How many nonsense interior would have liked it?

I hear for over a year a radio station that not only whether seinerIn choice of music, but especially also of the other services of MörderatorInnen ago mostly very good like that. Flux-FM.

But now it's, you will have guessed, about time for criticism.

If a once "Arbeiterinnen- and working class," says this may still be a anidiotetes mistake. At three times but this is ruled out. Then it was intentional.

Yeah, the importance of Menschinnnen- and human dignity.

Also makes nothing if you vollverblödet it.

Mainly meant well.

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2 Responses to "How many nonsense interior would have liked it?"

  1. sascha says:

    what exactly is now the criticism? because arguments against gender-appropriate language to find unrelated to discourse-anachronism, ignorance or sheer laziness have to do is make sure no easy task and unreflective yet to ...

    With best regards
    the relevant responsible mörderator

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sascha

    First, I want my general praise for your work Moderator (thus allowed to see, of course, explicitly addressed Ms. Kreutzer) reaffirm. It's always fun to listen to you, not only the Blödel round on Sunday afternoon; cute little anecdotes, the guy from England, reading literature, interviews, network stories ... simply great.

    And, most important for me: You can not only English, but also a good German. (The fact that there industry-related, maybe slipping a purely anglicism, I do not necessarily believe it is appropriate, given Aside:. Are not you the one who is a bit too often "great" says?)

    Precisely for this reason it is for me as it were the horses apples on the white tablecloth, when a thrice "Arbeiterinnen- and working class," says. It's annoying, because it's pointless, overblown air. Three times six syllables for nothing verballert.

    But unfortunately, you could not even say only two syllables wasteful "working class", since you now unfortunately can not hear the inner "I", which you can see here. You could would, in the middle made a striking spastic little silence, then spoke the "inside" with Starkton on the first syllable.

    My main argument contradicts These kinds dislocations lies in the fact that they inhibit the flow of discourse in language-adverse manner, not as a good set retarding element, an intentional redundancy, but as a sometimes helpless to even ridiculous fed-kowtow, the face any, by the way nowhere exactly defined "gender-neutral" speech made requirements.

    It helps simply carried forward not matter, but hurts her at all.

    In addition, the time for a few bars Clapton would have been enough.

    But I thank you that you have taken my criticism, demand closer.

    And because I've got too flirted with making time with an interview one of you (I cried probably know this, but should then first send a mail, after which I initially postponed), meets the perhaps.

    You have a very interesting, unconventional, brave little station whose recordings I certainly will not turn it off, because three times a "Arbeiterinnen- and working class," says.

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