From the truth as a state

After just about pondered the occasion of the Pope's resignation, that "employee of the truth", I seriously wonder if many people do not actually hold the truth for a kind of state. Or a company.

But we remain first times at the idea that truth is a state.

More like a fairly modern state of course. So do not irgensoein Mali and Yemen.

You pay good his taxes, is - usually - only locked if you do not believe in the state or what purports to believe the one, the truth pays so what it deserves: it builds and it schools truth and yet self-financed the police.

The state truth develops, equal any other state, usually only very reluctantly and slowly; he really just wants to be right more and more control, because he does not trust the people, of course, dogs.

People have in fact, this is so their style, even in the state of truth, almost mischief in the head, at any rate, as soon as they start with thinking. The original thought is therefore the greatest enemy of truth state.

So the truth remains state whether he wants to or not to fight nothing but free thinking even at the Rose assembly as well and discreetly as he can. (The truth is rather discrete state, because that is more effective. Refer Mali and Yemen.)

Unfortunately, the truth state can not always be discreetly but. He must sometimes adopt conspicuously questionable truth laws of war belongs unfortunately, outwardly anyway, quite unfortunately, once inside, the shops of the truth state.

Happily, however, the truth state holds many eager beneficiaries. What are the happy in it for truth Receive newcomers as well as local social assistance recipient in its support, not insignificant, but not so profitable and not, alswie all sorts of churches, associations, organizations. With whom he verscheißt it is therefore still ungerner as with especially local welfare takers.

Because the truth state of truth committed first and foremost, he must enforce them at all levels. Therefore, he keeps nothing from the fact that parents educate their children themselves. Therefore, it is already early truth drugs from when children especially male not join in, that's right. (Prior to male children and adolescents, the truth state what he will, of course, wisely, never admit a death anxiety., You could grow to its truth over yes, without them seriously ill. When that happens, Looming fire not only under the roof. )

The truth state, so although he has concealed that, as best he can, do not just little. Constantly running somewhere on a side of truth. Often there are even people who have read exactly what the truth not at all conducive. If such people also of tough nature, then the truth state has a serious problem. For it they should not exist actually.

We know the truth guard themselves know of course, that the overthrow of truth itself a sufficient state. This often leads to hyperactivity and poor sleep. Someone out there, whose name might not even know, or you have simply underestimated him enough and the truth state suddenly no longer likes his keep. Yes, here it is slightly slightly paranoid.

And so it may happen that the truth state so rough deal with the truth, though still hardly go a really dangerous troublemaker truth that he so recklessly squandered his credit on the truth.

Since, as about, we are now.

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8 Responses to "From the truth as a state"

  1. Dude says:

    Ps.'s Still evil, however, self-government and self-determination, yes germinate directly in the fight for freedom of conscious, clear and awake citizen!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    We still do that already, with the Stuttgart Libertärsozialistischen manifesto.

    Thomas and you, if it voluntarily-join in solidarity ...

  3. Dude says:


    Right now I just do not have time to hang because I noticed in some other projects. Link and keywords here I delivered yesterday. (The Post follows)

    To do anything else (in this case, because I was not a clever result on NWO here in your Suchpfunze):

    Flowering horror fantasy, or at least a very plausible forecast the development of the earth in the next ~ 30 years?

    As text:

    If people are not a large scale wake, so the most crucial points at the end of the clip really heed, and especially active and committed advocate a new world of love and light, respect, humanity, for equality and equality of all individuals on earth, towards a harmonious symbiosis with nature, I consider this forecast unfortunately (as seen on the whole) for extremely plausible.

    Currently we are at a crossroads. Nor us shall have everything open. It is our self.

    So where do you travel?

    In the final hell or into the new paradise?


  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    It's not as easy as with Hercules. Not even the licentiousness shows open: Where's the virtue?

  5. Thomas says:

    Dude, look at the story: Every time someone has tried to enslave the people are sooner or later got up and have all sent packing. Each time this happened, humanity was one piece free. Possibly because this is happening globally and almost simultaneously, could the current strong kick (but which might have to wait decades to be) stating the final freedom of the people.
    Nevertheless, from oppression always followed a bit more freedom than before was there.

  6. Dude says:


    I can see that differently. Humanity today (considered as a whole) was probably never as unfree as today.

    Either exploited or then docile slaves.

    Confirm exceptions - Thank God! - The rule.

  7. Thomas says:

    I see it more nuanced: The techniques for the manipulation were never as sophisticated as today, the monitoring possibilities are now enormous. But also the availability of all kinds of information for almost all people is announced today. (Could of what miracles occur only through market economy, ie capitalism in the first place) solely to the technical progress is due, that we are all still so quiet at home. But that will change. A question of time. The planned economy tear already have everything in the abyss.

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