Finger scan, iris scan: Is a Rotten Apple?

Apple will continue to incorporate a fingerprint reader in its devices, has already purchased an appropriate specialist company with man and mouse for it.

So who is too stupid or too lazy to enter a code in its electrical box having it in the future very easy going.

And Apple and CIA & Cie come without its problems, as well as expenses and free, the fingerprints of all fellow Apple idiots zoom.

A "win-win" situation so.

Also ideal for idiots identification. An intelligent criminal or opposition (which often makes no essential difference in two ways) works anyway as little as possible with a cell phone provided (has only to be inconspicuous soherum, one, but does it only trivial personal calls), and certainly not with an Apple , The dopey recognized by the fact that they did use the new function.

And now buy a new one as Fon, but does not use this great tool, it arouses suspicion. Why will this oblique type their fingerprint does not give us?

One could also install a Iriserkenner which is activated automatically. So then all would capture that take the Schmerzfon her friend or her acquaintances times in the hand or stare with it.

Definitely there will soon be an app, by means of which the resourceful Don Juan by playing at the bar with his e-helpers and short of accommodating the pretty little face of the neighbor, so that he no longer has to ask for her phone number. Anyway, if the aunt is so stupid that she herself has an Apple Schmerzfon or ever somehow abgeglichenermaßen reingegrinst in one has (other manufacturers will follow suit soon, so that even masters Android finds out when the android is born, where it is reported, what a I address it has, etc.).

With the finer Apps man gets then in most cases the same out whether that is the main sergeant with the plump tits or a prostitute or a criminal record Heiratsschwindlerin or a stand-alone Hartzi with three brats.

Yes, that's helpful. Many millions of men would not have come with such possibilities in worst Schwulitäten today do not pay maintenance for a sprout, it is used without visitation rights from that systematically a bandit, the mom makes all the glory.

Woman in turn hinwiederum know whether this sleazy guy next to her really a successful business consultant is - unmarried - or whether he worked as an assistant groundsman at FC Dagolfing.

So if you think about how much more tragic nonsense of the world held as many private tragedies should be equal not listed or erstürben already on the beginning of the first scene, so one can only hope that Apple and the others soon not only footprint but also Beäugung say.

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4 Responses to "finger scan, iris scan: She's a rotten apple?"

  1. Thomas says:

    Biometric face recognition are in existence as a login app ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    Well then. Since I lived technical stone age man (my Mature maintains me in this context to call "zero Checker"; I call him for "master switch box" and feixe if he can sometimes less or white, as even the zero Checker) is probably to just once again in the cave. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Dude says:

    What is missing is the legally stipulated Apple compulsory, with direct shipment via tax dollars paid to each registered citizens.

    Who then refuses to be picked up, and ends up in a FEMA camp counterpart or a concentration camp.

    Brave New World.

    Best regards from George

  4. Dude says:

    Speaking of Orwell 3.0 and surveillance state.

    Have fun up there ...

    Greetings from Metropolis.

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