Woman victim, evil man, done.

The report linked below the SZ If you look at how Gustl Mollath was indented, as is again clear: It can any man see also tile man come mercilessly once accused him somehow a woman.

A clean evidence is not necessary. Why should they?

Evil man, woman victim, ready.



Nice euphemism for something. Especially when a Erzschakalenbank, CSU grandees possibly, Derdeibelwer yet, with drinstecken.

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10 Responses to "Woman victim, evil man, ready."

  1. suspect1 says:

    This will stir up some of what have been done since the mills.
    I get the degree of a dear loving wife and the next second I read about the women who destroy.

    How beautiful it is to read:

    If you want to change the world, love a man. Love him sincerely.
    Choose the one whose soul is calling your clear who sees you and is brave enough to be anxious.
    Receive his hand and lead him gently to your heart ... blood,
    that he can feel your heat on and find rest,
    that his heavy load can burn in your fire.
    Look into his eyes, looking deep into his heart and see what slumbers there or awake, shy or full of expectation.
    Look into his eyes and see there his fathers and grandfathers, all the wars and the madness that their spirits fought in a faraway land, at other times.
    Look at their pain and struggles and pain and guilt; without judgment.
    And then, let it all go.
    Feel into it, in the burden of his ancestors,
    And know what he is looking for is safe refuge in you.
    Let it melt in your firm look.
    And know that you do not need to reflect his anger,
    Because in your lap, your uterus, is a sweet, deep door, to heal the old wounds.

    If you want to change the world, love a man, really love him.
    Seats in front of him, in the full dignity of your womanhood, in the breath of your vulnerability,
    In the playfulness of your child's innocence, in the depth of your death.
    A blooming invitation, in gentle devotion, which opens for its virility.
    That he comes to you ... and you are swimming in the womb of the earth. In tacit knowledge, together.
    And when he retires ... and he is ... fleeing from fear, in his cave ...
    Then you collect your grandmothers around you, embrace of their wisdom.
    Listen to her soothing whisper, calm the heart of the scared girl in you
    Be still ... and wait patiently for his return.
    Seats and sing at his door, a song of remembrance that he finds peace and solace, one more time.
    If you want to change the world, love a man, love him completely.
    Not farts him his little boy.
    With guile and cunning, deception and fraud,
    Just to lure him into a network of destruction -
    To a place of chaos and hatred,
    Terrible than any war, or their brothers ever fought.
    There is nothing feminine mind, it's revenge.
    It is the poison of our troubled history,
    by ages of abuse, rape our world.
    It gives the woman no force, it mutilated while they cut his balls.
    And it kills us all.
    And if his mother could hold him, or it could not:
    Show you his real mother, now.
    Keep him and hold him in thy grace and depth,
    smoldering in the core of the earth.
    Do not punish him for his wounds that do not meet your requirements.
    Wines for him sweet rivers.
    Bleed it all home.

    If you want to change the world, love a man, love him defenseless.
    Love him enough to be naked and free.
    Love him enough to open your body and your soul, for the cycle of birth and death.
    And thank him for the opportunity,
    While you are dancing together, by raging winds and silent forests.
    Drink be brave enough to be fragile, let him the soft, intoxicating flowers of your being.
    Let you know him, that he may hold you up and protect you.
    Case in his arms and trust him that he catches you -
    Even if you were already dropped thousands of times.
    Teaching devotion by you surrender it yourself.
    And melt in the sweet nothingness, the heart of this world.

    If you want to change the world, love a man, love him.
    Encourage him, nurturing him, allow him to hear him, hold him, heal him.
    And you will be nurtured and supported and protected,
    With strong arms and clear thoughts and targeted arrows. Because he can, if you let him be all that you dream of you.

    If you want to love a man, love yourself, love your father,
    Love your brother, your son, your ex-partner, from the first boy you ever kissed,
    up to last about you cried.
    Thank them for the gifts; for healing
    towards the meeting
    The person who now stands before you.
    And find in it the seeds for everything that is new and solar. A seed that will help you nurture plants and can,
    To be jointly grow a new world.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    Powerful, beautiful, poignant lyrical prose!

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    To the thing itself Mollath: include here - if true what the SZ setting out - the judge in court. Not only that.

  4. suspect1 says:

    @ Magnus


    Yes, what a wonderful weapon, not cutting and killing, but words can be, you deal with that right to ...

    The Mollath they have moved here so that it is actually incredible and once again looks like a conspiracy.
    The State mills, from start to finish, all who pulled together and condemned, where COMPLIANCE judges. All lumped together and when it looks like in the cases before it, then ists here as well.

    I give because not even the first executive and Judicial Branch's fault, they knew it not because of their truncated narrow mind better. They adapt to the level of sick society set them and forget their divine origin. To live the hell is easier to construct than the sky.

    The next who pulled on the line, a halter for Mollath could abgewinnen the first time and nothing bad decisions anyway for nothing more.

    So we went reium as the whispers and each built on the mistakes of others apparently unfortunately.

    Strange that he kept his mind there and no output sought, the suicide. Then they can push you, if you are pure conscience.

    It has become all verkrankt and over-regulated slowly.

    I shame myself almost to the authorities in my country. For all the stupid Great talkers and determined. Blinded by power and money, they abuse their power.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    I have not studied in detail the Causa Mollath; it is - as far as I in the picture - everything that was happening but really crazy.

    Where you should be sure usually that only a large-scale conspiracy could thus accomplish something, were here though certainly not a few Arschgeigen and idiots go: and yet it looks more like as if just a cog as if by magic into other would have used.

    I will devote the phenomenon of its own contribution.

  6. [...] Suspect1 has inspired me through the linked comment here to downright spooky case Gustl Mollath that thing again structurally [...]

  7. suspect1 says:

    @ Magnus

    Wheel as if by magic, because I think of friend Dude, with the quantum computer and especially by someone to whom he has met with me recently.
    I'm slowly getting more convinced that this can not be anything random, like a house of cards that falls chaotically together. In this case, just bad in its wake. That a cog in the other attacks.
    As if somewhere a quantum linear strand grasiert with the process and all parties stick to it and all of this is already predetermined, so I kommts before slowly.

    That all operations and activities are not random, but this clear as Mollath evidence that such a thing exists. If you look at what has happened since, it can not be random or even conspiratorially, as extensive as that.

    Together with the involvement of the media, they fornicate precisely to the behind what is presented to them puked.

    Just to observe and wonder.

    Naturally, it is not quite for me, because probably only comes in through a habituation to such processes routine.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    I name them what you mention, rather a morphic field.

    Such is by now the whole society very strongly built along the lines of the article title; Men are pigs, women are loving and never lie.

    It wants to capture any accusations are now times to question the actions of a woman insubordinate. As soon Looming the pillory.

    Strauss-Kahn was immediately guilty, was demonstrated, as though condemned as tile man (7 months pre-trial detention, economic, at least preliminary Ruin), the type to which his ex using frozen semen without consent means (even partly zugegbener!) signatures made two children, was still verknackt to maintenance, for Klaus Kinski no presumption of innocence applies in relation to the abuse of his daughter Pola. And Mollath sitting still.

    In all cases should depend powerful motives (public money), the man; but what are still motives?

    Opportunity makes the thief. Alice Schwarzer has apologized to Jörg tile man? How many processes had the lead against the media?

    No: Women lie, that's historically proven beyond doubt, never. And certainly not money sake. You do not know how to lie.

    They are surpassed in their fundamental innocence only by psychiatrists. The do not even know what the word means falsehood. And what money is, they do not know of course.

  9. Dude says:

    @ Suspect1

    "As if somewhere a quantum linear strand grasiert with the process and all parties stick to it and all of this is already predetermined, so I kommts before slowly."

    Honestly, I did last night and it caught, as I was almost to the trailer of Determinismuslehre, but thank God, I've had second thoughts.

    It is a mixture of free will (or the sum of all the free will of all still in the quantum computer individuals) and the resulting therefrom predestination.

    Armin Risi describes the shiny in his books.
    In summary, look for the following.

    Therefore, awareness and knowledge is so eminent in a wide extent.

    Thus, the sword of the pure Word is the most powerful weapon ever be.


    Ps @ Magnus
    Speaking of Psychiatrists: The screamer!
    I think I'll send because sometimes ne application out. ;-)

  10. suspect1 says:

    @ Magnus

    Perhaps the possibility of a morphic field are according to your definition similar to what I mean by the quantum since. Although quantum there are also only a metaphor again.
    In the Weld of quantum fields and I'm going assume that time is non-existent, I see then, the power is not transitory. Probably has something to do with the existence of gravity, that is transitory possible.

    Therefore, the example of a string on which the parties unconsciously orient and follow a sequence. I'd even let all successively ask why they have so acted. If someone has access, have higher access, the possibility of a Dejavues or a reminder could be there.

    And then the issue of women. As a tripod, so you will be dubbed by the men haters yes, I also have other experience.
    See my poem is attached. No woman is from the ground up so that it reacts hating, but has been attracted by the company. No. Einzefälle like Emma occur, they should probably consider a sex change into consideration and can sew on a cock so she can also live psychopathy truthful. And that you then this one's going, is to me beyond question. The way to achieve this then is, with tripod then also easier and perhaps this is also a reason of their hatred, their lack of sexuality. In the end it is only a search for love from her again, nothing else. Everyone has their own ways of experiencing love.

    That women such as by draw at the bouquet, will probably be that they are just tools. And the acting are men. The Venus traps are just there so they vampen.

    About tile man I do not say anything because he is not me uneasy. A madman.

    @ Dude

    I think not explicitly determinism, but rather introduced rails or strings, follow the people then. As in the example Mollath.
    And sitting behind the Ausdenker, clap their hands and grinning ...

    The problem with the sword of pure word will be that it is dependent upon individual development and experience to understand this.
    Where then probably again a doctoral degree as acts that he understands nothing more of them. And the beggar in the pedestrian zone here, whether his views and thoughts to heaven, thinks more freely, as the academics. And it looks way streets, which he runs along and reverses again and the next take, but sees branches along the way.

    Hopefully no one reads ...

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