"Love" aliens? Since I laugh sometimes.

I spoke with the title " aliens? Rabble, rabble, rabble! "it (I am asking those interested to observe the local comment line) to ensure that all hierseienden aliens only" sneaky Gesocks, low rabble, cowardly vermin "might be, and cried, not necessarily expecting that many participants would find , by inciting to fathom it were a little competition, which is why I come to this harsh judgments.

(Read Thomas's question, whether will apply in the NWO hell market economy or socialism, the occupant latter as cheap einschätzend, tipped the scales that were, Gambling, crossed the finish line.)

So we put the case that, as claimed by believers commonly, several varieties aliens hovering here, more physical, perhaps, that is to say, at least in fashion, even "Transdimensional". And it (but it is irrelevant to this discussion, whether "Transdimensional" here) give it quite a few very maliciously evil, just wanted to reprogram the human race (possibly also genetically), exploit, enslave armies to which Behufe However, other hinwiederum which are quite right dear.

Those loved ones who - often argued about as by Lisa reader and reader Dude - were doing there intervene only want to get at least reveal / may / may, if "humanity", after all sufficiently humanity so well developed that it would make sense because, to put it bluntly: Blödel should be allowed to be Blödel until they are no more of you.

Speak at least two weighty things against this common line of argument.

If you follow - as above, so below - this view, one should logically include demand that they should a child do not show how to do decently in the toilet, yes, cite modern pedagogy also, that it rape or less when Fractions him unceremoniously beibrächte instead that it even came to the matter of the reciprocal break, it could inflict upon even a few sentences to Cicero's Orator at the earliest after selbsterstandenen Great Latinum.

Now thought a "love" alien faction that here partout should not intervene, at least a little help, teach, if only inalsoweit that they create themselves awareness to grant at least help themselves by revealed, so that the problem consciousness of humanity to sharpen, so they would just abschwirren, at least not look a constantly watch how bombed and massacred here.

In normal life, you name them something that is to render assistance. Who is watching, like a child running into perdition, who do not help his comrades in adversity, who is a ...: Call it like you want it. Term approaches I have come up.

To clarify it further: There is at least some not so stupid only that the "Love" could excuse that all of us here are still so stupid that aid can only hurt, so nothing should be done.

Now, of course, is some people who believe in "love," the object, I knew nothing at all of how beneficial the "Love" already had as much to himself - would have spent on how to help many levels - perhaps for millennia.

Pipe cap. Now, I do, in fact, nothing definite of it if that ever did happen, but I know one thing: You are not complied with, the humanity it clear that she is not here with ants and naked mole-rats and tapirs and groupers alone the indispensable duty. To afford the least, they would if they do not own idiot, certainly have been easy, anytime such.

In short, as long as not even the "Love" at least briefly, in this respect clarification creating, show they are for me not "Love".

If the "Love", the last way to excuse now be so weak that they fear they killed all of the "evil" for -gebeamt or to be gesonstwasst, so they can not get much suck.

Then there is for me no more reason to put on the "Love": if they are just slaves of the "evil".

I look forward to demur.

(And the "Love" I strongly advise to read this text and internalize. Maybe they come anyway even to common sense and decency.)


With even think of an excuse that might come.

The "love" should not reveal the presence of aliens because people then just outside assistance expected, then himself certainly doing nothing more. At best more verkirchen and go gaga. Quark. So may simply say that there is no further help, at least not at first, before this humanoid paraphernalia not high gets his ass: Proof that aliens their (dis) exaggerated nature here is provided, they should now first his vocabulary learn and best yet some peoples grammar and syntax to power.

Addendum (II)

Could follow the argument, moreover, still, mankind had already come themselves that aliens were here. Again nonsense. For, first, many people have come out that it was so, this claim insistent public, many of the many anyway, at the same time that evil governments stood for a long time with evil alien factions in contact, they who themselves love (some say also, already with "love" to have extraterrestrial contact), would simultaneously if their view marginalized, ridiculed, sometimes even killed (were of "evil" aliens, maybe their earthly satraps, kidnapped, raped, manipulated, provided with transplants kennten which , knew of what, where such and sonstnochwas happen). Well: If the - so about, at least partially overweight - true (that there are such people, Behaupter after all, latter are, is clear and unambiguous), there would be only right and again no excuse for the "Love". The very latest, now they were on duty: no longer optional.

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73 Responses to "" love "aliens? Since I laugh again. "

  1. Haschmechs Spirit says:

    @ Lisa

    "I am also of the opinion that it would be slow for aliens at the time to show your colors."

    Which came first?

    The earth or man?

    When the earth was there first, where we were because there still?

    If it has not yet provided us there, people have to actually inscribedable us as aliens, because we were still outside of what is and what is has always been called Earth.

    From the dust of the earth, we should have been taken.

    Who Took us?

    I would not have taken us!

    The earth grew meanwhile, as though to himself, she had at first looks like a nut.

    On the Moon, a lot of dust lying around. But the moon will be also formerly been part of the earth, before he then split off.

    This was the first nuclear fission at all.

    From this split still could have been good otherwise. Maybe something like an even smaller core; the smallest of all seeds.

    This seed particles was then around somewhere.

    For splitting nothing was there. So the seed particles waited for the time.

    The era brought with it more space.

    This pleased the seed particles.

    But I did not like the sun and stuck it then.

    Of these, the Samenkörchen then burst open.

    And it grew and grew until it had grown into a stupid nut.

    The stupid nut could not even write their own name correctly, and then the nut lost an S and there was a first essence of Nus.

    The Nus was naked (from the Latin adjective nudus).

    From sunbathing enough having that stupid Nus began to look for a mate. Found them also, and in 1945 it came to a first nuclear fission.

    As we continue, we may still experience.

    But what can already positive come out of it when meet two stupid Naked?

    Perhaps the first human parasitic wasp is begotten times. Thereof a few genes, some genes thereof.

    Then it would probably harboring ala movie Alien.

    The female uterus is then discarded, and from there eggs are then just set.

    Finally, there is a re-population of the world with dinosaurs.

    Then only helps a new dental fluid.

    The mind does not want to, so makes it Haschmech.

  2. Dude says:

    I understand the desire that the loving transdimensional finally to enter the world stage.

    But I am convinced that they know very well what they are doing, and what better not.

    As a young person in question in the gross material dimension level, our planet Earth has not nearly the holistic view of how he reveals himself from the higher dimension levels.

    So I've on this issue - for now - also said it all ... there are currently more important, such as the following: http://www.mysticalforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=21771

  3. Dude says:

    Ps. But yes, I would be quite well done to them, even to speak with them personally, and so invite them hereby cordially times to come visit me. :-)

  4. Haschmechs Spirit says:

    I know what I give my spirit to the aliens, then I can finally be only Haschmech again.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    There is underground, even if the FEMA camp more above ground ...

    And if the instrumentality of the US drone FEMA dictatorship would have something to do with the topic here ...

    It fit so to what you said above, because of the unrest, etc. that break or even could be stoked if this would aliens revealed themselves / disclosed.

    People walking on the link from the top Dude! Absolutely!

    This extra again: http://www.mysticalforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=21771

  6. Dude says:

    "And if the instrumentality of the US drone FEMA dictatorship would have something to do with the topic here ..."

    I can not even rule out completely honest.

    But the issue is already complex (for most even too complex, while in our sheep media is not a beep to - surprise, surprise * lol * -, and it will blog hand hardly touched) enough ...

    In addition, 'think' I know that no aliens are required for these plans ...

  7. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    For setting up and loading of concentration camps people need certainly not aliens. The motivation for this can of himself alone adult.

    That our sheep media ignore Obama's latest coup is the only logical. Some might even scratching your head, and with their drones plans, as also our federal government, even as to the legality of Germany to remain in NATO, awkward questions.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Haschmech

    Not a bad idea to give them your mind.

    Maybe they will have enough of either to cut down or otherwise behaving like decent guests.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ All

    No, the thing is not through. What I like linked below, wrote, referring to this strand.


    Also there was in talks from human kindergarten speech (I have not only with my children talk when they were very small already shown my face to it), of what "benevolent" aliens would have done it for a bother to us their assistance umpteen times offered various governments (which is why only them?); and then the constant assertion of "Transdimensionalität".

    Yes jetzet; I'm not just meat. Before that, I should solidify?

    And again, there are the "Love", the so worried about us, that they would rather not talk to us; and I was the little idiot, cribs occupant (there are actually a kind Außeridischen-Ritalin for those like me?) who just do not understand it yet.

    And then I want to just watch any Konkoktationen, read up how everything was, otherwise I was a little resistant Hortignorant learning.

    Sounds to me according to what I know from our present human (?) Education system. Only strange that children who logged on to me for many years usually have fairly decent student achievement. Without drugs. This is probably because I almost nothing, at best superficial, understood by Transdimensionalität.

    (The very Gelobete incidentally, was Lisa, see above link, the Stupid Liar Liar flat course I do. Dude came away not bad.)

    What the heck. Yes, it is but what.

    I am used to a long time to be dismissed at all so-called "spiritual" theme by quite a few narrow-minded; I ask myself but why take some sublime Allwisse on my Swabian assist students calibration at all? Suddenly help care? But the more intelligent and lernwilligeren rest do not?

    Or will I get the not only that all other retarded lovingly cared for by a corresponding understanding?

    No, in fact, I do not get to.

    I see what's going on in schools, what's in the paper.

    Because to me verblöden to domesticate, must have, logically deduced, there are a special interest. Because otherwise it's routine. Here you have to work a little harder but is desbehufs. I am honored. But not by much.

    I can piece together me what's behind it. It come of it quite obvious together several factors. One, two, are described in the above-Linked.

    From the fear was already mentioned. I expliziere now not again closer.

    Thomas has very well pointed to the fourth factor. You esoteert. A wellness program one has chosen. You do not want to face. Of course.

    It's me now, at this point, already no longer a matter of urgency to the existence or non-existence of aliens here, but about how this manipulation and subterfuge act to make.

    Get a personal world dream backyard to build. The small Göllerlifte may quiet time running around the front, I look at that too happy to, otherwise there is not so much to see Funny, where he may meet a few hijackers yes; shoot them off him, so I'm even confirmed yet, he wants it no other way, but in my backyard, I'm sure. (Does not apply to Thomas.)

    Back again, however, the nuclei of the matter: How can merely claimed that any strangers come to such a trust Vorschusse, as he repeatedly was visible here, everywhere spread? Who is there in kindergarten?

    Due to some dubious books, dubious, daherbehauteter Runterkanalereien that would make an already structurally only suspicious, a few cobbled together by? Statements of old women with glowing eyes?

    No, I already spoke of it that I will not let up here, it's that I still could think of something, be it to scorn, be it that of a sufficiently excites me is.

  10. Dude says:

    "How can merely claimed that any strangers arrive at such a Vertarauensvorschusse, as he repeatedly was visible here, everywhere spread?"

    I'll try to answer versimplifiziert's times.

    There is loving and evil people.

    So there is also loving and malicious aliens or Transdimensional (the multidimensional quantum computing is notoriously gigantic in size, even from ground already detectable or measurable terms, let alone beyond!).

    So I like to refer to Armin Risi:

  11. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Lisa & All

    I now take your last comment again all the way in, so I am in my criticism - yes I did, see above, but recovered delight in it - do not quote zutode:

    "Aliens back and forth, ultimately you have to do everything yourself. You live alone, we die alone. The responsibility can simply remove a nobody. The beauty is that holds all the means in itself to bear this responsibility can.

    I am also of the opinion that it would be slow for aliens at the time to show your colors. But there may also be the true colors in your own perception. And the important thing is what you yourself know is right.

    So far, so good ... "

    First, it ultimately does not have to do everything yourself. I cook not only for my children. Some even helped people die. There are parents, friends, there is love. Children do not seem to occur in your universe.

    Second, the color is due to profess possibly only in their own perception lying not fundamentally wrong, but distracting from the thing, some said smoothly, here inappropriate hollow chatter.

    Thirdly, not only is important, something that was recognized as important. To explain this, I can save now the words.

    Yes, and so far so good is 'gar nich'.

    It was and is still on again, I'll German and clear.

  12. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    Well then: Why then the ungegründete trust for any not displayed Sonstnochwasse?

  13. Dude says:

    Just because we are stuck in a dual constructed quantum computer, and thus both good, and evil aliens bob up and down through this ...

    Sure you have to be very careful, especially since the malignant often appear in white cloak ... ... The Elohim can greet.

  14. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    I dümpele not, and I'm not stuck.

  15. Dude says:

    You are no alien! :-D

    And if you like this are "stuck" does not fit, then I could use either "exist verstofflicht" also offer. ;-)

  16. Lisa says:

    Now it's down to business ...

    "First you have to eventually do everything yourself." MG

    But. Of course, one man gets into his world, which are helpful - even those that are less helpful - and it looks as if you have nothing to do, because the thoughts, ideas, beliefs are not aware of. Some even believe that you do not die in suicide alone. Of course, children come before in my world. I even think that my children were with the greatest motivation to know more.

    "Second, the color is due to profess possibly lying only in their own perception. ... "MG

    Everything is in one's own perception. Where else?

    "Thirdly, not only is important, something that was recognized as important." MG

    But. Because only this one has understood and if you really understood it is own knowledge, no matter how important it may look and TRUE for others. Of course you can be inspired. But to take at face different opinions, even if they come from the smartest people or "aliens" or other spirits, I do not think it makes sense. I know that something is right for me when it feels as if I always knew that. Something like that.

    "Wellness program ... wishful thinking ..."

    There he has the imagination in the pillory, while it is one of the most effective "mental tools". What good is it to stare at the more than unpleasant states of the world. You have to realize it, but from this point must be another program is selected, a desire, an intention, even a vision expressed so that the states can change. Battle - resistance, rejection - only strengthens the combated because all the energy flows in the non-willed. That's logical.

    I understand the fears and the desire for control, what exactly causes the current conditions. But the desired control of events can not be obtained in "outer darkness", but in the Spirit, from the inside out, so to speak. But that was already discussed in the topic "beliefs" in detail.

    And yes, everyone should have a "wellness program" have and realize it too. However, this can be achieved without self-knowledge hardly. So, whatever one it turns and turns, the beginning is the self-knowledge and then you are also able to recognize God and the world. This requires not aliens, but rather a basic knowledge of the mechanisms of consciousness, and are non-linear and logical in the usual sense. They are like magic, said only a term for something that is not (yet) know.

    To know and learn (to remember) would be reason in my eyes!

  17. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    Where do you want to know if I do not "benevolent", "trans-dimensional"'m alien who only occasionally as Magnus herumlatscht to here to raise awareness?

  18. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Lisa

    Well, you tend a magical worldview through and through.

    But it is certainly only partially correct or zuwenigst been effective.

    You speak of "more than unpleasant states" in this world, they do have bezeichnetest as hell. So you have negative perceptions, not just too few that can only come from yourself according to your logic. Sorry.

    I was here in this world already in an average kind of hell, because I've depperterweise herbeiimaginiert me a heavy injury and then some imaginary to meditate cynical enough of a staff sat on top of it. So I got myself then even those who tortured me pointless to programmed. I have on this planet anyway, as I say, in the whole cosmos, invented all the bad guys.

    Fortunately, I see no means a hell, even if I should have made them. I went with my wellness program did seem to have more than you.

    But I also obligations, not only freestyle. And this, although I am very freedom-loving, not mine, to have to pray five times daily and such more nonsense.

    Just because I see great need that I have but, thus prepared according to my picture of the world, not herbeiimaginiert alone, great privileges learned as to have time to learn, I mean that it will not do, just somewhere for something a couple of reasonable to tap Euros, but, yes, I would be a traitor, I did not try it, best to pass on something.

    Many do it; so you will be CEO of Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs and ruined a cold smile all countries. (Well, there are a few more than sufficient Euros, which was once sufficient for this.)

    More precisely. Allda I do not see that from other alone sufficient is recorded and told what to capture and tell you to bring humanity after 99 years of world war and art murder (again) to higher frequencies, I mean me in my view at least partially ability to do so however, not only herbeiimaginiert, but acquired in thousands of hours of hard work, I am this, not only in the long program, but also a duty.

    Of course, the internal consistency of your world view gives itself most easily from the fact that other act, I care only imagine and perceive. Alsomit meet different will, unless You only live among wolves and bears. Sometimes there are also hungry or just ill-tempered, having a bad day, without you something for it or against it can at least initially.

    On the one hand you postulierst that one can ignore the will of the other easy, so they are no longer perceived to be ineffective, on the other hand you can see they apparently yes, even unförderliche, simply still. Then, as I said above, it works at least not so properly with the thinking away the jobs created by other reality.

    The only way to actually implement your philosophy so, would perceive nothing. Then you can be sure that you only see what you want, namely logically rather not, in fact.

    Well, what do you recite, may still work for you, since you're with this inner contradiction - have somehow set up - so it works well. You tell him you just go away, or, even more convenient, repress it schlichtemang, can live with it.

    But why he is not nonexistent. Whether you want the now perceive or not.

    In addition, I have seen quite a few young as well as older people, their world view about as built up as you. I do not know when I saw once that turned out okay for herself as for others.

    And because of this irreducible at least on this dimension inner contradiction. An unfulfilled imagination chases the other, to that end.

    Your eloquence that I have said often, no doubt impressed me; many will oppose it have hardly anything; so I have now again a little longer, my object point to explain so that my line of argument from anyone who wants to, can be understood should.

    The still: No, you're just nevertheless not wise. Ultimately, not even, there should be such a thing, for yourself.

    Except eloquent but you're probably know plenty tough and persistent. Thus, it can already be still.

    Best Wishes


    PS: Nietzsche was undoubtedly an incomparably greater "magician" as Crowley. Of those two Indians I've heard a few good spells, but nothing more.

  19. Dude says:


    Well, I know you ...;-) In addition deceive me my intuition just allerseltenst, but never when spirit and emotion in symbiosis base their impression even more. :-)

    As for your line of reasoning to Lisa, I see it very similar. It is fatal to simply hide the malicious in the world and the inhuman structures, and therefore not actively and consciously to compete against it, because that they do not disappear, but may even further in order to expand freely, which is why the focus on it in my opinion. Not doing.

    "The path of the righteous is lined on both sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Was the one who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness blessed. For he is the true his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. "(Ezekiel 25-17 from Pulp Fiction)

  20. Lisa says:

    If you consistently think the "law of attraction" to the end, you have to take full responsibility for all the events in their own world - and yes, everyone lives in his own world, so to speak - take. And here get off the most. Since it is but rather victims of any organizations or other people - victims of external circumstances.

    But no matter. All roads lead to him self. Sooner or later.

  21. Lisa says:

    "It is fatal to simply hide the malicious in the world and the inhuman structures, and therefore not actively and consciously to compete against it ..." Dude

    How do you get that I hide it? Only, once you've found it, staring out the Kontraproduktivste what you can do. Therefore, the whole action "against" effect. On the contrary, he feeds what one wants to fight. The action has to be adjusted in the "inner" first ...

    I regret to say that we obviously have talked past each other.

  22. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Lisa

    I was sitting five hours using a new friend in beers, stories, dirty jokes, laughter, aphorisms: the beers were only fours's.

    I do not stare at the evil. Sometimes this may be true, but overall I'm doing something else.

    Nor is it true that you, one imagines against certain machinations, even giving them food. Only when it hires wrong.

  23. Dude says:


    "I am sorry to say that we obviously have talked past each other."

    I do not think. We just have a slightly different point of view, even if many parallels can be seen.

    I've written just on this topic in great detail tonight; Although not quite five hours but almost ...

    (The thread is certainly worthwhile in its entirety;-))

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