Wrong is right. And really is evil. (II)

A few weighing the first article .

Right is so evil that seeks a geopolitical agreement with China and Russia.

Wrong, so properly, the Brzezinski-Doktin to follow initially encircle these two powers, and finally plunged into chaos destroying put into effect.

Properly located, so that is unjust, not only will the differences between the sexes not to abolish but ignored, even underestimated, says those.

Wrong, so really, is to promote egalitarianism gender to their mental and physical infertility and finally destruction.

Properly located, so is evil, the people of their terms, to use and not to use their words, not dictate.

Wrong, so really, is to prohibit people under penalty of her speech to castrate their thinking.

Properly located, so is evil, who much is left to the parents to raise their children.

Wrong so correct is to incapacitate parents and children to nationalize.

My head of the skull.

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  1. Dude says:

    Rejoice that it properly, so is wrong if he better just hums, threatens to explode as ...;-)

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