Big Bang is called implosion !!!

You have been fooled all the time.

It's all the other way.

The known universe is not the result of Urknällchens how one knows you made so far, so the fact that a mathematical point, that is the nothing exploded.

But it is the result of a massive implosion. (We measure only upside Schauberger already said. "Your wrong moves!")

The original All namely himself was just too big. That did it at some point no longer sufficient.

Good advice was expensive.

But then the Magnus Wolf Goeller reported. (Which star clusters precisely that no longer knows.)

He advised that he was a failed poet, to the implosion.

The should not trying to notice any Blödel what went when an explosion be concealed.

So it happened.

Just do not worry, though.

The space was so large that it will not even imploded in even 10 billion years to six per thousand.

No reason, then, just today, to look forward to All Saints, the future pessimistically.

Eat roast, to the inn, one better be: There will be embarrassed in any way that you are the result of an implosion.

Especially since implosions much more peaceful run as explosions outside.

Knows every schoolchild.

You may therefore rest assured to believe it.

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2 Responses to "Big Bang is called implosion !!!"

  1. haschmech says:

    @ Magnus

    Were you about my Gedichtlein to "zero line in front Died" on this article inspires you?

    I just got a long illustrated article on the subject still in the making and therefore currently little time, because I like to take my time for such a thing. ________________ 1.26 (Genesis)


  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Haschmech

    Nope, the just came by itself.

    May have played a role that the dude wanted to have the time in space before.

    Otherwise, I think just always happy times - at least tentatively - the opposite of what to think or believe.

    And if (as in this simple case) does not give a clear opposite, so at least something different.

    I also try, when people come to me with the absurd, often keep up with pleasure at least.

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