Constantine but already in Munich

Vienna Constantine was too boring.

Too light was yonder each Councilor, Master, Doctorate, Minister: But too little stimulus, the city had donated this respect it.

Although it appealed to the nearby Bratislava, Budapest also do; he had good moored his lighter; flussab is not heavy, he had said to himself; However, as much as he's happy times can prosper, so much it itches him yet again, to knock on the thickest beer bellies.

Since there are now no more Treidelpferde, the Light of Constantine the Danube and finally the Isar had hinangezogen, the Up Paddling not always his, he donated the stupid Vienna travel allowance genung, he traveled comfortably by train.

Where had he now expected masse cozy, bierbäuchichte, to be found complacent altmünchener ox Seppl and Gschaftlhuber, but well a very different picture emerged: Almost the entire city schwurr and buzzed by young, slim, well-dressed sutlers and their equally pretty auxiliary maids; no corner, passed on to the in-important sales calls, not the Italiäners coffee and grape marc, no crowds preppy usufructuary people were sitting work.

"Yes," he said to himself, "in this city, there are also good people. But basically, this city is a whorehouse. Worse, even as Berlin. "

So he decided to figure out the most pompous dudes that play a prank.

In the near Marienplatz he found him in a corresponding "bar". He is 34 and has a public relations agency.

After some banter by Constantine the "professional" (the word carries the Lord always in my mouth) through some twists and voltes drawn attention to himself, said that he "creative people" could ever need, Constantine was patronizingly his card: he could report even once.

During which he would already have report, Constantine said to me; but he would think speak remember how he'll get this shysters fairly decent public, also because of him, on that Munich all realized who been there. He just found in a sweet Viktualienmarketendermägdelein accommodation and all kinds of etching, so that it is not immediately rush him with his pertinent Plan.

Also, he says, whether it be wiser Otherwise, such a not too fast, too hastily address to fool him thoroughly.

I hope to hear soon from Constantine.

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