Of the reincarnation of lies

The idea that you can be reincarnated somehow has something tempting, which need not be explained in more detail.

Therefore faith is it also so popular.

I know all pertinent models but that is the evil mind, debt-based.

To the effect that you just only in appearance would get a fresh start, as all previous life would bring into the new determinant, especially since all the debts, the debt the negative karma, one might call it what you will, with.

Not a very enticing prospect for me. Since me the price demanded for Life Again May is too high.

Although I may be able to reasonably estimate how much "bad karma" I've loaded in this incarnation to me; from the previous but I know nothing; and led me one or I myself go back, as many believe that this was possible, the yonder Watched want to just be still projection, illusion.

Moreover, I say it now so casually, as follows. I have powerful burned in this life as a child the face, truly unpleasant consequences, and otherwise, I may mention my Frühverwitwung with two small children yet, I know more, I was not just like Hans in prosperity.

Good; I should not play with fire; I would have liked not to choose the woman dying off too early to me; one might say such a thing in this life; I would have dieserlei blows pocketed as a receipt for my previous life, I now even appears as unreasonable scorn and derision.

It would happen to me, so to speak right, so to speak, as a punishment for past sins.

No, dear people, I do not give myself.

It is fair enough that I would have rightly captured these wrongs; objection is not to say anything, especially not to sue; that I but from a previous life out, so to speak "earned" I would, now So such ablate better myself about it, or maybe not, so later on further remove, plus what I this time done mischief, no, love Reinkarnateure, the game I will not be.

At least not voluntarily.

And if you think, then I would just pay for it the next and the next and the next time: please, enjoy the watch production.

To put it to you, even if the world should be constructed so far, as you to imagine that clear: If I want to take in my next incarnation something, my opposition to such a brutal, culpable cruelty. Ironically So in this respect better times in Zukuft with me.

What you got an idea, worse, seen exactly as Abrahamites, those guilt-obsessed, even to raise these black shadow over human souls? Do you have nothing better to do? You see nothing better in the world?

Do you think at some point once about how much you spotted and slandered life? Does your mean? As a minimum, scabby, envious, small are you?

You know even spell the word freedom at all? At least to think what could mean freedom?

You are trapped in principle, in any case, and therefore not already basically free.

Since I live would rather be with twists and turns, with occasional or even prolonged agony and affliction, because in your supposed Schafswohlhag of submission pasts!

Do I have to, apart from the occasional philosophical weighings, worry about what comes after this life? How So? What For? - Approximately so I then might not even have to burn your face me? Or a pig be? Or monk?

I am trying to simply here to do what I think is right. Your cowardly, backward-looking, impotent chatter bothers since only.

Your show is based, equal to that of Abrahamites, ultimately, on the cowardice.

Be good before God, be good before karma. Pathetic.

If one wants something, he'll show here. Otherwise, he remains silent behind the stove and not bother the creators.

And one more thing: If your thesis to drape something, they are still rather the creators return to power, because the Eckensteher the past!

Would not the detachment from past incarnations yourself here so new as possible design, the means (for me, not a means for them, I have no purpose) to step out of those thousand-fold pasts valid?

But no. In the power of individuals you believe basically just as the Abrahamites. There are always things higher powers, all sorts of entanglements, God, of which one was not sentenced to escape.

What I do not forgive you, however, is that your always tried to poison the courage of people, so that they resembled you, you vermögtet you to submit your programs. Then the fun stops.

And so, just not for me, whom you have long since achieved more I write this down.

I know of course that most of you are a few to think about what I put forward a total; many are still classify it as a proof of my helpless despair as twitching of nonbeing marriage wishers, some even smiling.

But those who may go to you, your mental Versklavungslehren want to start thinking again, when they read this.

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