Konstantin but in Knokke?

Constantine seems to be actually hinuntgeleichtert conditions Austria. For isarauf right from the Danube to Munich, he would long since have noticed; there to leave even more than a few hours, in the current situation, would have him, probably introduced with some certainty no good; He is the Münchenern already come. Probably at Isar flood, but from the other side.

A little bit of what he has, after all told.

He thought, he says, Vienna for easy because you can see how he got repeatedly substantiated reports should only drink wine with the right people and be more eloquent.

Of both understand what he, and therefore was not afraid to him in Vienna.

He merely expressed the fear that they sense a paid accommodation, especially the coal mine, must drink with the corresponding Viennese wine so much for the purpose of his consulting business that thing with the stationary Ferris wheel to forget for now.

But where, he says, the first wine of good hinkreise, as could the Größtsonstmögliche and -denkbare also a convenient Momentchen wait.

Finally, he was still talkative. (I guess by now, he is, yes! -: Already in Vienna.)

He said because even the gelahrten people in Vienna would not know actually, that there is Berlin, certainly like where he've just seen in front of the necessary Kurzeremitage under the Swabian Alb, ibid, that there almost no more a Constantine sees good fun.

His speech will well received. There have even served again for good new boots and not a little strong Viennese food. It feels good gestärket.

I suspect, however, that Berlin Constantine and bustle of Vienna will not stand by idly long; and Konstantin will know that; so it will probably be no eternal wine in Vienna.

Whether he makes over to Italy, because the Italians there anyway can not divorce halfway German fools from another, are themselves already sheep fools, and zuwenigst not despise a priori the most traditional Tyrolean such newcomers?

Well. I would imagine that he. To Vienna, the whole veal and beef, Nowe yet to adopt a Aufflug in the same time feinstwürstigste and -schinkendste alswie edelkäsigste highlands, where the wine is not always protected and its also available genung

Immmerhin. I wish him recovery times. It may also be in Wallonia. As you can it can be powerful to be good. There, even the women eat nor voluntarily and tidy. Where you can rip it in Flanders already so, especially since a penchant for oblique owls has that he could devote his Regenereszenz there too.

I rather suspect he is in Knokke.

In Knokke you are in four languages.

Between Flemish, French, German and English are sometimes even quite playful and funs on top of that oscillates and einherparliert in the bakery.

One can, so it certainly was when I stayed there a few years ago, readily drink a portable prices good coffee, wonderful croissants, perhaps the best that ever picked up; but there is money in this small town, but it surges into unstoppable since I alswie hardly ever seen, at least not exactly what speaks against it, Constantine, polyglot, but still damp, could have taken his consulting work there.

I for one think it would be in Knokke already for accommodation and meals not bad for a while from trying to recover befitting.

Done the right people for their own best good of communication, tells of the world, for etching, new doublet, with some travel money the way, yes, that would Constantine Art Especially since you are, notweis, from there even on foot quickly on the. conditions can beat gene-Holland, disappear with the ferry over the Western Scheldt to Vlissingen and from there on. Then another light and air the North Sea ...

Levanto? Rijeka?

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