Everything Beautiful embraces the world

I have from a given occasion - but only today, so he was like always failed - thought about what I would do in a doomsday days, I was convinced that it would be now but.

Sure, I tried to chug along with the right woman again properly. These recovered a really clever wine. No, Error, several of those first. Because you deserve nothing else.

Also, I would go in the market hall. As sure as that the rhino has no long proboscis.

Dorten 200 or 500 euros verbratzt the end of things out the old Iberian ham and the Italians sausages and cheese let out, seafood salad, cherry tomatoes, and whatever else so for decent pre-heirs need between bargain, while the quail schmurgeln, one last readable text written, and nothing would be able me to tarnish the final day.

Maybe I would consider even a kind of devotion. Five minutes should be enough for it. Just think of the dike again lamb chops, which I formerly ate in Belgium. At the Alpine mountain lake under a full moon. On the pink frog with green gas mask, I saw in Scotland. At the goblins under the mountain ash grown from the Felse there. To the most beautiful moments of love.

Yes, and no matter how bad, singing and drumming, I would do so again.

Pull My favorite knife again, that they at least do not have to burn up half truncated want, perhaps my best boots for the last time lovingly fat and subsequent brushing. Could be that you prefer long walks on wearing sturdy shoes and in the hereafter.

Yes, an old malt whiskey drinks I probably. Or two.

I told my children, wofern they also felt that the end is near, even at least a self-invented history. A kind of knight story, similar to how I did this when they were very young, only adjusted age. A, the ushering them over there weiterzureiten on Sleipniren.

Above all, except the but I practiced again in laughter.

In Sauterneslachen and Pinot Noir laugh. Alongside a well-Rolled smoking.

The dear wife umarmet myself, just a sweet little tears verdrückend, everything stands still, everything beautiful envelops the world.

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