I have now but once made ​​me 15 minutes bother me to look.

That's enough for me if what there is on the whole is correct, which assumed thick.

I do not know what people are still discussing.

Whether she has employed an order Heini, or it yourself so cobbled together, the most one can still ask desfalls.

The Schavanin is anyway never noticed by sonderliche intelligence or originality.

Now it should be enough.

I stand as a Federal Education Minister who can write himself, depreciated correctly identifies as such, always at your disposal.

(Am I missing the items well but also have the right party book, a Catholic confession, and the "technician". Application So for now no chance again.)


I found the comments Strange at SPON to a "Stillner" just been following quip:

"Quite clear case: This Education Minister must stay in office. She has proven her dissertation that she endures when other better ideas and thoughts as they have. She stands out as a leader of a ministry. "

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34 Responses to "Schavanplag"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Magnus, I do not understand you.

    How can you actually gutfinden anonymous informer?

    Vroniplag, EsoWatch and the rest of them, are nothing more than sniffing portals and undermine the legal system. Where will you draw the line? At Rotten Neighbors?

    Morning founds a one health insurance Plag and published patient data. Then also justify the ends justify the means?

    In the FAZ is that the "report" was passed by the Heinrich-Heine-University directly to the media. Whether sold, is not sure. What is certain is that Annette Schavan was not even given the opportunity to comment on it.

    For me, an unbelievable process.

    The legal system is completely undermined. Anyone can say anything against anyone, and as long as it interests the media, the sow is chased through the village.

    In the world today that Eva Herman was forced to declare personal bankruptcy. So it's someone who is not giving that conformism.

    I miss your outcry. Where is your sense of justice and your vision, seeing it is otherwise untroubled?


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    If true, what it says, it is correct to write down it, especially when it revolves around a Minister, it is even in the public interest.

    I you do not translate what is a "whistleblower" certainly.

    If it should be seriously wrong, the one who heard and determined, if Schavan woman filed a complaint in court.

    I am working here for almost four years consistently to the most sensitive issues under real names, any Anonymusse have been wishing me, I would skin peeled etc.

    Above is: "... what if there is by and large correct is ...".

    None of the upper cleverness Meier at the FAZ, the mirror, the Federal Government has, as it were, of course, if the "whistle blower" would have worked purely libelous or completely sloppy, it put forward so far.

    In this respect I'm on a pretty safe basically, yes I also still entered with caution.

    Why "informer"?

    The man (or woman) who / which has written the Questionable likely to be someone who may well have reason to fear, given the urgency of the matter to his / her coat.

    If he / she, however, belong to the delegated academic examination board, so that would be a different matter. Then it would be a trustee and law breaking.

    I am, as much as I support the use of real names, not a real name forced on the net.

    And I will not be you that I not only steal any Schackos my texts anonymous and their advertising around it off, nor because of a Möchtegernhautabziehers or slanderer.

    Again: Here reigns an overriding public interest. Schavan is not a private person. The presumption of innocence I have done through my if constraint is sufficient.

    Is it still a rascal, who made, in this case, certainly more stupid than it allows the police, so he is apprehended.

    Want to Bedenk: I have neither the money nor the time, any Arschgeigen to occur so the toes as they deserved.

    The Federal Government or woman Schavan of co-financed by me by compulsory levy in abundance.

    (I have "desfalls" inserted just above the text another that would have the same should be located there.)

  3. Bookmark says:

    In this we differ but very well.

    I find that a legal system is not divisible. If someone is accused of something - and plagiarism in a dissertation is a serious allegation - then in my opinion is not a case for a public hunting. There are committees and hearings. The accused has a right to express themselves. If the result comes about that the title is denied, then it will probably be so. But now decide again the public and stands ready with the rope. Not to mention the infinite malice. It is incredible what extent the negative energy has already been adopted.

    The health insurance Plag is also a whistleblower platform and then is revealed. Mercilessly. Only then is not just for celebrities, but for people like you and me. It finally heard it all the day, no matter what. Same as Rotten Neighbors. No more curtains on the windows - at no more.

    I can not believe that you'll find something right.

    But in the wake of growing HATr community everything is fair game obviously. That they saws off the branch on which it sits, is apparently often overlooked, is among politicians but by a popular public image of the enemy.

    Annette Schavan was never my thing. I do not particularly like them and consider them also for a miscast. But this should not cloud my sense of justice and mE here the limit is exceeded significantly. I am not defending the plagiarism or other offenses.

    I defend a legal system in which the presumption of innocence is the highest good, the accused shall be heard and must defend themselves.


    the bookmark

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    The Eva Hermann I had not noticed and surprised me (I know no exact circumstances, if I can ever learn, is anyone's guess), since they, although one has played it very badly (you will remember that I was always on their side), or perhaps because of, their books sold pretty well.

    Again: If the analysis is correct and no trustee as described above and breach of law behind it, there is in my view to the publication thereof anonymously nothing to complain about.

    Each Schafsseckel can show me anonymously to the police, because I was at home, according to what has already happened to me, with all the possible consequences, cops at the door, youth welfare office, the whole shit, but about women's Minister of possible fraud should not have been written?

    Because THE aushebelte the legal system, is prejudice would be?

    And MIR, each wi ... send .. the police on his neck, I get a listing on suspicion, is on the list, have no chance to defend myself against the Wi ... .. is to find those on any way?

    At MIR suspicion remains, I abused my children might simply hanging, while the Schavanin should shew the allegations as baseless, what they prove 10,000 times more funds, has also yet could ascend to the persecuted saints Annette?

    So that all that went not equal to their total integrity, had to roll in the dust in front of her?

    Can it be?

    I'm sorry, I have become a bit angry.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Comments grade overlapped.

    I understand what you mean.

    But please read again what I said.


  6. Zorro says:

    A small anecdote: To 1985 Publisher appeared in the Eichborn
    Book by Achim Black: slackers in Bonn. From the
    Dissertations of our elite.
    The passages quoted were the purest indictment, the
    Dissertation by Helmut Kohl was there.
    Scarcely had the book appeared, there was suddenly no dissertation
    more of carbon in any university library.
    I think that you can not get the book until today.
    The study was a dissertation unworthy.
    Schavan was to my knowledge one of the first, which is
    Gutti has outraged. Well, who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    I know plenty of cases where the party mafia things under the
    Carpet has turned.
    Also I have seen in the schavanplag, and I have enough
    The best of intentions: I can not understand simple bookmark.
    What Eva Hermann has to do with it, I understand only in passing.
    Lt. Focus online today it has teamed up with East German real estate
    That Schavan whines now and is unruly, is clear.
    Attack is the best defense.
    According to current knowledge, it has deliberately deceiving their
    Career timbered.
    Without any public criticism of their dissertation in the sand would have been.
    So Mr. Gollner: I found your article refreshing, authentic and
    right, keep it up.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Zorro

    Thank you. But, Goller.


    (The account of Kohl's thesis, I've heard, but never verifizeren.)

  8. Bookmark says:

    @ Zorro

    First of all, I find it deeply admirable, if someone from the specialist has no idea a book about the quality of dissertations writes. I once only gekloppt the engineering diploma work of the best husband of all in the keyboard and had nothing pure can judge it. She was extremely extensive and only a single copy has cost 257 DM. 2 had to be made, of course bound.

    Eva Herman did I mention because it is still a prime example of how one executes someone publicly. By the way, does not write the Focus that she has gambled with real estate, but that they should have speculated in real estate.

    As you can see it, as soon as a semantic subtlety in Nirvana disappears. Get rid of the pesky subjunctive - we create facts.

    I am not against education, I am against the growing Verurteilskraft mob. It does not matter whether someone is Guttenberg, Wulff, Schavan or anything else. The public destruction machinery running so lubricated as never before. The great error, but the most subject to it, is the belief that that they themselves will never happen. And because they are wrong.

    If the citizens do not defend her-won legal system, it will be directed against themselves. Then we have again arbitrariness and self-justice and pay a high price for the general Gaffertum.

    If Schavan plagitiert and it is then stripped of the title in an orderly fashion, then this may be right, and it anmutet very strange that real crimes have statutes of limitations and plagiarism offenses in dissertations never.

    It is wrong to nod approvingly when no process runs all over the media. Just as it is happening now. It is also wrong to convey the anonymous informer. It is also not improved when it is called whistleblower. It says the same thing.


    the bookmark

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Schavan's Federal Minister of Education and not Jane Smith, made their boils at Anyway publicly.

    Why should not an anonymous may criticize her dissertation?

    And, like Zorro said, what does that have to do with the case, Eva Herman?

    Quite right you realize to cause too easily from a subjunctive one indicative'm made.

    Schavan but really not such persecution.

    Why do not you write under real names?

    Do you have reasons?

    I take you from smooth.

  10. Bookmark says:

    Magnus, of course Schavan is not John Doe. But if it is so made, such as at the moment, then there is some point since no difference. Since everyone feels for reconnaissance or for avenger called and we live again in a world where everyone sniffs each and educates about everyone. Is it worth it? Or you can not leave things in the hands where they belong. There is also a difference whether something they say his mind, or whether mechanisms are applied from the outset on destroying others.

    Eva Herman was up to their public execution a woman with a regulated employment, with an income and a good reputation. I am very sure that their personal bankruptcy has to do with the total loss of all these circumstances. It is very easy to put someone in the right corner and destroy him there. Portals such as EsoWatch help here very much. Is that correct?

    Where it starts, where does it end?

    Well, for Schavan depends pretty much everything about this story. The new FAZ cover story shows that they will be with the withdrawing completely not finish, even without master (which I admittedly do not understand, but so be it).

    Why I do not write under real names?

    This has a personal history that goes back to my school days.

    There I eventually weaned me anything at all to say, because there the mob had the upper hand. I know how it feels when the crowd hoots when you stand in the pecking order at the bottom. Me at that time no one helped and maybe I precisely why such a strong need to protect the right.

    Writing under a pseudonym is another step back or forward, idS that it is not all nonsense just what I give of me. The first steps were our children, for whom I had also sometimes get in the ring, as you point.

    So much of the bookmark inside story :))

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Schavan can, whether it be expressed a few days earlier or later, on the allegations.

    The matter has long been about in space.

    You know certainly for months, has nothing to because they refer the allegations as baseless.

    What says your boss to you, if you know of a problem for months, that can bring the whole store into trouble, and you have done nothing to dispel the matter?

    Why do you set here, as though that would be the innocent country?

    Like as if our whole legal system would be undermined if they have to face certain allegations?

    Why the incorrect comparisons, every normal citizen zoom pulling with his medical records?

    If such a fraud, he should have taken place, as women's minister inviolable privacy?

    Is that really nobody's business?

    And: Do all their flap encouraged to that is perhaps swept the cause of corresponding circles under the carpet, or not even once?

    Look 'at times you just how brazen this Guuutenzwerg lied to that it was no longer.

    If the sacked from his Atlantic Bridge-mates?

    Or was it just not those who do not you like suffering that brought these crucial Blender to case?

    Where should because in this - with all due respect - Puff actually still be a corrective?

    If Bilderberg meetings, see now Steinbrück, Coronation fairs are?

    The MSM press, see Syria, previously Libya, mitlügt, as it gets?

    And the evil will then be who the Diss wife of Minister look at that found published anonymously, even I, because I approve of that?

    Since I do not understand your policy parameters.

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Rewritten simultaneously. Only for readers Info.

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I understand your concern, as I said, well, do not have anything in mind to find fault that you write under a pseudonym.

    And what denunciation and "right corner" is concerned, I also know what.

    Ms. Hermann has many supporters, a man who seems to bring home enough, it was übelst played, yes, but I have neither (would need, by the way, also not financially sound man).

    I myself guess, just because I'm not prominent, my work is not less than her. I am single widower, yes, not out flew at ARD, but the disadvantage of me and my children are also legion due to my work.

    Let us leave that. Interested no.

    Nevertheless: Herman has very probably do not worry make about how it goes tomorrow. Somewhere is my pity, even when it comes to women, not infinitely greater, as if it once but men also does not apply quite so happy.

    This woman is a professional; they knew, at least roughly, what she was getting herself; it has finally but perhaps hit harder than anticipated.

    However, as this Schavan who have never done to my knowledge something courageous or even remotely useful, is found in the comparison with Eva Herman, who really had to endure unjust and still has, as one makes their Diss question, opens to me in any way.

    Or, yes, I will not cheat, but on one level: managed as a Frauenbeschützinstinkt with you, past the things that actually exist?

  14. Bookmark says:

    Magnus, are you running in completely the wrong direction.

    But more on that another day. No more today.

  15. Zorro says:


    "From the Trade no idea".
    The fast processing and downgrading a comment along the lines of: Over all looms the Spikerdoe, satisfied and self-righteous.

    I have the remaining two academic degrees and am the author of several books.
    They are full of self-pity.
    I understand that you want to express, but for
    psychotherapeutic assistance I am not the right person.
    Obviously Mr. Goeller has as much patience and competence.

    Magnus Wolf Goeller
    Hoffentlich kennen Sie den Song von Zager& Evans:In the year 2525,
    ein Kulthit der 60er Jahre. Mit Lesezeichen und ihrem Bedürfnis nach
    Anerkennung wünsche ich Ihnen noch viel Spaß in den nächsten 500 Jahren.
    Ich verabschiede mich an dieser Stelle und sage noch einmal danke
    für Ihren sympathischen Schreibstil.

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Zorro

    Ich kenne das von Ihnen angesprochene Stück, habe es, wie es der Zufall will, erst vor ein paar Tagen mal ganz auf den Text achtend angehört.

    Was Lesezeichen anlangt: Wir diskutieren schon etwas länger.

    Verachten, zumal unterschätzen Sie diese Frau ob des Ihnen hier Missfallenhabenden nicht. Sie hat nicht nur ein großes Herz. Sie ist eine der Klügsten, die ich je kennengelernt.

    Sie verzieh mir auch, als ich schon einmal wirklich unmäßig grob zu ihr war. Wie viele Frauen können das?

    Freute mich, wenn Sie wieder mal vorbeischauten.

  17. Bookmark says:

    @ Zorro

    zunächst einmal fällt auf, dass Sie nicht genau lesen. Zuerst unterschlagen Sie einen wichtigen Konjunktiv und dann beziehen Sie eine Aussage auf sich, die gar nicht auf Sie gemünzt war, sondern auf den Buchautor. Wenn Sie natürlich der genannte Buchautor sind, dann dürfen Sie sich angesprochen fühlen.

    It if it follows for you, that you to may have kicked offensive, then you are exactly the frustrated HATr community to which I was referring to those who already have ready to knit for others in the dark, to those who are Connect with delight stimulus word debates without reading or really just listen. Not to mention that you write yourself under a pseudonym. A great name you have given themselves: Zorro, with the black mask, the avenger who comes at night in the dark and leaves everywhere be incised Z.

    Why not write because under real names?

    If you have two academic titles and write books (you have my respect for that), then it would surely help you to gain fame and honor, if you still spreading Intelligent under your name? Or is it?

    Magnus, I thank you sincerely for your support. Unfortunately, our discussion is at an impasse yesterday evening. Obviously I could not adequately convey what I mean. Today I got my first big Christmas baking day and be transported once again hineinphilosophieren in me and then start a new run.


    the bookmark

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I want to first mitkommentieren respect to the dispute between you and "Zorro" only insofar as that of Nick "Zorro" raises the next questions from you and from my point of view.

    But most people have a fairly underdeveloped Nick awareness.

    This is sometimes so much that they (I will not impute the Zorro now) when people question their nicknames insults are like little children when you mock their improvised.

    That's why I never do it almost.

    I think for that I'm still a separate article ...


  19. Stefan W. says:

    that Eva Herman was forced to declare personal bankruptcy. So it's someone who is not giving that conformism.

    This is funny! If now a woman Hermann winter colds captures himself, we read again, "So it's someone who is not giving that conformism"? Or if she buys a new handbag, or for the elderly, the suture dissolves?

    While shameful Klaquere of conformism as I stare out grinning from this Internet thing? Oh, we are evil! ;)

    That one in the 20th century at all could study theology is the real scandal, and so then Minister are - for education!

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Stefan W.

    Yes, the common is the real scandal.

    Worse still is that this country soon from a theological justification out children will be allowed to mutilate the genitals.

    I have not heard that Ms Schavan or other comparable sycophants objection lifting up her voice.

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    I have to revise partially.

    If true, what on shown, it is given the audacity of the woman to the Initiative quote concealment in different cases, so that they spent as his own, which was only slightly reworded hereby, knowingly deceived, about Doctor and was Minister, is now played down by many, in my opinion, to consider, at least, whether the one who punched the review university Dusseldorf, was actually to follow. (The university has filed a complaint against persons unknown.)

    First, I wonder why the University of Dusseldorf, where the compilation of Mr. Robert Schmidt (pseudonym) but is present for a long time, has half a year needed to come to a judgment, it means that even carefully checked against, can fell within three working days.

    Many participants get a bulk of their money from the Initiative ministry, which is why ...

    What her doctor father says, well, he has to work even waved through with "good".

    Do not rule out that everything had been swept under the carpet.

    What career would have made Schavan well without this item?

    A as a kindergarten teacher?

    In such a citation - or better: Nichtzitierweise - I would have rattled in linguistics seminar by seminar, if the professor would have noticed it in vorgooglichten times.

    Knew every student in the second or third semester, so that it does not work.

    It even lift votes to Schavan defensively, they would have to not know they could fly up later times, the "Witch Hunter" should therefore shut up.

    Also come on receivables, the thing, like a bank robbery, to be regarded as time-barred after over thirty years. Time only one objection: Can a bank robber then the prey, if he has, compared retain here the title?

  22. Yorck says:

    're Greetings, I am very amused by these funny comments of the bookmark. I have also taken note of the answers. But what is a charge that was added or justification, of knowingly, willful copyright abuse, especially by a woman Schavan that serves silly way in the Merkel cabinet as Bildungsministe so harmless by acta criminalized interested in culture, in relation to the prejudged a formerly very popular meteorologists that once in the first prime-time the weather moderated, then even exposed the total media scolding, sat for 100 days in jail, at the end of the day-long hearing, the be.richtete daily in word and IMAGE of the A. Black, per in dubio reo was acquitted because there was nothing to prove, except the untrustworthiness of women in general, which cost him not only his money but also his job and his reputation and today is still fighting with his accuser, probably not more than a woman has at the same time. I'm just saying: women in power! Power 0/1 = 1, hurray! To spread lies as truth is not difficult, as long as they keep to it, or the lie for so long, so widespread, that it is declared to be generally valid, or is newly prescribed by law. Men, think on it; Man can find great women, but only so long as man is not in the love. When considering or valuation of women man must completely exclude feelings. Otherwise it will get expensive or man sees himself in jail again. Brave new world women. AFAM.
    Just stupid, that I'm still alive.

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Yorck

    You call good reasons for becoming gay.

    I will not submit it in this incarnation, and in another, wofern which it should be and I have been doing a say, either.

  24. Political scientist says:

    Hello everyone,
    I myself just for my students served at Schavanplag.

    A typical female career of the CDU, which is Schavan.

    As a former high Schullerer I'm disgusted, but not surprised.

    Federal Minister for Science without scientific background, woman minister oppose women's quota, the CDU is a wonderful club social Darwinist folding chairs.

    PS: Democracy means endure, let's wait a choice from, Mutti has now step in line already in the Bundestag for the SPD "Thank you, thank you," which already feels that it is tight.
    PPS: bookmarks called civil sh *** n!


  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Political scientist

    You try like I said, now hinabzuspiegeln the skillful, durchtriebenere deception of the wife Schavan to the completely idiotic-brash (especially in the network age committed) of Baron and into irrelevance or reliability.

    I guess that the Baron (I wrote earlier it) was just too stingy, a professional decent pay, for which he also received for what he received, while Mrs. Schavan probably got their Schakalerei itself.

    But it is not so and so.

  26. Thomas says:

    Education Minister ... excuse me, I've only skimmed your comment. The basic problem is however, that ministers of education, health -and- then (what a surprise) Economics Minister is only when the existing system is useful. That there is a Prof or Dr is in front, but actually is just for show or dumbing down for the masses. It's just not important, and I think the TamTam ansich thing about you already correct. It's the system, stupid!

  27. Dr. plag. Schavan says:

    Heute tritt der Fakultätsrat der Uni Düsseldorf zusammen. Es ist zu befürchten, dass er vor der Ministerin einknickt.

  28. isi sagt:

    Der Fakultätsrat ist erst einmal nicht eingeknickt. Doch dass die der Frau Dr. Schavan den Doktorgrad nicht gleich aberkannt haben, lässt fürchten, dass nun noch Gutachten von ausserhalb der Düsseldorfer Alma Mater angefordert werden, dann kommen die Sommerferien, dann die Wahlen… und dann, vielleicht dann kommt eine Entscheidung.

    Die Professoren ua hatten doch genug Zeit, die Arbeit zu studieren und ein abschliessendes Urteil zu fällen. Ich habe die Arbeit auch noch einmal durchgesehen. Was soll daran nicht eindeutig sein. Das ist ein Plagiat! Ohne Wenn und Aber. Somit: Doktor weg, aber schnellstens!

    Die Promotionen, Habilitationen der Wissenschaftler, die jetzt für Frau Dr. Schavan in die Bresche springen, die meinen, es gäbe keine klaren Richtlinien für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, sollte man auch mal überprüfen.

    Wenn die Uni anders entscheidet, dann Aufruf an alle: Ab zur Promotion nach Düsseldorf!

  29. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    It is an absurd monkey dance. I am not a professor and a little goofy, but had hinlesen only very briefly.

    In contrast to the Causa Guttenberg I think Schavan even that she herself abgschrieben.

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dr. Plag

    That with the Schmollin of the FAZ I did not, but it does not surprise me.

    I remember to have read an vollverschwurbelten text from her on the subject.

  31. Blog Wart zone Klaus »Annette Schavan defended doctoral thesis ... says:

    [...] See, said the blind man. Now is indeed the article nothing here, so I looked again over at Magnus W. Goeller and was on his home page but find it - under Schavanplag. Here are a [...]

  32. Anonymus sagt:

    I can only marvel there anyway. Actually, it should as a young man studied (from lat. Studere = eagerly seek something) a subject which interested him. (Be of lat. Doctus = taught) Then he makes an exam and if he is very good and so young, he is working at / near his field of knowledge for some time further and published the result as Inauguraldissertation and then gets on chance a PhD awarded . That's the theory, the practice is very different!
    Half or more of doctoral trying to ersitzen a PhD to make people forget their own miserable exam grades. This already stinks to heaven, but it gets even better, Sly Meier and cunning Meier interior give yourself not even bother to study a field of knowledge in width and not think of an exam to store it, but grab equal to a narrow slice of cake from the cake of the field of knowledge and write a doctoral thesis on this (if you can not even make yet) and want to be addressed by all who have been through the slog of learning and exams and are the same age after your 25th birthday with "Doctor"!
    If it gets worse, is of / made by a similar process without habilitation thesis also professor, professor, respectively.
    Whether and how much depreciated in the Initiative dissertation infected woman interested me in these circumstances, not the bean. The doctoral regulations in Germany require urgent revision to the IS state to bring them closer again to the target state.
    The whole thing even in a German Domain names pedagogy, which is ridiculed only mild from abroad, because the just any "scientific" in Germany going on anyway and can assign only grades reasons and just to PhD and Professor title to "University "was raised. I have no idea of ​​this, but I once read that the education professors in Germany express your opinion justified by anything as a science and as a test query with the students as well who have this internalized by anything reasoned opinion and can play. To give just one example: The anti-authoritarian education was long a such subject matter that was not even concocted in Germany and after einstellten the catastrophic results, was simply hushed.

  33. Peter Schenk says:

    "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone". Since we're glad to finally have found the stone throwers. Appetizing, as the pensioners, the illegal parking displays.
    And now we finally have again a public pillory.
    Beautiful new old time.

  34. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Peter Schenk

    Bekäme man fürs Falschparken höchste Posten, zig Mille mehr im Jahr, so parkten wohl noch ein paar mehr Leute falsch.

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