Constantine and the Munich Dude

As we made ​​previous message know, Konstantin last stayed in Munich. Well, what allda after the dude invited him into his agency, happened.

After Constantine is left with his call the offered time, he thus sat in the Lord Bruno Grieshaber office, and knew of course that, as a modern, underlines cosmopolitan Munich, about his rather less trendy names, as head of a PR agency not just done.

The conversation hub by Grieshaber the weights of the matter appropriately casual leaned back on.

"Well, Mr. Eulenspiegel, we do not want long beat around the bush. I have of course made me a little worried how someone like you, who brings no professional experience in the industry, but quite a bit of worldliness, his skills could bring in line with the corporate objectives of Grieshaber Consulting & Communication Services. "

Dramatic pause.

"The company Trimens, you probably also a term that wants a little extraordinary service of our company."

Dramatic pause. Constantine realized that he must say something now.

"The would be, if I may ask?"

"According to the annual shareholders' meeting, the next week, maintains the higher management of Trimens with some bankers, accountants and so on to celebrate boozy in an exclusive setting. One wishes this year, to loosen up, so to speak, an entertainer, who is also on rustic jokes, it is able to carry forward this but with so much etiquette and tact, that the ladies present can laugh with him freed. Not an easy job then. "

Constantine saw at once that something was rotten, came to surprise Grieshaber a little, straight to the point: "May I refer to that shareholders this year not only cause for satisfaction have to be?"

Grieshaber wobbled slightly merkwürdsam his head and replied, very quietly, almost reverently: "You got it covered. The beatings there are quite a day have moved. The task is thus quite a bit tricky. "

"Well, Mr. Grieshaber, I see no problem. Order to jokundifizieren calamities, which is one of my specialties. "(Constantine saw immediately that his opponent had only understood it according to its meaning, but to let on anything tried. Would he now natural to the point, so it would be safe. So he grabbed immediately.)

"The problem, it would be at best for you, if you could not pay me adequately. Good job, good job. "

Grieshaber was something stupefakt. Such a targeted approach he would have never expected that half a bum, because he picked up the Italians. It encouraged him to have made the right choice.

"What you have presented because, Mr. Eulenspiegel?" He tried as casually as possible to enable.

"Fifteen thousand would, I think, the weights of the job adequately," said Constantine, after a short pause, set the brow slightly furrowed.

"FIFTEEN THOUSAND! ? - "I blurted out Grieshaber; He picked up the glass of water, took a sip.

"Yes, what did you think?", Continued to Constantinople, when it was clear that the other had taken again.

"Five thousand, and no more euro cents!" Barked Grieshaber.

Constantine realized that there still drinwar air, Grieshaber definitely had no other, which he trusted the thing to solve satisfactorily.

"Very well," he said slowly, "I have my good day today. Because you have it: ten on my account, but then advance, cash. This is my last word. "(Konstantin dislike unnecessary anglicisms, but thought that cash was sitting here better than cash.)

Grieshaber snorted, suddenly looked almost ten years older.

"Well, you ... So good."

Konstantin so had the job, but finally took a check, won at Hypo, which still had enough money, his ten thousand Euros and gave the bums of the city, where he met her, first one out.

Four days later date. Constantine had deliberately not eaten for two days and only moderately drunk to make a reasonable hunger and thirst already a professional impression by having approached the buffet, champagne and cognac.

At about ten, so after two hours, his knapsack stretched mightily, and he had a reasonable amidships in the boat, it was my turn.

"Dear Tridemensierinnen and Tridemensier!

In bouquets and coquette, Preppy and Cute, follow Lazy and fat, pimply abwicklige Trina on track cars. C'est la vie! "

The public first knew not whether it should laugh. For the fall of Constantinople had but precautions. A waiter and a waitress precaution tipped, as they hardly ever seen it. So who laughed - she first began to giggle - suddenly splash out, and, behold, the mass followed, thigh slapping, clapping. Even the ladies present finally thought to have mitgackern.

"Thank you for the applause introductory Schwanke, ohn Situated Hanke

Sitting here yet, sweat in this hole, little nimble, Lehnig, to cap the ends boards

Women light, who took those shallows, you can see it, do not flee 'one of', which also came "

Two or three of them laughed, otherwise darkened some air.

"To anhiero, bubbly instead Biero, instead of blood, feist and tired, sweat and diligence to drink halbert all those who never even a Garnel 'of that long tables, not one of the fish can be bought."

The face of the CEO reddened. "Who is that guy?" He asked mistake, because it was quiet, almost audible in the hall for all its neighbors.

"Oh, the Lord himself talk and act ity to get riled up?

He is about to verwage name issue?

The man can be helped.

No, I Schiller hot 'not know why, do not know.

No, I am called Constantinople, the Eulenspiegel, sometimes Aufwiegel, the hail on Gagel, the chisels, scrapes and digs, where it vain, the Tempest, where worms are, the Hopfer and Pluggers, where greedy Schlünder instead of honest mouths.

One calleth me, knows me well ... "

The CEO roared: "SECURITY !!! OUT WITH THE GUY !!! "

Constantine was silent and smiled, drained by two discrete gentlemen approached him, still calmly his glass, thanked the Publiko with a wave of his kind attention, stretched both hands out, but not was taken, which he acknowledged with a shake of the head by itself, was whistling a tune escort from the hall.

Constantine said that he would get to Munich probably not only from that Grieshaber so soon again a PR job - at least not under real names - that the thing but worth the bottom line.

And he trusted me, even at - he had at all costs even good seven thousand of those Euros - that he wanted to go up to jetzo Hamburg; not only because you are in Munich constantly eager to feel important even than the hamburger, but also because it is now come to my attention that you laugh everywhere in Hamburg already on the Munich Seppel, ie, as once the Augsburg on the Nuremberg after his brother Till had been in the free Franken city whose city constable, chasing him to the gallows, like in the Pegnitz.

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