From those and of these bloggers

Literary seen a zero, as essayist just mediocre, sloppy craftsmanship as the sow, but hits like Bolle: have you already noticed that I just do not talk to me.

But by a United Blogger. (I do not mean the Augstein Junior.)

He is not stupid; he is quite knowledgeable; he is prudent; he knows what he is guilty of the Abrahamites tribute.

I know one other (which I'm not), which makes incomparably better, braver, no day pass in which he does not put his finger in the wounds for years, consistently, with probably not one-tenth of the other readers.

The latter blogger remains (in contrast to me) always at its core topics, as well as the former; it is crafted very carefully, in contrast to that; he writes well understood as that also, if one reads the sloppiness in his lyrics: Why, then, has the one, apart from the fact that he has a better-positioned platform, considering the, the much sharper, clearer, more pointedly, writes better, so much more successful?

It's simple: He ingratiate itself and gives the alternate mob (he is very alternative), which will have the. A bit of Grandeur, to minde grammar and sufficiently Orthographie- and punctuation errors, so that the recognizes himself in it. Meanwhile, I think this is even a well-calculated ploy. Probably he could namely with little effort at least something better. He could, in contradistinction to that other, also easy for each short text afford the tens for a cheap lecturers, the thickest dogs out pinched him at least. But that he does not want comfortable. On the plebs stay faithful to him. Or why?

So I do not trust the meter across. That may be irrelevant for him. Yet. (I heard of him he was a nice guy. The others I know, and I know so far you can only know that he is real.)

Why write one every day - with real names! - Into the net, but when it zuwenigst in the form obviously care less what he reinverzapft there?

The is not dyslexic. So I know my way. It is best if a Wursteniker. But none of the variety, it does not matter whether it is on the main school only four in German. I know also.

I heard of the "conspiracy theory" that the man was a Freemason. Miracles did not do me. He is indeed, as I said, not exactly a Goethe, but he is, after all, very tolerant. Muslims crystal clear to anyone who looks for a moment exactly want to take over the shop here, he is like to a sympathetic, insightful interview. (It is not that the Swiss, the "Freeman" is located.)

It may be that only he is a bit stupid and so like the people because they recognize it. It speaks too much objection.

I will not mention his name at the close out. I have no clear evidence of a deliberate malicious action on his part. However, anyone who thinks him therefrom, to be able to identify, I will, however, have a purely descriptive well supplied no bad evidence.

I am concerned here not about this one person; it is only an example; an example of how to work in the network, such as the perception and the weights often, if not usually spread.

Sun; I read my text again now; and so still errors in it, so I will keep it, as I think they sometime later himself.

So I want.

(Very likely that I will.)


I just got myself an interview with the Lord belongs the web, in the ten minutes he almost flawless some very Thoughtful said in (presumably) free speech. (Strange, is not it?) However, with the end that he will return long been prepared to back due to the development of the EU, Germany and finally to do so conditions overseas intend at all costs. He has money for this mass. Also yonder already a lot. Only no immigration bill. Pro Patria?

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