Schavanplag (II)

I will start to pierce to the point Schavan dissertation a really crude conspiracy theory, which I myself founded for extremely improbably, but, in view of what's going on now (cui bono?), But not for fully consider absurd.

Instead namely, that they took care of the dissertation, the value plumbed, the intention to deceive discussed, is almost exclusively discussed in the sheep media that, how, who have the scathing report of the University of Dusseldorf prematurely leaked to the mirror, what a tremendous mess the was etc.

In this sense, it could be smoothly think it was a Schavan friend who brought about this; the opinion on the proper way would be made public, so their apologists (Kauder et al.) could not inflate dessenthalben now, as though an Osama bin Laden's alleged sinking in the Indian Ocean just yet had survived.


You nutmegs just because the opinions of the University of Dusseldorf nothing more was now one way or the value, then a fortiori when they should not be intimidated and the verdict of willful intent to deceive identified should be maintained.

It is working on a stab in the back.

It should play no longer mattered that Schavan her whole career could have swindled: Only the evil that ahead of time zuspielte the mirror a paper, these megaskandalöse process itself.


Well, yes, maybe.

But had what regards the assessment of their work made a difference? No: to make.

For now, it seems to make a difference.

Since she was played so bad, you have probably her doctorate mitleidonis causae nachzuverleihanerkennen. With a clear conscience. Because that's what the work yes.

You can f * ck themselves.

Cusan, otherwise.

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25 Responses to "Schavanplag (II)"

  1. Thomas says:

    Even if I'm just succumbed to an extremely exquisite and really popping Federweissen and can hardly walk yet, but I would like my opinion reactionary idiot make known:
    It is not important whether one has swindled a wipe or not. What is important is whether you do a good job or not. However, in the case of total reigning Politiklerklasse the verdict is the same: Neither the title nor Erschwindeln the job they were all well done. Way by which all. And forth with people who can do the job necessarily better because they do not strolled from an ivory tower to the next but have proven in the harsh life of bourgeois everyday life, that they know the world and understand, how it's running. Who still selects the guys, the real missing a few bricks in the wall and also it gets not learn except with the full force of the consequences that he necessarily so - will capture - unfortunately, as we all know.
    Who still chooses the types and is still willing to learn, I recommend the book "The Strike" by Ayn Rand.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    Well, congratulations - the well Frankish Federweissen!

    I miss entirely.

    Once, in my Studi-WG in Hett near Würzburg, we all went to a super-drinking in terms of beer giant of Lower Bavaria as a guest in the luggage, in a stern economy which provides excellent, exactly ampunktichten Randersackerer Federweissen (from Silvaner!) Ausschunkte, we ate Although quite still Specified etc. to it, but then, oh my, then, we drunk, Upper delicious that, even fast, the Niederbayer hardly kummte the sink, I all still somehow abversorgt in any berths and Pooftüten, to own languor, but abverlag still in my bed.

    Such a ready-WG, people everywhere debris, and other tomorrow, I have never seen. (I saw some.)

    That was indeed a bit "off" as some call it today, but it's just too white spring time.

  3. Thomas says:

    My spring white from Julius Hospital Würzburg. To all who do not know the brew: Beware of too überen dose in combination with fresh air! As many a feet hats already moved away!
    Magnus, I would now like to Show off with you ... so you say it but now in Facebook's times. As would still erschwerliche but lively conversation take place ... writing goes amazingly well I imagine fixed - run rather less. ;)

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    Since we do not plague us now but sometimes with the Schavan ...

    Of course, the Julius hospital is my sacred word.

    Not only did I before I first by Hätzfeld moved (must indeed know where, what it is not a non Franke), then Blanchett city, lived on the Juliuspromenade, no, even stone wine from that Spitale flowed to my mental as physical construction into me, and in some years it was better than that of the Civic Hospital (where you can also good fight against the Kraenk '), or from Hofkeller that you, as a libertarian, because the state, not just any church, perhaps suspect.

    After all, so I liked the Kärch 'times as the state.

    The Schwabenplörre is measured in what know to draw the Franks measured, I'll never forgive my countrymen, in most cases, in fact, a pathetic broth.

    They should, this winery, you would have to call rather Pinscher, some of which at least drown smooth, like the ancient Sumerians considered it with the Bierpanschern, in their own grapes silts in the cask.


    Franconian wine homesick!

  5. Thomas says:

    I'll send you a bottle of good Domination of the almost sacred, almost hohlwörtigen GWF! You hold the Tuesday night free for a beautiful red.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    You stir me to tears.

    Just the Domina can be choice finely three striking in Franconia. (Perhaps this is the bitter national character of the Franks.)

    And the GWF in Kitzingen lays in fact sometimes small-dose ticklish good at.

    Full-cooperative libertarian, so to speak.

  7. Thomas says:

    Sou id ed! Or qed - as you want.

  8. Thomas says:

    To the jab because of state: Scheißegal - the market decides what is good!

  9. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    Since we are here with us - at least initially - who for once decided not to plague us, I Silvaner, which may be perhaps, as brought still in Alsace from Highest how you brought in Swiss francs, Domina into the meaning conversation, both must be further honored.

    The Silvaner can be a rather rustic, earthy guy who has nothing of Kerner to happiness; but it can also bring such a fine play to the tongue and the palate, as only a Riesling, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Pinot Gris. In short, he may forget to bring the one hand, that there is any valances at all.

    The Domina, hinwiederum possible still more rare; this happens but once, on the slopes of the Steigerwald example, they may even say for Pinot Noir, "Look, hehe, me there too!"

    (Now I go to a friends, a Überwiegendbiertrinker, take me there with a Cabernet Sauvignon; Hopfentee is today, for obvious reasons, not mine.)

  10. Zwingmann says:

    Well Hömma (listen here) Magnus,

    for a Schwaben You're pretty smart.

    I have just phoned my mate by the Audit Committee of the Heine-University.
    On 17.10.2012 should Schavan for the battle
    held from Waterloo, namely the withdrawal of the promotion.
    Since the dude did not know what else to do than with friends
    to call from Bertelsmann. You know so that the head of
    Bertelsmann Liz Mohn, is very close friends with Angie. And Liz
    with its blocking minority in the mirror has contributed to
    the mirror needlessly brought the story.
    This is called Christian charity.

    The London Fog soup at the University of Düsseldorf and its auditors shall, if possible even with lawyers,
    Rebuttal, second opinion, etc. to the Agony in the autumn
    That's something wrong with the Promotion, you would have been much
    may remember earlier: As a PhD woman on the person and
    Conscience, almost seamlessly to go to the unprincipled and unscrupulous policy.

    Schavan is not just anyone: it stands for Roman Catholic
    Fundamentalism at its finest. Therefore, they must also since
    the winter semester 2009/2010 as honorary professor at the
    FU Berlin Catholic heresy, pardon Theolgie teach.

    Moreover, she also sits on the powerful ZDF Television Council.

    Of course Schavan also has the devil on her side.
    Finally, the name of her foster father Erwin Teufel and was formerly
    Prime Minister in Bawü.

    Moreover, I do not understand why Angie worry about
    makes their future. If they lose the elections, they can not
    Earn problems in Japan million euro as Sumokämpferin.

    Schavan or not, it affected me peripherally.
    All persons are equal before the law, only some are
    the same as just Schavan. This was so, and that is unfortunately so
    . stay
    Moreover, a small deflection at the end: As a native Schalke I have today with joy note
    taken that Schalke 04, the "mother of all battles"
    won against BVB Dortmund with 2.1.
    Funny, but what influence have childhood memories.
    I can still erinnen, with four years, the last celebration
    FC Schalke 04 have experienced as German champions.
    It was the 1958th

    So now I wish you and Thomas still a horny orgy wine and a night without the infamous roller coaster syndrome.
    And do not forget: Half drunk is a waste of money.

  11. Zwingmann says:

    Even a small addition to Schavan and their fundamentalism.
    Since I have the honorary professor of the eunuchs (not marry
    may, however, including spouses education and prevention bans passed) proposed as a topic:
    Child abuse by "religious leaders" and the
    lifelong murderous pain, but the issue she liked
    You probably working on a concept about the misunderstood genius Mussolini.
    The fascist war criminal and mass murderer on 11/02/1929
    by the Lateran Treaty until the State "Vatican City" created.
    Funny, everything is celebrated in eunuchs, not only their
    own State anniversary.
    Why is that?
    Also, my suggestion for a topic: exterminations in the name of the Lord.
    The Great Commission and its consequences has not liked.

    After the disaster with gamboge can moreover CDU / CSU to
    Agony in the fall of 2013 not afford even a disaster with Schavan.

    Schavan is not only a true friend of Merkel, but also
    nor deputy national chairman of the CDU, so in fact the true no. 2 of the CDU.

    Magnus, your "crude conspiracy theory" is unfortunately bitter
    Of course you're smart and know that you have only a little

    Schavan is wild in the Roman Catholic voters,
    for Lutherans are, inter alia, Merkel, Gauck and Peter Hintze.
    After the agony in the fall of 2013 may happen what may.
    This woman I can be with good -of course as abbess
    Imagine Sonderprivilegien-.
    This requires no academic harriers more.

  12. Zwingmann says:

    "Affected by me peripherally" sign and then another long further
    Write a comment that is not authentic. The old wound:
    My abuse is about 50 years back. In my mind I have
    this beast probably already killed 20,000 times.

  13. Zwingmann says:


    I'm obviously too upset to sleep. It would be for
    but even more hell if I would deepen the issue of child abuse more authentically me. For this purpose, I will not write anymore. Please understand.
    I think your blog and you deserve a greater
    To get recognition.
    I have therefore allows you times during my own small way a few suggestions for topics about your
    get email address to let. I hope they have arrived.
    Many greetings

  14. Zwingmann says:

    Spontaneous Proposal for Your Blog: The Beatles and their social
    I just read that Arte today celebrates 50 years of the Beatles.
    I just watched the hours 18:30 to 19:15 and 20:15 to 22:10 "stashed".

    The Beatles have a lot to do with my childhood and youth.

    Will never be forgotten, that I as my first 10 years in 1964
    Single've bought, namely: A Hard Night Day`s, B-side: Things
    We Said Today. The stupid reaction of adults I
    also still remember: jungle music.
    1964 You were still in diapers.

  15. Thomas says:

    Thank you Zwingmann! Did it really slept well and woke up without a head. Must have located on the wild combination Federweißer, red wine, beer, red wine ...

  16. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Zwingmann

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Come today but probably no longer causes it to me to look closer.

    Work is something that I lags like a little dog.


  17. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Zwingmann

    Occurs to me just to even after I brought a Thomas-gospel-like night behind me (Greetings, Thomas, we are still alive) that you probably referred to nest my Verschwörunstheorie Schavan-Diss-Durchstecherei not only jokingly as realistic.

    Can you explain, you have reliable information on this?

  18. Zwingmann says:


    I need a little time, but what you have written is not far from reality.
    The mirror begins to expose even further. Earlier I
    read that the appraiser was only 2nd choice, originally
    chosen professor did not want for personal reasons.

    From other CDU corner kick that the opinion of illegally
    is because it was created by the division of labor tasks.
    The are all set off, which I mentioned in a previous
    Written comment that the final judgment only after the
    Should be spoiled in the fall of 2013.
    The same damn game runs with banking union, debt relief,
    Greece, ESM, TARGET2, PA etc.
    They want the EU / Euro dictatorship, egeal, at what price.
    The play time, although her time window has almost completely closed.
    As soon as I have more blocks, I'll you for review
    can advance to get on your email address.
    Schavan must not fall from the torment in the fall of 2013, I guess
    times that the CDU / CSU good three to four percentage points
    would cost. Schavan smell what's coming. It has already been explained,
    that it is no longer a candidate for the CDU Federal Executive Board,
    I hope that the October 2012, the last of the Mosaikteine
    Will bring puzzle.
    For the rest: What is already Schavan against the Beatles?

  19. Zwingmann says:

    Another addition: A group of prominent professors and
    Research institutions has already requested that the University
    Dusseldorf for their talkativeness no more legitimacy
    has to be able to judge objectively about the Diss. Schavan.
    But fits: Any new university, nor an opinion, reaction of the University
    Dusseldorf, possibly. Legal dispute before the administrative
    court, next instance.
    The Schavan friends have it already achieved their goal:
    Before the fall of 2013, with high probability with no
    final decision to rake.
    I clicked on the links Liz Mohn, Bertelsmann and Merkel
    pointed out. On Thursday, the "star" appears. It would
    be very surprised if not the Bertelsmann Postille
    would be involved.

  20. Zwingmann says:

    I was just on the side and have been in the
    Search Engine Schavan entered, there you will find
    that you are pretty clever. Read the article from the mirror
    I'll just sent to your email address or can be passed on.
    Just a memory came up at about 1966/67.
    A Lehramtanwärtin at my school made their last test lecture in English with the song "And your bird can sing," of course, of the
    Was funny behind me to have about 8 examiners, the
    Woman has managed it awesome.
    We have also shown how the insane (the woman saw in
    other also great).
    Something of the song must have, what moved him to
    choose. Well, maybe you can enlighten me sometime. Perhaps
    There are also times the Beatles and their importance as a topic with you.
    Incidentally: If you do not feel like night today by Beatles:
    There should be an abysmal scene tonight in the First,
    where the well is coming from? (Of course, from Swabia, from
    Do not be upset, I need that sometimes.

  21. Karl Theodoro says:

    So here you can still learn about some more :)

  22. Guanche says:

    Again a refreshing, crisp, brilliant articles, and a very exhilarating, sardonic comment supplement !!!
    Can not really follow you well because I came to enjoy the same program two days ago, with the addition of a flame-cake ......
    after food we went back !!!
    I think I have to get out again, wg.Durst ... the idea was planted again ... ..? !!

  23. Thomas says:

    Magnus, you've got something sent on their way. Was specially shop again and told you picked out what Guuuudes from NEM guuuden year. Let it taste you. The spring knows that you can not send it, so I've left the ...

  24. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Thomas

    Thank you in advance! Get me so hardly plague ...

  25. Thomas says:

    Unplagged so to speak ... yes, I'm assuming that you probably he bekömmet.

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