks for the flowers;-) Here is a link to my 1st right article on conspirare:
    "I, I know, I fancy, that I know not to know, know that I know nothing"
    Best regards

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