Circumcision of boys: SchnippSchnapp, Basic Law from (II)

As I said in Vorartikel, I'm not going to comment on the content and secreted by supporters and opponents of lying semi private envisaged Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetzes Aberwitzigkeiten until it is present all.

In the meantime, I wonder ever, the debates about something really known only privileged beings looking at why there still hope regularly otherwise intelligent people appearing on the Federal Constitutional Court and set.

I sit straight on the case, no decapitated chanterelle more on this shop. (I would be very glad I was wrong, and then like ashes on my head.)

It will run as usual (see ESM etc.): The SNB will one way or another cosmetic change on Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz demand, sheep media and politicians will praise it for its judgment, the latter implement this, and that's to be first with the whole Demokraturzirkus ,

The wave of lawsuits that with probability bordering on certainty - if the law is adopted, as it probably should look like - will still roll in the medium term, but not only graus-clown-like matter.

On this barrel full of brain cramps and monstrosities is no longer so easy to get the lid on. The larva will not hold.

Not even a fortiori, should for that purpose, which is already part, not entirely groundless, geargwöhnt, followed by a further restriction of the freedom of expression.

Supplement, 21.36 clock. Also I see that here after all the "issues paper" can be downloaded on the net for four hours

Strange; if you're so smart, at least in the world, secretly reading this page?

On the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice, I thought it was at least not still.

If have rested there tomorrow, they will probably finally set it too ...

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9 Responses to "circumcision of boys: SchnippSchnapp, Basic Law from (II)"

  1. Hummingbird says:

    What is still considered law?
    On this whole legislative jungle I put no value.

    Governments that have abolished itself, courts have abolished itself, nor speak by the ratification of the ESM, who wants to laws.

    , Soon ruled the peoples and nations of outlaws who enjoy complete Immuität, actionable by any court in the world, and by avoiding any discussion of laws.

    Laws, no matter where and when written no longer apply, there where only lies, abuse, corruption, exploitation and betrayal is to rule all just empty Farse.

    Basically our existence there are only two laws which are:


    We soon found sebst to us, we will have to organize ourselves, we will have to stick together, we are to defend ourselves, those who got it, will find themselves fighting together for the right to get zuspüren are other, how it feels to be dominated by outlaws.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    As long as I have the moronic laws must respect yourself, I will remember who may verünftigen the ruthless break and it makes heavy use.

  3. Hummingbird says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte

    As long as feeble-minded and insane sit in government or in other positions of power, the legislation will be IRR and moronic.
    Honest, sensible people have recently had no chance so take a position.

    I think it's okay that you indicating that the that create ever new laws, they break most and least keep it.

    I often have the impression that the whole bullshit us the last 2000 years presented again, so we realize that violence, oppression and penalties
    only create problems that we must solve all back then. Unnecessary work!

  4. haschmech says:

    @ Hummingbird

    "What is still considered law?
    On this whole legislative jungle I put no value. "

    Sorry, but I find this realization comes very late.

    Our Basic Law was nothing more valuable than time conscription was introduced already in the day. For so it was with the dignity of man over already in our country. And this law was not removed from the Basic Law, it now rests, so to speak only. And now for some time, our country will again participate in hostilities. What do those people who can find something positive in such a conscription law, scrape the foreskin of young boys? Really wakes it out on people!

    And Hummingbird:

    "Basically, our existence, there are only two laws which are:


    So this is wrong but. Because it fits so not with the here:

    John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

  5. EuroTanic says:

    I do not know why the Muslim and Jews complain. You should be happy if you do them living in a state like Germany unöglich. This preposterous "culture" in Central Europe, with pure Materilaismus and masses people dementia harms everyone has to live in it. I know of only one way out of the dilemma. All people who are not totally stupid and not worship Lucifer better stay outside.

  6. haschmech:
    Your quote John makes me wonder: What goes around-a particularly successful privy out of this world?

    At Hummingbird saying perhaps irritated me the word "then" .Beherzigen psychoanalysis and sociopaths = "elites" the spell even, but never come to the point: Now I love myself (enough) and therefore find no love for one's neighbor?

  7. Hummingbird says:

    @ Haschmech

    A brief explanation: I do not live in Deutscland. My nationality is Italian, my mother tongue German, German remained in my heart, even though they tried to Italianize us.
    We live as German minority in the northern part of Italy, South Tyrol was separated in 1915 in a Londonergeheimvertrag of Austria and Italy awarded against the will of the people. From the Italians we are still known as the Cruchi, our dignity was violated in every way.

    The policy in the German-speaking world has always interested me.
    This whole mixing of different peoples should serve to ensure that the German people will lose its identity.
    We were the South Tyrolean Versuchskanichen. We all have our history.
    Boys' as well as female circumcision, I find it absurd that I really am surprised that such events have to be prevented by law.
    (Or re-allowed)

    For this reason, I ask, what is a law still worth it if it can be rotated in all directions. Sorry, we currently do here in Italy in this respect again bitter experience, where human rights are trampled and judgments are made according to old fascist laws.
    But if there are aliens, you have allergrößtes understanding.
    For this purpose, there is still a lot to tell.

    As for the awakening, because I do not feel concerned, I sit down for quite some time for rights, especially for children and Jugendliche.Erwachsene can help themselves. Therefore the quote: love yourself ............ ..

    John 15:13 So great my love is no more, maybe it will make it again if the convenience of the people is slightly smaller again.

    All the action of the last century in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries was consciously directed on at the beginning of the First World War.

  8. haschmech says:

    @ Cat the Fritz

    It is widely and as for the said quote to the weeds among the wheat.

    Particular, we try to make any friends, then you have a few less worries. If you have an ear for it, listen!

  9. haschmech says:

    @ Hummingbird

    "A short explanation: I do not live in Deutscland."

    As for me, I do not even live in this world.

    "For this reason I ask, what is a law still worth it if it can be rotated in all directions."

    I think (for this reason) nothing of laws. They bring in truth there is no order in the system, but it is all about power and submission. Jesus was a Anarch (r) is and why he had to die. The fit certain people but so well into the concept that they crafted a great story about it and on this foundation was able then to establish a world religion. That's why today's Christians being basically also does not fit together with the, what it was about the real Jesus at that time. He knew even then with all certainty how it goes and ran head-on the other hand, by doing nothing what others have liked from him that he would have done it. Jesus had just got the hang of how to lead a completely bloodless and non-violent struggle. With this man the others had been her cross, and then they shot him simply.

    "Adults can help themselves."

    That's just it, they can not just THE exactly! Anyway, what very many, too many, are concerned.

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