"The great Mexican corn massacre"

Three Gengiganten set according to this report in an unprecedented blow to the Mexican economy and the indigenous corn maize biodiversity of the planet.

Believe it or not they want to 25,000 square kilometers, of which, till about half with the infamous roundup resistant Monsanto GM maize. This is an area larger than Hesse.

No one knows what the GM varieties can cause out-crossing with the local varieties of harm; but the bigger he should fail to possibly more but better still for gene agrochemical giants?

In Germany, the annual grain maize yield is about ten tons per hectare, ie 1,000 tons per square kilometer, hereby would say that on this surface as 25 million tons.

A ton of corn creates no so easy year. Yes, if he takes a lot of Animal, based on corn feed as that which already.

Either way it is, if approved by the outgoing Mexican government still on the door exits affecting millions of people and their age-old farming culture.

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