With protection recommended not yet of legal age people living together, full age MenschIn

I have just learned that, according to Poverty Conference "single parent" to be antisocial, discriminatory word.

Since I was of course immediately asked why I, as one, to which the word applies, uses it himself and which is used by him and about him, which had never noticed how I constantly treat me as anti-social and discriminatory allowed and even still, I, bargain unsozialisierte ass himself, and discriminated.

RIOT !!!

I will every now threaten with legal action if he scolds me a single parent, and indeed as though I were a Negro, who commanded a negro! (In America, the negroes call, if I may trust the films, among themselves rather "nigger".)

How could I only years can be "single parent" rant? I am also occur, in my oppressed slave mentality still itself into unsocial to have come out of me?

Why I do not have any small village schoolmaster clearly made equal, he should not only insolence as to think that he had only to do it with a single parent? He need only once imagine that they may believe what he will see his error at least based on a strongly worded letter capping my lawyer.

Yes, no one would ever become rude to me in the last few years, it would have even dared to refuse me anything, I would not have let me consistently hot single parents.

Anyway, the slipped out the taboo word, sued for 10,000 euros for pain and suffering, public apology, etc., so that he voluntarily compares to three to five Mille, behind meek; threatened at office with Diszis and instigated them to the head of the Stuttgart Argentina personally opens the door and served in his office fresh coffee, pastries and cognac.

Man I was stupid.

(A good report for language madness of Poverty Conference, together with a most readable, some delicious Strange comment, please refer to faz.net .)

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3 Responses to "With protection recommended cohabiting not yet of legal age people, full age MenschIn"

  1. Dude says:

    Oh, "the" already have but hardly a single spike on the crown, because it has already all been cut down ...

    Since you can only laugh, because otherwise threatened global flooding ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well, you start with the self in children's books, world literature are extinguished Negroes, further comes the gender talk, and I may in the end I did not even mention a single parent, without spending might lose the support or my job because of inappropriate, discriminatory language, insults, poisoning the working atmosphere (the personnel manager himself is a single parent, wants the word but do not hear).

    This madness is not just always umfässlicher and penetrating, it is also quite clear from the very powerful people wanted; not only by those Krucherdlingen facing but many knuckle soon, who then proclaim on the front the bad in March as good news.

    I have to laugh. Meanwhile, there is a straight line of negro single parent to.

  3. Dude says:


    Yes, Lucky Luke and they have the cigarette for some time censored these wretched sliding circuit scumbags!

    But I do not let me dictate keinemeinem or prohibit what I say, and what. My maxim is Kant's categorical imperative and Resistance!

    And if so sometime rush me police state thugs on the neck, vigilante justice is hald hip, because I know my enshrined in the Swiss constitution and the ECHR exactly!

    Ps. The more people, the eggs have to act the same way, the less power have the psychos in the inner circles of the upper floors of the pyramid!

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