Do we get any small colony? German-Südschwitz?

Since we are now, to Afghanistan in Mali to support a so clear colonial war, I wonder if we should not at least entitled to a small colony in Africa again. After all, times 30 000 square kilometers, mainly thorn bush savannah, like no uranium mine.

Since the German could be proud of its called-up by the Federal President European patriotism but again, if he has as a private social development field.

Once all the locals and those who presented themselves as such, furnished in Germany with Hartz 4 and various zusätzlchen integration assistance, the area is repopulated.

It now has in a place where the heater will not cost anything, an area that is suitable for splendid summer camp for young people mindervergesellschaftete; the heat makes already so tired that it certainly does not need more beer.

As the area - it has to go clean, democratic - is free bereisbar, otherwise so deserted, of course, come all sorts of adventurers, madmen and Wheeler the windiest variety.

First, the popularly called the area jokingly "German-Südsahara"; but eventually took root, obviously inspired by "German South-West", "German-Südschwitz" one.

In German-Südschwitz the Konterbanditentum is naturally attracted to the big problem. For the beer smugglers make big business.

Because you wanted that "the German special development area in North Africa", as one official benamt, no dropout and drinkers paradise will and has therefore not set by the local price of beer for the small can or bottle to under five euros.

Clear that the thirsty German Halbexpats not accept that and look where it the beer (some are already on millet beer, because of the price, but there are few) to have more favorable.

It should already be a brewery, and the operator relies stubborn to West German laws. (Rumor has it, of course, that the nomenklatura was glad when she gets his fresh beer for free.)

Meanwhile, an estimated 80 000 people living in German-Südschwitz. And, you did not know to avoid the main places of the name Freiberg (he is in fact on a hill), there is now also a Hartz office. Some simply hire a couple of weeks with her pal, or one, which is just right when him guilty of a favor, then go to Hartz office and declare: "No Coal"

From there the Hartz Office must get a hard on Zigen job, or pay a flight home pay of a job, with flat, or, or at least tolerate and ask no closer after living in the Bierschmuggelei.

The coolest thing is definitely the Retiree Olli. The Retiree Olli in pensioners, entertainment and beer. This is the best business in German-Südschwitz.

He says, and I can confirm from my own experience out that virtually no retirees who voluntarily, no matter who paid for it, whether cash or Katz, come to him in German-Südschwitz, not very hard drinking at least for his age, and whether the climate was very thirsty always.

"I tell you, those here tastes the beer that you do not believe. And, look at's you, it has spread the fun, the sprightly white wine women break more numerous in the booth! "

Sure, that Olli has the most reliable and cheapest sources and therefore in its real hot shop in Freiberg with music and song does not have to offer any more expensive than in German-Südschwitz.

Olli has reared his shop wisely. He has his "farm", a few kilometers from Freiberg, and he has in Freiberg be local, where it can crack the toughest of the ancients. This has, as he has drawn it, more and more stemmwichtigen of the younger characters, of which there now really is no shortage in German-Südschwitz brought to frequently bawling fraternization with the elderly, because it soon became apparent that not only both sides of the beer like zuspräche, but also that the young of the species age, the hilarious here, could still learn some things.

Finally, the young women of the upper class of Freiberg came in Ollis store. Him now to close his shop, that would be an arrant nationwide Republican Subsstaatsskandal.

There are in German-Südschwitz but also the so-called Hintlinge. No one knows who she first called so.

These are a few hundred - some say 2000 - in the bush abgeseilte German descent, which looks a little times.

However, it is not unusual that suddenly a background Ling in Freiberg show up, or, you can see it, can show up to take one or two trucks material of all kinds. The trailing blanks are therefore not only all runners in the barren woods.

Clear that where now shrouded the world far away, all the legends surrounding some background pieces.

From a background Ling told the beers, the burn from the fruit of a shrub a liquor that is so invigorating that only he could drink more than two glasses of it, without having zerplatze it.

These are of course the pure jokes. Although, some booze ...

No, it is rumored by Hintlingen who entertained secret labs, underground. Since it obviously does not go to beer and liquor or other drugs, but, perhaps, to something completely different, the authorities seriously an eyesore.

One said to me: "You know, Magnus, at the dance, to make it, make the not just for fun!"

In Freiberg's bubbling rumor mill. So far, the small Bundeswehr contingent has not intervened in the civil administration, the Hartz Office is unbesatzt, pickpockets will not get far, the social fabric is quite fine.

Bottom line, looks like a German-Südschwitz twenty degrees hotter, hessen large recreational area and fools of.

"In some ways it is to live now in German-Südschwitz better than in German-North Doof." (Told me a staunch German-Südschwitzer. He calls himself a "German-südschwitzer Patriots".)

Yeah, because Berlin has once again done something.

In real south it is now called: "German-North Goofy".

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