Volker Zastrow (FAZ) dissects the SPD Bilderberg Steinbrückerei

Volker Zastrow, for me without question one of the most brilliant journalists of the country, dissected at the Steinbrück Kanzlerkandidatenkür (but without the Bilderberg Vorkür, probably to mention actual freestyle,), the SPD that it only is still a pleasure: herewith for me from given occasion is a must, here the praise.

Just read this, and you know fast, which is why you sometimes exceptionally not read from this page.

(Here it is in time sometimes show more than just a reading recommendation.)

(Addendum: The middle finger Steinbrück I had ever previously saved even better, he came on SPON, right in the face, but here it fits: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/europas-schuldenkrise/griechenland/eurokrise-steinbrueck-drittes-hilfspaket-fuer-athen-moeglich-11909322.html I know what's going on, your Maurer Schacks.)

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