Freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default

It has, by the taught us in school with freedom of expression, made a serious mistake.

Many students namely, even the lernfaulsten who likes to hear, this principle found objectionable in any way.

Later, the Helleren but had to find among them, that what they learned at school as most well-liked, even then it was a lie.

How much more today because there are not only language and speech bans at dizzying speed, but also their de facto commandments.

Idle to run examples here, because every free spirit knows enough of it.

The phenomenon concerns but certainly not only us, the UN enemy state.

In countries such as the USA, Great Britain, France or Switzerland has limited the freedom of expression over all sorts of tricks.

In those countries where no eternal wakes inherited guilt over the people, you had to act a little more subtle. But the result is the same.

Namely, that a decent person just so many things, and they were still so entitled zuwenigst worth considering (usually fell even more obvious mischief under the freedom of expression), has simply not comment.

No, it is not in contravention because everything and everyone in front of the judge to jail or even slaps; you will only socially stigmatized, loses his job, his custody for the next generation might also.

This is by no means always played open.

To this end now but one example: Indicates a fact with which gigantic bombing of civilians, the US North Korea occupied in the context of the currently playing once explosive situation in Korea during the war, the fact is not noticed, the one who applied, only hastily maneuvered into the camp of the America-haters, also in that of the apologists of the insane, Stalinist North Korean leadership. So ventures in the sheep media also no criticism of the approach South Korea and the United States. Similarly for years with Iran, Gaddafi, Assad.

Yes, of course one must these adverse opinion, which is actually not even an opinion, but only bring to the game is indeed a fact voice. Must then but Fritz Huber of Tagesverzeiger equal to clear his desk. Well, for the sake of discretion perhaps only half a year later.

Clearly, Fritz Huber will never get a job at a decent newspaper. His fate was sealed as a journalist. He may like to keep his freedom. His wife looks for another who is not a complainer so senseless and person, as he takes the children with. He may of course still pay if it should be somewhere again earn something. This home has it anyway.

Oh yes, we have guaranteed freedom of expression. So rock solid guarantee that it grenades excessive guaranteed not work anymore.

And in the age of Google & Cie freedom has almost reached staggering proportions. If you have especially once said publicly unwanted, the potential employer finds out even before someone tells him who he would have been better not to set or as soon as possible should get rid of.

Also, a prosecutor or judge does not have much more trouble to find out what kind he has since before the shotgun. This facilitates the business, saving time and resources for the pursuit of still more justice.

Thus, bombing, because freedom of expression also eager to other countries in where this is suppressed. In any case, when a simple roll-over is not enough and the country can not defend itself.

Yes: it is guaranteed grenades moderately, this freedom of expression.

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One Response to "freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default"

  1. Anonymous says:

    For this purpose I write something totally unseemly about North Korea / Iran etc.

    Suppose that can build an atomic bomb, what need is there for a reduction, until you can shoot on the missiles? It could be the items inclusive of the fissile material so secretly bring in the United States and in a basement (perhaps in / under the embassy) in New York assemble the bomb. Then someone puts a timer and brings herself to safety and an hour later ... boom ... New York is no longer there. What speaks against it that can happen? NOTHING! Very generous the above countries could then offer a truce, no one knows which cities else they "blow away" could.

    Eventually, it will be so far, however, the attack on the WTC was a small, insignificant incident on the edge. Then the stupidest Americans must realize that military strength back or forth time of gunboat diplomacy is over and the peoples of the earth will somehow have to arrange for all religious and cultural boundaries.

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