Augstein a global Oberantisemit?

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expects - on the recommendation of Henryk M. Broder - the journalists Jakob Augstein among the world's ten worst anti-Semites (the only German on the list!).

Interestingly, the Facebook-Augstein response to this kind of "award":

"The SWC is an important, internationally recognized institution. For the confrontation with and the fight against anti-Semitism, the SWC all my respect. The more distressing it is when this fight is weakened. This is inevitably drive the case when critical journalism is defamed as a racist or anti-Semitic. "

The store therefore, of which he so - Broder compares it to Julius Streicher - is nazified, has its "all respect".

He thinks not about ironic? What drivel of there?

Only that the SWC weakening his fight with such a choice, is his concern, ostensibly.

On the other hand, he sees critical journalism (his) vilified as racist or anti-Semitic.

How can an organization that critical journalism (in his case quite specifically a critical journalists) defamed, Augstein have all the respect? If the jump in the bowl?

It certainly does that Augstein, which should have probably been thinking hard about this riposte of just four sentences, expresses itself completely contradictory.

Schadenfreude against Augstein, however, lies far from me. Although he is otherwise sometimes a bit naive, his political views do not correspond in many areas of the mine, but he is well on the whole a pretty honoriger man with sincere intentions.

That he was now considered not only by Broder nationally, but by the SWC world as Oberantisemit, the left-gooder, because he dared to criticize Israel's policies, of course, is a powerful signal to all German editorial offices.

For if one is willing to fire themselves to the natural son Martin Walser, the foster son of the mirror-founder Rudolf Augstein, owner of the left Friday with such heavy howitzer, then no one is safe anymore, then it can happen to anyone, not two hundred thousand pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli percent.

This signal should be clearly and unequivocally arrived.

(Incidentally also interesting when you comments look at the thing that is very often argued similarly as Augstein does. The once-sharp sword of anti-Semitism accusations will so, unfortunately, unfortunately, always blunt. As if there were not enough real anti-Semites, the hunted were the one actually playing down, could laugh in his sleeve, if you already put such a brave man like Augstein on the list at number one way are Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood:... Semites are therefore the absolute Oberantisemiten)

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