Unconditional Basic Income: an illusion?

From Saturday to Sunday, we discussed - at all Dionysik - but very seriously the idea of ​​an unconditional basic income.

From these two BWA fours supported entirely; one they flatly refused (clear on the current situation with respect, not any conceivable future with free energy, etc.), I was very skeptical.

Even apart from the fact that the unconditional basic income, according to all current initiatives should be given to each, so far no one dared has to say, this should come respectively Germans only Swiss, just not any newcomers, so, conversely, even if this event is set, I could not avoid the arguments to consider that as overweight which described the negative thing. In a way, the striking proof of his point of view was that of all fours in the round, each declared that he would very probably still a lot of work (all you can say, hardworking people), if granted him the BGE, but certainly not as a tire fitter , duct cleaners, fountain cleaner, highway builders, kitchen help, cleaners, etc.

All necessary services and things of daily life would be so unspeakably expensive, argued the One, because you would have the people much, much more pay, more and more evidence yet to take such activities, so that the BGE soon no longer sufficed, would ever raise, should it really be even one. And so on.

Since did not know the proponents, as I said, no tv staring sofa fundamentally lazy people themselves, truly, everyone is basically not too good for dirty work, quite already that having done or still doing, whether their own perspective on the case, in my opinion, no longer objected much. (Also, all the creativity that would free, you people would just once at rest, did not weigh on this.)

It was just too logical, too bad refutable, too weighty, what the one put forward.

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7 Responses to "Basic Income: an illusion?"

  1. Dude says:


  2. Private says:

    The BGE is affordable as long as a cleaning lady not so much earned as 42 years. (Brutogehalt 800DM full-time according to Spiegel, purchasing power today € 5000)

    And even then, probably still is.

    However, today you get a whole lot for € 5,000, I'd also go out to clean for less. eg for 50% of the BGE for 10 ~ hours a week. ('m Just very ambitious in other areas)

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Private

    Except in being able of about ten hours work well live the week because of Ackermann already on scarce pension, which you are as yet similarly ambitious?

  4. Private says:

    Addendum: In my estimation, is ESPECIALLY considering the potential price DOWN spiral.

    People want more money.
    This means market share to dispute, of course you can because the customer with local organically produced ware points, but if the work then fun and you feel to do something useful, then you can also go with the Preiss for work in the basement. Because BGE already paid the indigenous life.

    And then you get the sales. Others get nothing.
    Willingness to voluntariness as a cost-cutter in our market situation.

    Not cuttable costs would be in the ground / means of production / raw materials / etc

    But if the cross-sector would occur, we would Gradual to a free society "degenerate" (degenerate, because the money just does not disappear, this is a controversial topic!)

    Where would perhaps be relevant only in 50 + years after BGE introduction at all. Yes, the trend is so explosive that I do not understand that it is now not even wargenommen. Maybe because we already have a similar problem because of the effect Zinseszin today to offer but without any prospects in life?

    And even today the voluntariness on to access is located:
    A large part of my time is spent being provided either free of charge or voluntarily or whose manufacturing process was extremely automated with products.
    - "Free to Play" Video Games
    -New "News" media as long as you blog and would like to call decentralized opinion so. (Twitter trends / etc)
    -free Popular entertainment media (Youtube and then there also the "question would be" sources)
    -Think Is free of charge!

    Part go as high qualified translators from empty because the effort is not worth an "official" translation to make at the competitors. (It does nothing) So do you do it for "hobby" for nothing, plus free download, free downloads offer nothing more. Of course forbidden in the current legal situation. But that hintert so many a not to be to the roof over your head has.

    There are also recently offering up free latest series with subtitles and legal video portals. Financed through paid premium video quality and faster availability than in the free service.
    Legal certainty and consistent quality of service are pluses.

    In the "established" area Youtube and Free 2 Play Games is partly achieved more profit than if the base product must be purchased. (Because people with money can also like 3-4 figure sums in the "cash shop" for colorful digital items; are studies to how great it is to be expected)

    Summary: The BGE eröffnent opportunities for everyone (as an entrepreneur) and provides all market participants with new Herrausforderungen. Market share is king. Supply and demand into account.
    Sources: life reality.

    PS: I see a "future". After all!

  5. Private says:

    Magnus Wolf Goeller:
    Entertainment industry in further and narrow sense.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Private

    After all of that good translators are usually paid less than even poor cleaning ladies, I know something.

    I love to translate, not slow, probably not bad, would take no means unwilling to livelihoods, especially since it also forms still always.

    But I translate only just so, voluntarily, if I think it is important, or for fun. At least 12 or 15 euros an hour, you should already get it yet. A little bit of learning and education lies also still behind. If you work only half-serious, so there is not even dieserlei wage.

    I prefer to leave the building.

    What you really wanted to say otherwise for BGE, she will not reveal to me, however, still.

  7. Dude says:


    Ps. How can I see happy, you are not going to work out well, Magnus. :-)

    Perseverance leads to success!


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