Career move: Headmaster in German-Südschwitz!

Throughout German-Südschwitz, especially the pensioners Olli is facilitated. The menacing-Fremdenlegionärsbesäufnis soldiers in the capital Freiberg was averted.

I managed to actually using some Ebriefe German-North Doof (ie London and the Old Reich) to prevent the looming disaster. The bash was canceled discreetly under any pretext.

Olli has shown me over very generous: one year free beer in all its pubs (he has now also emerging Zweitort of DSS, in Aachen City, about 100 kilometers west of Freiberg, put up a sand-engined pub after he witness could not, as since two modest pickling opened,) rather incongruous.

In the "blond gazelle" it goes, especially on weekends, her truly high. Virtually no retirees (only the rüstigsten) otherwise murdering moderately thirsty Hintlinge from the bush, adventurer, flotsam from North Misc, I as a journalist so far only.

The place has still a bit tentative, with special mud buildings (with air cooling, optimized Badgiren) found, however, already spot where it cool for DSS conditions almost, to the north to get erected an the Sahara wind resistant bush Wall, the best fountain of all West-German Südschwitz located there.

Once a month, the Hintlinge take on the Freedom Square to the Thing (they call it really!) To all things pertaining to the area to discuss, to decide on community projects, to resolve disputes. Quite a few come with the camel, because fuel is expensive in West-German Südschwitz.

Even a small local market has been formed, where venison, fruit and vegetables, all kinds of products of the region, offered for sale. The dependence of the capital, and thus indirectly of North Cool, so it was decided at the last year-Thing, to be systematically reduced. Building materials, tools, etc. will be accepted instead of beer or Euronen always valid at any time. So the clever small business go straight Needed in Freiberg with the transporter after Buschhausen, melons, tomatoes, etc. back to the capital.

Olli wants to invest further. He said suddenly, a few weeks ago to me, "Magnus, waiting and see. In two years Buschhausen is half the size of Freiberg. "

"You really think so?", I asked. "What did you do so all before?"

"The first step is forth a decent grocery store, where you can get everything you need in the bush. Pruning of the stove until the camel shit. It has also established a private school where the Hintling can pay in kind. Make more and more children. Which will not only learn bush, but also decent German and math So you, if you will, as a routine job. "

"I want ..."

"Yes! Who else? We must stand the school, before the OK or even Blödel come out in North Doof, an undo. "

"As you may be right. When Hintlinge behind the school, they will not be easily instruct the OK or Berlin to put their children into a Altreichverblödungspenne. "

"Exactly. Faster is all. Are you doing it? "

I requested a day to think. Not that I did not trust Olli in business matters. From Monday to Friday, but to teach the Rabatze the Hintlinge, also for a long time, at least until the school is to move to Buschhausen that had yet to be considered at rest.

However, I was already some time now no longer head, and it was clear to me that Olli will let in all educational matters completely free hand, provide for my livelihood, even if the school is not financially equal wore. So I agreed.

The school is already under construction. Moving ahead speedily. For Olli has awarded a generous settlement rate Hintlinge to all who help. In a few weeks, the construction should be raw. The first few students have already registered, I teach on a transitional basis in the blonde gazelle whose morning serving temporarily suspended. (Olli said that this measure will encourage the progress of the works also. Exactly. Olli is a true judge of character.)

The teaching is great fun. At last I can teach what I want, how I want. I am almost every day in any Hintlingsfamilie invited to dinner. The bush kitchen is often very considerable.

Olli Tausi me pay a month, I get free beer at him as long as I work there, free accommodation, dinner invitations, kind, which are given to me, I may sell or keep. And if I want to Freiberg, to reach back as any time a dealer or Hintling who takes me for free. Both day and night time I was feeling really bad already.

When I recently Olli against some concerns were raised again, North Goofy will not tolerate the long term so he wiped it aside quickly.

"Great, we'll get it under control. As long as the Hintlinge behind you, can not happen. Wait and see. Irgenwann pays North Doof yourself a senior teacher or something, and you can continue as before. "

I think this is true for a bit optimistic, but I trust in Ollis farsighted business sense. Finally, no one wants to ban local DSS have with him. One can hardly afford socially.

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3 Responses to "career move: Headmaster in German-Südschwitz!"

  1. Dude says:

    The Olli apparently developed power airs ... Attention! ;-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I said Olli already said that he should not overdo it. So far he has worked here in DSS as a whole only beneficial.
    I have never seen or heard that he had harassed by improper means his competition. He pays attention only to the fact that officials from the North and the Hardy Hard Holtz with his garrison to bring things here not citizen illegally in disarray.
    But you are all right with the fact that I would take him even a little.
    It was in North Goofy on it already in a larger media sheep a report that a former beer smugglers have obtained in DSS undue influence.
    I will soon have a word alone with him in private.

  3. Dude says:

    A healthy dose of mindfulness can harm (eeigentlich in any case ;-)) in such a case before. :-)

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