Otfried Preußler: You can just yet!

Otfried Preußler was perhaps the most important writer in the German tongue after the war.

In an era of unrestrained deconstruction he held up our language; wonderful, clear, and for our children.

The power of human love permeates his work.


The two orphans Punch and Seppel, which remained only the grandmother, defeat her persistent courage and skill nor the worst magician.

I do not want to cry, but I can not help it.


When my boys were very young, I told them often spontaneously fictitious stories of the adventures of the Knight brothers Ingwald and Thorsson (that's her middle name).

Unfortunately, I drew none of them on afterwards, was formerly no time to writing.

Oh, there was some terrible monster defeated cunning!

Some evil Count found his limits!

Some dustere sky was clear again!

Yes, even funny they rode from Augsburg conditions Verona, Milan and Mantua.

No more devil could safely hold up to mischief wherever a damsel in distress, even a child, where even a monster lived and the area devastated, he got to do it with two who scheueten no peril to the world back to the right to Set!

Even a recharger Emperor, who pressed his people was only to plunge again.

By ravines, robbers left and right through the darkest Tann both noble knight, not thirst nor hunger nor wound shock so much fearing that they ever released by doing good.

Yes, sometimes they were afraid too. For even invincible opponent seemed before. But their fear never beat them.

Their bravery was as feared as their wisdom.

Even their reputation so created the evil terror.

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