Bomb is Enlightenment

The federal government wants to combat drones for future missions abroad (vulgo: wars of aggression) purchase.

"Armed reconnaissance" was "absolutely necessary".

Now I know less Sprachpfitzler happy times again, since when one warrior, or here warfare devices that shoot, with what they have, as a scout, as "armed reconnaissance" means.

Is this a new translation from English?

Very well. Then every front-line soldier is now a spotter. He looks so sometimes, where he hinschießt straight. And the Leo 2 is a reconnaissance vehicle (you can stick out, too, not just grenades so use up).

The whole war will be the future nurmehr performed by Enlightenment Enlightenment.

And since complained yet many who have unfortunately experienced Islam no enlightenment.

In this case, the jihadists are already self everything reconnaissance.

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3 Responses to "Bomb is Enlightenment"

  1. Leser09 says:

    Was'n going on? When I open your page with Google Chrome, I get a dangerous-looking message:

    "Warning: Something's wrong here! provides malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site. "

    See also:

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Leser09

    No idea what is going on. This is the first time in four years that I hear something. How should only be dangerous to open this page? I am a combat drone?

    I am familiar with the technical side, but for not much. Certainly not with Google Chrome. Will it be reported to the admin.

  3. Doris Wiffen says:

    Schmunzel. That is excellent. The "People's offenders" are obviously active on all fronts, so that we feel better. The cause of death statistics of the BfS has an extremely high number of deaths due to "growths" from. There are no more cancer as cause of death. That's very reassuring. I think rather of pregnancy and a new beginning, for in death. Whom thanks are due, which is to have him!

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